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So maddog, why should Iran be incinerated? What did they do to you or anyone else that wasn’t provoked?

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:23 on May 14, 2019  

ipso is correct about Japan being cut off with oil sanctions pre 1940 leading to Pearl. Have we learned nothing from the past on how world wars start?

R640 is also correct that Israel will cease to exist after the Slaughterhouse 6 firestorm. I feel sorry for the common folk there that couldn’t reign in the Zionist scourge that sends them into the fire. Their sacrifice will lead to a better world.

By the way, your unending financial scum posts of manipulation add nothing to the discussion either.

Aussie Co buys Canadian Co at a nice premium

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:45 on May 14, 2019  

Australia’s St Barbara to buy Canadian peer Atlantic Gold for $536 mln


Let the games begin!

Goldfinger talks about it.



Posted by Maya @ 18:02 on May 14, 2019  

“Gabbard says she would drop all charges against Snowden and Assange”

Hard to believe this person came out of hard-core Dem. “Blue Hawaii”.  Her father is a fundamental conservative christian who alienated many here with his politics.  He remains a minor politician in his local district.

Tulsi seems to have had a breakaway with her time spent in the military, becoming a Hindu, and now rails against the military industrial complex and big, intrusive government.  If anyone would have a chance against Trump, it would be Tulsi.  But the entrenched Dems will never allow that to happen… much to their party demise.  I wish her luck, but not hopeful she will make any progress against the swamp machine.


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:57 on May 14, 2019  

So … let’s pray it doesn’t happen!

There may be irrational or psychotic people advising the White House.

Aguila @ 15:26

Posted by Maya @ 17:53 on May 14, 2019  

6 meters?  That band won’t be open for another 6 years when (if?) the solar cycle peaks again.  Back around the turn of the century I worked Pitcairn Island and the Kingman Reef expedition on 6m.  Beat that for rare DX!

I’m using a Buckmaster off-center-fed dipole that works on the harmonically related bands 80-6.  Doesn’t work on 60m or 160m.  One leg is 45ft and the other is 90ft… 135ft total and no tuner needed.

20m is crap 90% of the time yet, so this solar flux pop was a real treat.  But we are still bottoming out on the solar cycle.

Ipso–IRAN=aren’t even the latest battleships vulnerable to missles?

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:19 on May 14, 2019  

I know they have anti-missle devices but if 6 or 1o missles are incoming and just one gets through the ball game is over…ships and tanks are buggy whips…ancient history.

To repeat: Israel could be wiped out in 5 minutes by a rain of conventional missles from Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran–Iran has 1000s of ballistic missles that are accurate to 100 yards…yes, Iran and south lebanon would be incinerated with atomic weapons but Israel would cease to exist. Any attack on Iran would cause a doomsday scenario with Israel the target.

From Murph t’nite=OMG prelim. gold OI +32,733 Astounding increase in gold OI

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:12 on May 14, 2019  

For starters, from James Mc last night…

OMG prelim. gold OI +32,733

Astounding increase in gold OI. Just as I predicted they threw the kitchen sink at it on Monday keeping it contained to a 1%. gain. It took nearly 3K of gold shorts per $1 of gold rise. OI has now gone up 80,000 contracts in just 4 trading days. MANIACAL, and RIGGED. No doubt there is HUGE interest in owning gold right now, and it is being met by HUGE paper selling.

Gold trading volume was a huge 433K, vs. a rather pedestrian 69K for silver. It’s as if they’ve all been scared off from even thinking about speculating in silver. Any wonder?


The effort by The Gold Cartel to keep the gold price at bay, and below $1300, really has gone bonkers, off the charts … and the proof is in the pudding, the open interest pudding … which surely will be reflected in the coming COT report. What is just as astonishing, which you know all too well, what is going on here will not be discussed outside of the GATA camp. The most important aspect of the gold price will be ignored as if it never occurred. The imbecilic nature of it all is mindboggling.

The expectation today was for the cabal forces to continue to flex their muscles and for the PPT to goose the stock market early. The forecast was right on cue. Despite leftover gold buying, the gold price kept stumbling at $1300 and went down, while the DOW was 100 higher or so to start off the day.

Struggling silver was allowed to poke its head up out of the sand and go green by a few pennies.

Can you imagine if gold were allowed to trade freely yesterday, The price probably would have risen $50 to $65 and created headlines over just how negative the trade talk failure really was. It is that very concern which led to The Gold Cartel doing what they do in the first place. Nothing has changed in that regard for decades. What has changed these past years is the intensity of the suppression degree in both gold and silver. The power THEY have accumulated (via sophisticated coordination) was clearly reflected yesterday.

