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In a water shortage:

Posted by Moggy @ 20:54 on April 26, 2019  

In the morning, take a bag and tie it around a leafy green tree branch or shrub.

  • Weight the inside with a rock to create a low point for the water to collect.


Over the course of the day the plant will transpire and produce moisture that will collect at the low point. Poke a hole to drink the water or pour it into a container for later. The water will taste like whatever plant you choose, but it’s better than nothing. It’s also important to use non-poisonous vegetation. Once you’re done, tie the hole shut and reuse the bag.

If there are ANY signs that DEMOCRAPS

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:20 on April 26, 2019  

can beat TRUMP in an election ,you can expect a CRASH in the Stock Market of enormous proportions making 1929 look tame !


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:17 on April 26, 2019  

Wow, what business owners have to put up with now. They’res got to be lines drawn with business having no paying people using their seat to squat taking away from customers.
I seen the other end where two big dudes came in and started a fight at a restaurant. It was late at night I just got off work to have a small early breakfast. When a waitress picked up the phone one of the guys grabbed it pulled the cord off the wall. One customer took on one of them as the other left for awhile. Then the guy came back while the other was being held down. I feared for the good simaritan who was protecting the server he scared so I jumped up and talked to the guy. He didn’t think that the cops were coming. After talking to him for a minute while all these customers watching and had phones he didn’t think of I made him a bet they’re coming. To just go outside and watch for five minutes. That way if the guy leaves you’ll see him anyways. He did and a minute later cops came with these big yellow tazers.

I read that LIL KIM

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:12 on April 26, 2019  

shot four of his top Generals because they FAILED to get Concessions from TRUMP..!



Take that message back to China  with you Lil KIM  ….!

Tell the Chinese “Dont mess with TRUMP !  ”  dis aint your Grandfathers envoy like KERRY  ….the apologizer ..Chinese dont respect weakness ,Koreans despise it !

and for sure dont  mess with Vietnamese ..they beat the Chinese,the French and the Americans ..

goldielocks @ 16:38 on April 26, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:18 on April 26, 2019  

Enormous Culture Gap between Races,I just got back from the Barber shop.

I go to a Vietnamese Barber whose sister used to work for me ,among many Vietnamese I hired.

The shop was full when I looked in and I decided to come back later,she saw me looking in and came running out the door ,saying you next,you next,they done ,they done …..there were 3 blacks who were just sitting there occuping seats chomping down on CHIPS and drinking Pepsi scattered their crap all over the place,with KEYS pocket books from someone not there sitting on the only chair not occupied .The Vietnamese owner picked up the Keys and handed it to the black girl ,looked at me and said you sit here please,thank you ! I sat down and said thank you…FOUR Vietnamese men waiting for Haircuts just looked at me and smiled ,they didnt need to say a word..She wasent about to let 3 rude American blacks cause them to lose a customer .A white guy walked in with two young daughters and was about to say I come back later ,The Boss,SHE .. by this time was very alert and got to the door first and said please only a few minutes to go ,thank you..! He said I be right back ,ok ? The Vietnamese guys looked at me again and I just smiled ,we all knew what the problem was..

They didnt need to say a WORD ,we understood the CULTURE differences..

Finally the black guy came in looked for his keys ,His girlfriend handed them to him and the all left,none got hair cuts that I could see ,just looking for a place to park their asses and eat while people waited for seats …

No other white people involved ,just me ,a customer waiting patently.until the white guy walked in with his two daughters. It was the RUDEST thing against very polite Vietnamese owned shop I had ever seen.

to start There was 1 white ..me 3 female Vietnamese women getting hair done,four Viet Men waiting for haircuts 3 blacks..than 1 white guy and two daughters walked in.

Just an example in microcosm of CULTURE differences ..Ill take Vietnamese anytime.My experience was they never miss work,completely honest,they all handled my money ,never a penny short and polite to customers.

Its not about Racism at all …its about culture , custom ,civility..



