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Coming up on the 8 year May Day Osama anniversary. Any chance/coincidence DJT bags a bad daddi this Wednesday?

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:19 on April 29, 2019  

Good way to push silver back to $5 just like the $50 to $15 of here and now…


Rosenstein resigns

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:53 on April 29, 2019  


Rubino curse

Posted by Buygold @ 16:01 on April 29, 2019  

Even when he’s not writing about gold specifically (although I’m sure he was) pm’s take a beating

I didn’t expect to have a day of follow thru because we never get that, but I didn’t expect to give back all of Friday’s gains in the shares – despite a weaker USD. Just goes to show ya, when gold rallies with a stronger USD like it did on Friday, they won’t let it stand no matter what the dollar does the next trading day.

and the effing beat goes on…

The Lesson Of Argentina: You Can’t Stabilize A Bankrupt Economy

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:46 on April 29, 2019  

John Rubino
April 28, 2019

So the U.S. puts Republicans (the party of small government) in charge, and gets… trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see AND a revival of socialism among Democrats.

Scary as this may seem, the real (and even scarier) lesson is that it’s all inevitable: Beyond a certain level of indebtedness, even pro-business, sound money, small government leaders are powerless to stop the march to insolvency and currency crisis.

The latest example is Argentina, which a few years ago elected a free-market president, only to see its debt explode and its currency crash. From Friday’s Wall Street Journal:

Argentine President’s Prospects Dim With Those of His Country’s Economy


Here’s the key sentence: “Mr. Macri borrowed heavily in global markets as he tried to slowly restore the government’s finances. He sought in that way to avoid the deep spending cuts and ensuing social unrest that led to the removal of past presidents during previous economic shocks.”

When a country’s debts reach a certain point, “austerity” — that is, lowering spending to shrink deficits — causes so much pain to a population that has become addicted to easy credit and generous benefits, that the politician implementing it is kicked out and replaced with whoever promises the most free stuff. And the debt binge continues.

Europe found this out after trying to force peripheral EU countries to meet low deficit targets. The result is populists and/or socialists in charge of most of the biggest debtor countries.

Macri seems to have recognized the risk of austerity but discovered that borrowing more money to avoid spending cuts is simply business as usual under a different name.

Meanwhile, here in the US, from a financial standpoint it hardly matters who’s in charge after 2020 because massive spending increases are now the consensus, with the only argument being over which things we buy with all that borrowed money.

Put another way, Argentina is now the future of the developed world.

Why has Judge Napolitano flipped on Trump

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:13 on April 29, 2019  

..He went to Trump and ASKED for a Supreme Court Judgeship,knowing that Trump has already selected future judges using a selected committee to vet and create a pool from which he would select from .

Napolitano was not on the list.Trump did not make up the list. Heres the problem Napolitano is gay and wanted special treatment and asked for Pardon for gay newsnews FRIEND Shepard Smith ..TRUMP said NO .SO the GAY Club only wants their members in the CLUB …Its not a problem hiring Gays ,but its been my observation that GAYS only hire GAYS ..so that makes it untenable to put them in charge of hiring anybody…They become very discriminatory to non GAYS yet they are among the first to claim discrimination against them..

The NEWS media is full of them ,and it cant be natural random selection ..They are discriminating against non gays.A violation of the LAW.  Trump wants to get back to Constitutional LAW ,not CRONY hiring,but the most talented …..Its a a recipe for CHAOS and the public will react very badly if its not stopped.

I had personel experience with this when I sold my business back to the Franchisor.I built a good profitable business over 25 years.They a New England Boston based Liberal company wanted to be Politically correct and put a Lesbian in charge of hiring and running the business.GUESS what happened ? She hired all her GAY friends and it wasent long before about 1.5 years the sales dropped in half,the customer count was down 50  %.

The company went broke and they lost 2 million $ before shutting down what took 25 years to build.

