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Got my hook in the water…this is a “cheapskates’ entry”

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:17 on April 30, 2019  

I think 4 months  20 days is enuff time to see if the expected gold rally shows its hand—In 2015-in late December, a powerful rally began-it peaked in 6 months around July 1st, 2016.  CDE went from 1.56 to 15.32 on July 1st.

On July 9th, 2018, CDE hit a peak of $8.32. The stats on CDE aren’t great and they weren’t a lot better when it was $15+…but, surprisingly, it has a book value of $4.18 per share and 72% of the stock is held by institutions…given the set up for gold as per a very wise guru I follow…and the oversold,  unloved condition of PMs…devoting some cash to PMs is reasonable risk/reward

…but how can one get a big position/high leverage without taking a big hit if PMs continue on down?  I could buy 20K shares of JNUG with a buck stop…and risk $20k..I could buy 20K shares of CDE for $70K and what…set a 50 cent stop….and lose $10K? I am looking for a dynamic rally…who isn’t? With that in mind, I will try to catch it once it leaves the station rather than try and pick the bottom…hence, I again return to my old friend CDE…and I may also buy out right an ole 8K or 10K JNUG—but I think a quick trip on down to $6.50 is possible first

…the link below is for the CDE stats…they aren’t any great shakes but almost all PM companies stats are crap…at least it’s a real company…and with a history of making a big move during a rally…It only hit about $15—I think, in 2011—so it’s performance in 2016 was a surprise. I cast my hook in the water until 9/20…let’s see if I catch a big one.

Filled Buy to Open 100 CDE Sep 20 2019 5.0 Call Limit 0.12 12:19:42 04/30/19


Filled Buy to Open 100 CDE Sep 20 2019 5.0 Call Limit 0.13 12:26:58 04/30/19

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