Posted by goldielocks @ 16:38 on April 26, 2019  

Yes I see that in immigrants too. I even had a nurse ask me if I knew of a job a relative of her could do who wanted their family and friends immigrated here through chain migration. I seen it all the time. But different they aren’t citizens and during the crash I wasn’t going to give information to enable people to come here taking up American citizens jobs. I think your talking about housewives or young women starting out with little or no education. That’s kinda normal during the factory boom.
Once they got in hiring positions they would try to bring in more of their own and push citizens, particularly white out. Another reason we need to stop chain migration.
The different s with Americans, particularly white is they will hire who ever can do the work. The other will hire them even if they can’t just to get them on as majority.
All the left has got is ID politics and victim playing. There is no equality in that. It’s saying someone else is a better survivor than them and that they have to live in higher standards and putting them on the hook for someone else’s survival then call it white privledge or wage inequality with women which basically doesn’t exist anymore but did live in a time when it was there.
It’s all politics for votes and has nothing to do with survival or equality.
Look what they did, they drove their jobs away as you know how they did it and replaced it with welfare. These politicians eat the seeds of growth. Then allowed all this chain migration.
Then what did they do? Cut welfare to a few years. So much for socialism. Now we have a generation thinking the gov is supposed to take care of them. Hind site isn’t always 20/20.

For Mary Lou

Posted by macroman3 @ 15:50 on April 26, 2019  

COT’s hot off the presses

Posted by Buygold @ 15:36 on April 26, 2019  

Still going in the right direction as the slaughter will eventually come to the small players that dare to play the game. This report does not account for the $1.5 Billion notional dumped a couple of days ago – whatever that means. Silver does look poised for a rally though if this is to be believed…


Nice to see the strong action in the shares

Posted by Buygold @ 14:21 on April 26, 2019  

especially in some of the most beaten up names i.e. MUX, AXU, AG, EXK etc. Volume is good too.

They are out performing the metals for a nice change of pace.

We’ll see what Monday brings, always a challenge to get two decent days in a row.

Parrot in Brazil has been arrested by police

Posted by Moggy @ 14:03 on April 26, 2019  

Parrot taken into custody by police in Brazil for trying to warn drug dealers of raid

A parrot who warned two alleged drug dealers in Brazil that police were coming was taken into custody after it almost foiled an undercover drug raid, authorities said.
When the green-and-white bird spotted officers Tuesday at its owners’ Teresina home, the parrot squawked “Mama, Police!” in Portuguese, according to the local outlet Oliberal.com.

Despite the bird’s efforts to tip off the owners, a man and woman were arrested, the outlet reports. Drugs, including crack and marijuana, were also found at the property as well as large amounts of money.

The parrot, who police did not name, has reportedly continued to show its loyalty to its owners and is refusing to sing like a canary. The Guardian reports that a local journalist said the bird won’t talk to officers and “hasn’t made a sound.”

The parrot, who authorities believe was trained to spot police cars, is being kept at a zoo in Teresina, Oliberal.com reports.



goldielocks @ 1:32 on April 26, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:16 on April 26, 2019  

I dont disagree with anything you said…

just dont run off the MEN who voice independent opinions.

As example I would say there are thousands of women who say “Mr Trump can I work for you  ?You got a job for me ? yet the Feminists call him Racists NAZI…etc etc….

Iv had similar experience.I have hired thousands of women who said to me over my career Do you have a job for my sister ,my Aunt etc etc at one point I had 5 sisters working for me.

