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Traitors abound in the Democrat Party

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:33 on May 9, 2019  

Trump says Kerry ‘should be prosecuted’ for talking with Iran The Logan ACT forbids it..

Kerry makes deals with IRAN behind  Trumps back ,promising better deal if they support BIDEN for election…

Same as China did as soon as BIDEN announced his bid ,China called off Trade deals as his Son is on their Payroll ..

Remember IRAN was behind all of Hillarys bid  and Obama  corruption all the conspirators either LIVED in IRAN or were born there..CIA DIRECTOR,Obamas chief Policy advisor lived there ,all IRANians …NOW KERRY is back there stabbing TRUMP in the BACK promising if they support BIDEN it back to selling the US OUT….

It was Hillary that took out  IRAQS Saddam HUSSIAN ,that gave Iran a freepass ,as Saddam kept IRAN tied up in wars neutralizing them . just as BUSH senior said(leave him alone) . He keeps a balance in the mid East.

Hillary started all this shit..

New take (give) on Australian economy

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 18:04 on May 9, 2019  

Via BI: Citibank’s Australian economics and interest rate strategy team believe there’s a third option available to the RBA should the need arise: “helicopter money”, or printing money to be distributed to the public via the government. “Whilst on the experimental end we think it deserves serious consideration by the RBA,” said Paul Brennan, Josh


Posted by Buygold @ 15:44 on May 9, 2019  

of course the usual “Groundhog Day” bullshit you mention. Day after day, up a little in the AM – except silver- bleed all day in gold and the shares. The stock market and the USD does the exact opposite. Always drifting higher into the close.

So now, we get the last hour selling that will take our accounts negative. Everything we experience is purely by design. The banksters are continually reminding US investors that pm’s are “hands off”.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:39 on May 9, 2019  

Asia has been accumulating just not announced it. Now they’re probably buying more. Trump is putting a end to them stealing from our piggy bank as Trump called it. He is the only President these countries can’t buy or bribe. The rest like Biden would even go to your kids nursery and steal from there piggy bank on a regular basis like a drunk needing a drink saying he won’t miss it. That’s the real reason they hate Trump. It’s interfering with their backroom deals and squandering away our wealth to ” undeservedly” enrich themselves.

is there anyone here who DOESN’T have a sharpie?

Posted by treefrog @ 12:57 on May 9, 2019  


Maddog and Richard640

Posted by deer79 @ 12:48 on May 9, 2019  

I feel like it’s “Groundhog Day” everyday when all of us see the pattern that both of you

mention (in the price-of course, based in US$). I could be wrong, but IMHO I feel like it’s

Asian buyers accumulating, and then when the European markets close for the day, the 

Cretins step in and the algos unload. I dont know what will break this pattern and the perpetual

holding of the beachball underwater……..

Moggy–thanks for the EGON…he’s always good for morale

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:39 on May 9, 2019  

Things are so bad in gold that I’ll gladly read and believe ole Egon even though he’s been saying the same thing, weekly, for as long as I can remember..from his mouth to G*ds ear trumpet!


Last night, Trump issued a statement affirming that the relationship with Iran is “broken beyond repair” and placed new sanctions on Iran’s industrial metals sector. Meanwhile, the Iranians have dismissed Washington’s dispatching of the aircraft carrier and several B-52 bombers to the region.
The Iranians have warned that they would retaliate if US forces get too close – possibly by blocking off the critical Strait of Hormuz (vital to the global oil trade) or responding with violence. If the aircraft carrier is indeed heading for the Persian Gulf, the situation could swiftly spiral out of control.

I sure hope this guy is right

Posted by Moggy @ 11:29 on May 9, 2019  


Gold and silver are finalising their correction now. We might have seen the correction lows already. If not they should happen in the next 2-3 weeks. The gold-silver ratio just made a new high above 87 and reversed quickly last week. From a technical perspective the high both on the daily, weekly and monthly indicators was not confirmed by momentum indicators. This is called bearish divergence and is an important sign of a market turning down.