I was the first Franchise in Virginia and realized it as a conservative place  and treated it as such doing a terrific business with the Churches here.Catholic , Baptist ,Jewish all of them.I told the Company make your changes slowly..Its your business now….This aint BOSTON I told them…….!  They were unsuccessful getting a successful Franchise owner until I came along .I showed them how ! They decided to reverse everything I had done and they were going to be Politically CORRECT..After 25 years gone People still stop me in MALLS and voice outrage at what they did to my business ! They were so Loyal to me.The reason I sold to them was my Lease agreement expired and they doubled my RENT even after they had raised it withen the contract several times.They knew it was so high ,I would have to sell ,so they basicly forced me out so they could make it a Company store.During my tenure  they opened several stores as close to me as they could get so as to profit from my success,they followed the companys policys and they ALL Failed.None lasted beyond 3 years .They were burned out …I was forced out after 25 years by my expiring leases. The Moral of the story is its ok to hire Gays ,,and I did ,but you better think twice before you put them in charge of hiring. Thats whats happening right NOW at FOX NEWS ..I KNOW how its going to end !. They had better get back to good business practices and stop Political Correctness and CRONY HIRING  because the PUBLIC is going to Punish them..

Newmont Goldcorp Provides Update on Operations at Peñasquito Mine in Mexico

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:44 on April 29, 2019  

Newmont Goldcorp Corporation NEM, -1.88% (NGT) (Newmont Goldcorp or the Company) announced that later today the Company intends to temporarily suspend operations at the Peñasquito mine in Mexico pending resolution of an illegal blockade by a trucking contractor and some members of the Cedros community that began on March 27, 2019.


Agnico Eagle sees ‘record production’ in 2019 as two new mines ramp up

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:28 on April 29, 2019  


Novo Commences Pilbara Exploration Program

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on April 29, 2019  


Looks like we give back Friday’s gains

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:54 on April 29, 2019  

The 8 am Nymex smack-down has begun .

Maya – one of my wife’s greatest regrets in life was not having a movie camera to record a pair of parrots

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:39 on April 29, 2019  

Roberto was a large , brightly colored male . His companion was Juanita , who shared the perch in a corner of the house , next to a staggered brick wall , with holes they could pass through for ‘privacy’ .

Juanita would sidle up to Roberto and start nibbling at the back of his neck with her beak , which apparently tickled , because he would go through a series of contortions which indicated his discomfort , but it aroused him , so they would retreat to their little ‘love nest’ beyond the wall , and soon there would be a ruckus of lovemaking noises . That was what Juanita was after in the first place .

They lived for decades in their honeymoon bliss .

9:42 am–Trannies down 84–DOW down 2

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:43 on April 29, 2019  


Florida 18 :24

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:38 on April 29, 2019  

Thanks, will make time to read it.


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:35 on April 29, 2019  

Thats a nightmare scenario. We don’t need Jurassic park Tryannosaurus Rex part too.


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:28 on April 29, 2019  

That’s pretty cool you have a Parrot.
I agree they’re not decoration or a trophy but a little bird that have emotional as well as physical needs. They need veges and fruit too. It’s so sad to see a little bird stuck in a cage, esp alone. Some of these birds that talk I heard they will stop talking of they get a friend. So there they are sitting alone in a cage for entertainment to the human.
Rescuing birds I heard all sorts of stories of what people do or feed them that are well meaning but wrong wrong.
Be careful with snacks that have high salt though like salty chips.

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:55 on April 29, 2019  


The silver bullet flies thru the NE Corridor.
New York by nightfall!



Posted by Maya @ 0:53 on April 29, 2019  

Yer scaring me.  With what we know about HRC that is a plausible scenario.

I figgered out Hillary’s angle. Once the DNC front runner is pegged, Hillary gets on the ticket as Vice, in the hopes of Trump opening his yap and loses a sure win like Hill did.

Posted by macroman3 @ 0:20 on April 29, 2019  

Billary then Arkincides Prez to become Prez…


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