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Posted by treefrog @ 22:35 on April 27, 2019  

if the democ rats do end up running biden, it will be a clown show.



Posted by Buygold @ 13:48 on April 27, 2019  


texas hospitality

Posted by treefrog @ 10:38 on April 27, 2019  

In Mason, Texas, where there is a large German speaking population, a farmer walking down a country road notices a man drinking from a pond with his hand.


The farmer shouted:

‘Trink das Wasser nicht. Die Kuehe haben da reingeschissen.’

(Which means: ‘Don’t drink the water, the cows have shit in it.’)


The man shouted back:

‘I’m from New York, down here campaigning for Joe Biden, I can’t understand you. Please speak in English.’


The farmer replied:

‘Use two hands, you’ll get more water.’


Posted by Moggy @ 10:05 on April 27, 2019  

Pictures of Pepe requested please.

That night train looks like a giant snake.

Night Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:51 on April 27, 2019  




Moggy @ 14:03 – Arrested Parrot

Posted by Maya @ 2:43 on April 27, 2019  

Now that is a hoot!  Or maybe I should say a ‘squawk’.  My little green conure, ‘Pepe’  watches out the screen door and if he sees anyone at the gate on the driveway he lets us know also.  He also joins in when the next door neighbor’s dogs start barking the alarm. As a human-bonded bird he is extremely attentive to any human activity around him.

I have a graphic sign in the front window that says “Warning!  Attack Parrot Security”  with a graphic of a frowning bird with a nasty beak.

Kate Smith from WW 2 ..I remember her well ..Great American Inspiration to the troops.

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:41 on April 27, 2019  

sorry Oro but feminist don’t live alone

Posted by eeos @ 0:22 on April 27, 2019  

They live with their partners…snicker

VMW ..a most incredible company ….hit $ today $200..my son in Law is part of the Management team..(cloud computing)

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:11 on April 27, 2019  


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