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I wonder if this is true about China…and does it matter?

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:36 on May 6, 2019  

Accordingly, the mythos of the ‘Chinese Model’ has emerged: so called ‘Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics.’ Yet no one can articulate exactly what ‘Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics’ means beyond platitudes about the ‘genius’ of China’s leaders and an even vaguer sense of ‘long term’ planning and ‘wisdom.’

In truth, the secret to China’s economic success is simple. It is built on the largest and fastest growing debt bubble in modern history. Today, the ratio of Chinese banking system assets to GDP (a measure of financial system debt) is higher than it was in the EU on the eve of the 2011 European Sovereign Debt Crisis and nearly six times that in the US before the 2008 Housing Crisis.

Looking specifically at corporate and household sector debt, China is reaching levels last seen in Spain before their financial crisis in 2011 or in Japan at the peak of their economic growth in the 1990s.

Considering that most of these figures exclude China’s massive $10 trillion shadow banking system, notoriously lax accounting rules, and penchant for completely making up economic statics to create the illusion of growth, China is likely in the midst of the largest debt bubble in modern history.

Much of China’s debt has gone into massive infrastructure projects throughout the country. Accordingly, China is now spending nearly 90% of GDP to build infrastructure despite persistent overcapacity problems and numerous ghost cities that still remain essentially empty years after they were built. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about China’s economy is that it is ‘only’ growing at an official rate of 6.7% despite such massive over construction and exaggerated economic numbers.


Thanks macroman3 &redneckokie1

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 23:35 on May 6, 2019  

I will investigate  TD Ameritrade . MM3 my excitement and ETF’s reminds me about FX trading (currencies)  until I read about other peoples experiences. They kept calling my brother numerous times, big profit for them, I warned him and he was smart to stay away from FX. Met a couple of MD (doctors) that played FX , they are still working, but longer hours now 🙂



Posted by redneckokie1 @ 23:10 on May 6, 2019  

Several on here use TD Ameritrade. I wouldn’t think you would have a problem.



Yes GT, 1 800 Gold Fizz.

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:53 on May 6, 2019  

Don’t make my mistake of jumping off the Spences Bridge.

Hold it in hand, outside of the magic numbers broker…

You know why they are called brokers, right?

My new theme song…

Update Gold_Titan1 @ 11:03

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 21:24 on May 6, 2019  

Rang 2 brokers today (down under) and both said they only provide single level market depth for international shares , ie just 1 bid/ask , that is the platform they have, and their end of day market volume  shows just fraction  what is shown in US NYSE.

I would gladly open an account in US , but not sure of the tax complexities, will have to investigate.

Can anyone recommend a reliable and trusted internet share broker company.


Who here has purchased life insurance? Liability, car, fire/home?

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:20 on May 6, 2019  

Why shouldn’t a nation buy gold for currency insurance?

R640 – Denton is the smartest guy in the room. Williams? meh…. Vermeulen? Ole boy but not so good. But hey, thanks for sharing

Posted by Buygold @ 20:23 on May 6, 2019  

I’ve been reading this sort of stuff and have been paralyzed by it for years. Meanwhile, my friends

who have not heeded my warnings have been prospering. Year after year I read such things as are

written in this article. Eventually, we all know you will be right. Still, thanks for all the losses in my IRA;]

ipso facto @ 9:41

Posted by Maya @ 19:51 on May 6, 2019  

“You bin peekin at my bank account?”

Hah!  No need!  I know about how many of your penny stocks it takes to make a buck.  What’s next?  A reverse mortgage on the recycle value of your cardboard crib behind the Quickie Mart?  🙂

Without Rule of Law

Posted by Moggy @ 19:36 on May 6, 2019  

This guy is a rare commodity….a thinker.


End Of Story

Posted by commish @ 19:26 on May 6, 2019  

April takes a bit of air out of U.S. car sales

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:40 on May 6, 2019  


John Williams is not a gold bug or an alarmist= The ultimate thing here is you have a collapse in the dollar. I am talking about a hyperinflationary collapse

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:11 on May 6, 2019  

If rate cuts don’t happen soon, is the economy going to tank? Williams says, “The economy is tanking, and I’ll contend it already has, although we have not seen it in the GDP reporting. . . . The ultimate thing here is you have a collapse in the dollar. I am talking about a hyperinflationary collapse. Your purchasing power becomes worthless. What you have in gold or canned goods or real estate, that will be your assets – hard assets.”



