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Posted by goldcountry @ 10:17 on April 17, 2019  

Hi Rich, glad you reached out; richard640 and I have discussed this before on the forum.
I used the macrobiotic diet to heal my cancer over ten years ago. I also have relied heavily on Johanna Budwig’s recommendation of flax oil and cottage cheese, which you can read about in her books and online.

I think Macrobiotic diets can heal cancer NOT because of their emphasis on grains, but because of the toxins they leave out of the diet: sugar, chemical additives, GMOs, trans fats, and ALL PROCESSED FOODS, which allows the body to accelerate it’s detoxification process and eliminate the cancer.

It is normal to be afraid of cancer. Fear is what drives people to the medical “experts” and the “cancer industry.” But I think of cancer now as just another bodily process gone amok due to our polluted, toxic world and food supply.

I would recommend Kristina Turner’s cookbook, The Self-Healing Cookbook, and Johanna Budwig’s Oil Protein Diet Cookbook.

And take heart!!

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.