Dow down 420. Stick save on the way.

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:26 on May 9, 2019  

Aquila–agreed! Just for the record, gold IS having a rally

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:23 on May 9, 2019  

Every day gold is up 4-5-6 smackers over nite an in the morning..then the price erodes and by days end, gold closes with a few dollars gain….BUT…PM stocks and ETFs give up all their gains and end up in the red…enjoy the “rally”,,,while it lasts

The $ is down .245 but the $ seems to have ceased being a factor for gold.


Same pattern as ystydy and many days in PM shares.

Posted by Maddog @ 11:18 on May 9, 2019  

Early buying absorbed and then prices pushed back down to new lows, as they drift lower for the rest of the day.


Posted by treefrog @ 11:07 on May 9, 2019  

deja vu:  jeb bush, but older, kinkier, and crookeder.


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:31 on May 9, 2019  

Trump Turns On Bolton, Accuses Him Of ‘Trying To Start A War’ In Venezuela: WaPo


Ororeef @ 9:21

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on May 9, 2019  

I think you’re absolutely right about Biden. What a weak sister he is!


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on May 9, 2019  

LOL We need to count our blessings my friend. Just tell your Somali friends to leave their machetes and AKs behind!


Posted by Maddog @ 9:59 on May 9, 2019  

Why mess about, I’ll just let one of the local Somalian gangs move in, that’ll cheer the neighbors up. !!!!!


Nice hits for Marathon

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:44 on May 9, 2019  

Leprechaun Open-Pit Drilling in Core of the Main Zone Corridor Hits: 4.27 g/t Au over 126.0 m, 3.02 g/t Au over 153.0 m, 4.11 g/t Au over 42.0 m and 5.06 g/t Au over 30.0 m, Valentine Gold Camp, NL


Made a penny woo hoo

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:42 on May 9, 2019  

First Majestic Reports First Quarter Financial Results


Maddog @ 5:21

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:34 on May 9, 2019  

Maybe you can find some nice Croatians or Sudanese … 🙂

Death, Taxes and the morning beat down of the precious metals

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:32 on May 9, 2019  

Isnt it curious

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:21 on May 9, 2019  

That as soon as Biden joins the Presidential race …that China stops trade talks with Trump ..thinking that BIDEN is in our pocket and we can get a better deal from him. His SON is on the Chinese payroll for millions .Same ole Democrat corruption ..selling the Country out for personal gain…The Chinese know it and have NO respect for BIDEN just contempt while they bribe him..

Trumps making them pay for their treachery !!!


Posted by Captain Hook @ 8:17 on May 9, 2019  

It’s not the cabal et al that’s the problem…it’s the idiot gambling derivatives speculators sucking demand away from the shares and bullion that are the problem.

They are idiots because they are playing the banker’s game. The metals can’t hold a bid in US trade because the computers are programmed to exploit these idiots.

This is why PM’s are doomed until these idiots are gone / exhausted. (they are all nuts so they won’t stop voluntarily)

This is why it might take a very long time.

Go ahead — drop a nuke — it won’t matter once US trade opens and the gamblers f it up for everybody else.

So keep buying those GLD, SLV, GDX, etc. calls.

The computers will make sure you die broke.

Again, I don’t understand why everybody is so bullish on the PM’s knowing this if they are not nuts themselves.


As Murph said yesterday

Posted by Buygold @ 7:53 on May 9, 2019  

This looks like another day that’s over before it’s even started

Silver on complete lockdown, gold started up a couple bucks but that is slowly disappearing in the last half hour

Aquila may be right, they’ll send nukes before letting go of pm’s


Posted by Maddog @ 5:21 on May 9, 2019  

No Tip …..they already took a chunk of my house, they’ll be moving in soon !!!!!!

Copper Train

Posted by Maya @ 4:46 on May 9, 2019  


Copper Train.  Freeport McMoRan Sierrita operates
the steepest freight climb in America at a 5.5% grade,
hauling out of the Clifton AZ mine.


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