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MetalsGuy @ 10:41

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:59 on April 20, 2019  

Very sorry to hear that. Best of luck with your struggle.

Metals Guy–contact me at my e-mail-we’ll talk-just title it so that I don’t mistake it for spam.

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:59 on April 20, 2019  


Metals guy

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:42 on April 20, 2019  

I hope you too got good medical care for it.
There are law suits coming out for a couple of the causes of your type of cancer. Two of the main suspects are alloy dust and silica dust. Another being studied is radiation including cell phones, smoking et all.
Construction like abestos is the main way but doesn’t have to be abestos. It’s in sand and things like cement partial can cause it. It can cause lung cancer and more also.

Re: cancer

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 10:41 on April 20, 2019  

I must admit that I was quite pleasantly surprised to visit this site and find all this info about cancer.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with salivary throat cancer and have been doing a lot of research for the last while. So much info, and so many different opinions, as to the best treatment.

Stress is often overlooked as a factor in the cause; and the letting go of stress, living a more peaceful, spiritual, lifestyle is not often mentioned as part of a cure. The other thing that seems very clear to me is that we each have to find our own way through this process. There is no one protocol that fits us all.

I’ve just watched an excellent series ‘The Truth about Cancer – Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia’.

I’ve found a lot of good info at this site:

Wishing A Happy Easter, and the best of health to us all.

COT’s came out yesterday – surprisingly

Posted by Buygold @ 9:53 on April 20, 2019  

Didn’t think they’d come out on a holiday week but they snuck them in.

Looks good for us bulls if they are to be believed – let’s also not forget the $2.5 billion in notional dumps this week. $1.5 billion coming after this report. Whatever folks, I report, you decide…:)


The gold short was covered despite further downside potential in the metal. But it is coming time again to prepare to be a buyer, not a bear.

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:02 on April 20, 2019  


From the February high to today’s low HUI has done a lot of good work tamping down the sentiment backdrop (120 min. chart below). Sentiment is getting cleaned up and that has been necessary since February.


But gold sector cleanups tend to end in climactic events. I don’t think we’ve seen one of those yet.

Precious Metals: Wash, Rinse…

Well color me strange, R640 recommending the macro diet of garlic, cheese and red wine. Lots of meat, no vegetables as that is what food eats and a wee port for the geezer…

Posted by macroman3 @ 2:26 on April 20, 2019  

In all seriousness Portugeezer, we all wish you well and its really nice to have this goldbug community care so much for each other. In my best BG accent, even you R640. We all have certain righteous innate traits that are our stead until the end.

As a side note, a buddy had 70 % of his pancreas removed 18 months ago and I can’t keep up to his skiing, biking, golfing and traveling. Cripes, he’s been all over Hell’s half acre (Heaven too as he went to Portugal) going on like he’s 30 when he’s getting close to 70. No not his golf scores…

For our Musician, Portugeezer on the 50 anniversary of Woodstock…

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