Why is it I never heard of any man asking Hillary ,Can I come to work for you,You got a job for me ? Can you imagine any man asking Joy Bahar,Rosie O’Donnell,Whoopi Goldberg ,Id like to work for you ! Why is that ?  The Feminists have one thing in common ,they end up living alone !No man will go near them.Why not ? I dont compare myself to Trump ,but I find many the same experiences .He gets attacked because he gets things done !He dosent “talk about it “,he has learned to promote himself ,something I am not too comfortable with that he does well,because it invites attacks from critics .He treats women fairly in business and with respect yet he gets attacked for it. As a teenager I had many girl friends ,as an employer I had thousands of women work for me ,black white , Vietnamese Asian immigrents .Some left to raise familys and 10 to 15 years later asked to come back ! Some worked for my father 40 years ago and asked me if I had a job for them ! Dad thought about who she was and simply said “hire her”.When is the last time you heard a Feminist say “HIRE HIM  !


Posted by Moggy @ 12:39 on April 26, 2019  

Please tell Mary Lou she is in our prayers.

Mary Lou says hi to everyone.

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 11:01 on April 26, 2019  

She is getting her affairs in order. Seems to be really tired now. She wanted everyone to know how much she enjoyed the tent and the members.

A little surprised we didn’t get smashed on the headline, but when you dig deeper into the report it’s not so strong.

Posted by Buygold @ 9:24 on April 26, 2019  

Building inventories and a drop in consumer spending is not exactly bullish. We’re seeing massive growth on the gov’t side of our business, but a little bit of slowing on the non-gov’t side – although not much. Unemployment in our area is still around 1% so if you all know anyone who can weld and needs a job – tell them to come to Idaho. We’re hiring anyone who can strike an arc and has half a brain…

Q1 GDP Smashes Expectations, Soars 3.2% As Fed Finds Itself Trapped

Traders were briefly wondering if there was a misprint moments ago when the BEA reported a Q1 GDP print of 3.2%, about 50% higher than the 2.3% expected.

Right on Cue !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:36 on April 26, 2019  


Up $1.50 this am, the usual whopper of a rally

Posted by Buygold @ 8:22 on April 26, 2019  

looks like we’re off to the races

Image result for off to the races funny pictures

I love Ben

Posted by Maya @ 4:56 on April 26, 2019  


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:59 on April 26, 2019  


Vintage!  Chessie steam and a stone viaduct.



Posted by Maya @ 2:56 on April 26, 2019  

Yes, cars (new ones) generally are more expensive in Hawaii.  I know many people here who will fly to Oregon to buy a car and have it shipped over here.  It’s cheaper than buying it here.

But if you are shopping for well used bargains in good shape, they can be found also.  The ‘vette was a ‘distress sale’ as he was moving to the mainland at a fixed departure date.  Advertising the car at Blue Book ($6800) didn’t work fast enough.  He put it on Facebook for ‘friends & Family’ at $2k.  When we went to check it out he was only a week away from moving, and when I showed some interest he said:  “I’m over it!  Gimme $1500 and drive it home!”

Like I said… He FORCED me to buy it.  It has had over $10k motor work from prior mechanic/owner and runs great.  Needs an A/C compressor replacement, and some brake work in the shop next week.  Gotta keep cool inside in this tropical sun.

Then I will be ready for the 130 mile cruise to Kona.  It will be a profitable ‘flip’ once I’m over it, too.  We will see how long that takes.  🙂


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:32 on April 26, 2019  

Please don’t accuse us of being democrats next. Racist no, Men PMs ” PMS syndrome” maybe lol Kidding aside you realize we don’t have testosterone levels that make us as grumpy.
You bring in your expertise too and learned a few things from you that didn’t have anything to do with Gold. As far as The Godfather I’m honored to be elevated to a member as well as Moggie than just the extended family at per code is left alone or respected. However I don’t think I could live up to those standards as you know us women get side tracked. Stocks won’t do you any good if your don’t live long enough to see these PMs recover.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 0:53 on April 26, 2019  


Exceptional buy for $1500. My brother is selling his late model Vette. He is 77 years old and has already decided he is too old to be going down the road at 135 mph.

I thought cars would be really expensive in Hawaii with the transportation thing built in. Fifty years ago military people would have their cars shipped by the government and make big bucks on the sale when they left.

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