I’ve been reading this sort of stuff and have been paralyzed by it for years. Meanwhile, my friends

who have not heeded my warnings have been prospering. Year after year I read such things as are

written in this article. Eventually, we all know you will be right. Still, thanks for all the losses in my IRA;]


My good buddy Chris Vermeulen-he’s a good ole boy-this is from April 23rd.

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:00 on May 6, 2019  

As our research team likes to state – this is “do or die” time with regards to our predictions from many months ago.  We’ve stuck by them for months, telling anyone who would listen this setup would be the last time you see sub-$1300 levels in Gold for many months – possibly years.  If our analysis is correct, we suggest you pay attention to these symbols and lower Gold price levels right now.  Once this move begins to rally, it could take the markets by surprise.

Our expectations are that by mid-May, or so, we should already be in an upside price swing that should be targeting the $1450 to $1550 level.  This means we have about 7 to 15 trading days until we start to see some real upside price move in precious metals.

Our April 21~24 Gold Call Is Here


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:41 on May 6, 2019  

The Pope practicing blasphemy in Gods house. No matter they killed a priest or plan to destroy and have the churches and build mosques. Politics don’t think they need their own people anymore or God either. Think it’s time to realize the people don’t need their politicians anymore.
Who ever thought they’d see the day but maybe a child from Fatima who received a message of the end of real priests.” Popes”

SM going into mania phase.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:53 on May 6, 2019  

Great bulls usually end with a manic phase, which has so far been lacking in the SM…..todays action strongly suggests we are in the mania phase…..they just can’t get enough of ’em.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 14:49 on May 6, 2019  

I bought a few shares today. About 40% of my anticipated position.


The POPE needs to get out of Politics

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:39 on May 6, 2019  

or get out of the CHURCH…He cant serve TWO MASTERS .  !  (Pope John Paul)

GOLD-TITAN–Here r some JNUG links that are real-time free but they are not “streaming”

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:26 on May 6, 2019  



senate democrats…

Posted by treefrog @ 12:25 on May 6, 2019  

ran a twitter poll on what kind of judges the public wanted.


when it went heavily against them…


fortunately, some people saved a screenshot.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:10 on May 6, 2019  

Glad to see your eyes are open what they’re doing.

A most incredible intellect …a bit lengthly but do it in two sittings if needed..even Dr Oz is impressed..

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:25 on May 6, 2019  

A theme a meme

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:06 on May 6, 2019  

Macron’s party falls behind Le Pen’s far right in EU election poll

PARIS (Reuters) – The party of far-right leader Marine Le Pen will top the upcoming European Parliament elections with 22 percent of the vote, just ahead of President Emmanuel Macron’s REM party, an Ipsos poll released on Sunday.



Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 11:03 on May 6, 2019  

I have opened a international account with local broker, and they supply  15min delayed data, and first level bid/ask have very low volume of  shares available eg.

Bid $6.99/89 shares   Ask #$7.00/108 shares.

This looks very odd to me, as I normally  get at least 10 level depth on local shares and in real time and I would expect much larger volume for bid/ask , considering the turn over so far is >5 mil shares.

Will have to talk to the broker later on.

Thank guys.


Ps. Look like with this broker if I put a buy market price order for 500 shares I would  get them  for $7.50 and when I put sell market price probably $6.50. at present time prices , good profit for the broker !!


Posted by Maddog @ 10:49 on May 6, 2019  

Yahoo finance, will give u live snapshot quotes and yes yr broker shud as well.


Posted by goldielocks @ 10:45 on May 6, 2019  

Internet brokers will give you live bid and ask but only a level 11 platform will give you a clearer picture of all the bid and asks coming in and a faster buy and sell platform. I tried it for awhile but didn’t trade enough to be worth it.
People can play games on there. For instance they can put a ask higher and when it starts moving up they can then catch the buyers higher bids and sell. I’m presuming options are full of them.
So less it’s a short term or really hot stock don’t chase. Look at Ipos for instance, after level 1 buyers ” brokers” buy first here comes the other levels chasing the stock then it gets sold into by level 1 and few others that got in lower. They might buy it back or just get in to make a few quick bucks. If you don’t Chase u can buy when it comes back down if you really want to hold it for any length of time. Early morning tends to be most volatile.

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