The questions all of us have are how and when is this Ring Around The Rosie operation ever going to end. The norm is for the cabal to sell and sell, even with the price going up from present levels, and then to flush out the spec longs … a drill which can take weeks or months. It used to be an operation which allowed controlled price rises, the reason that the gold price went up 12 years in a row following the turn of the century. Not so these days. It is all about lockdown. Silver is the perfect example of just that.


Maya Dit Dit !

Posted by Aguila @ 15:26 on May 14, 2019  

I finally got back on the air at the new house but only with a 6M dipole.  In the past I have found that a 20M dipole works ok on 6M but now I have learned that the 6M dipole on 20M ain’t worth all Buygolds stock earnings times a million.

Hey Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 15:23 on May 14, 2019  

Yep. Nothing is real. Pretty sure I died and went to hell.

So bummed I missed the Algo ride and sat on the pet rock


Posted by Maddog @ 15:06 on May 14, 2019  

Everything tangible/real is worthless, everything unreal is in a mania bull….look at the SM, or even worse Bitcoin, that has more than doubled in the last 5 months !!!!!!

Would love to say unbelievable

Posted by Buygold @ 14:27 on May 14, 2019  

truth is it’s completely believable because one day rallies in pm’s are all we ever get. One day sell off’s in the stink market are the same.

The longest running nightmare will never end.

Gatling Hits High-Grade Gold with First Wedge Hole at Larder Project, Including 10.8 g/t Au over 8.0 meters

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:58 on May 14, 2019  



Posted by ipso facto @ 12:38 on May 14, 2019  

Not much FAITH in the PM universe!

Maddog @ 11:15

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:36 on May 14, 2019  

In a different age that might have been feasible. 🙂

If we do shut down all their oil exports I think they will shut down the Straits and there will be some kind of war. JMO Hopefully enough oil will go to China and whoever else so that the Iranians don’t get that desperate.

An oil embargo precipitated Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Not that that wouldn’t have happened anyway …

Buygold–Yup! Almost a 100% reversal of yesterdays gold gains…

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:04 on May 14, 2019  

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 11:15 on May 14, 2019  

Re Let’s not do it.

If I remember, most of the Mad Mullahs of Iran and there are loads of ’em, live in 1 place, the Donald should just threaten to “develop” it as a car park, if they don’t stop messing around.

It all looks very familiar

Posted by Maddog @ 10:49 on May 14, 2019  

1 day of bad news, being followed by a “recovery” all round .

Pm shares already stinking the joint up, while the SM is up nearly 1 % already….and the common comment that QE to infinity will cure all ills…so why worry.

I hope I’m wrong….

Let’s not effing do this!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:35 on May 14, 2019  

US plans to deploy 120,000 troops in Middle East to counter Iran – report

Donald Trump has reportedly been presented with a plan to send as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East to counter the so-called Iranian threat, the New York Times reported.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan disclosed the updated military plan at a meeting of Trump’s top security aides on Thursday, the publication said, quoting anonymous sources inside the administration.

Several options to tackle Tehran in the region were outlined to the president during the briefing, while “the uppermost option called for deploying 120,000 troops, which would take weeks or months to complete,” the Times said.


Gulf of Tonkin Incident? Hard to know what to believe these days. Cui Bono?

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:25 on May 14, 2019  



Novo Announces the Grant of Mining Approvals at Its Beatons Creek Conglomerate Gold Project

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:43 on May 14, 2019  



Posted by Buygold @ 9:30 on May 14, 2019  

Pretty much my point exactly. We might find out what’s more important today, keeping the SM from going down or pm’s from going up. We know “no follow thru” is a huge scum rule for pm’s.

We also know for the last several years a big selloff in the SM is usually followed by a nice rally. So, if this is all about a China trade deal, we’ll see just how important it is. Also, if China is really going to sell treasuries, if they wanted to exert max pain wouldn’t they sell them all at once to spike rates?

That’s what I’d do…..

Stock futures up overnite showing no fear-an opening rally reversing would fit a bearish scenario.

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:39 on May 14, 2019  

Gold gains on a news event–[especially with silvers action yesterday]–are almost always reversed…at least gold is resilient this morning but that doesn’t pay the bills. I hope I’m wron

Morning treefrog

Posted by Buygold @ 8:07 on May 14, 2019  

Concur, yesterday was a surprisingly good day. Would like to see a few more up days before going right back down and would also like to see silver participate.

Looks like they’ll try to bounce the stink market at the open, I have my doubts about whether it will hold though. We’ll see.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 4:15 on May 14, 2019  


Big Boy among the Utah mountains


Hamming it up

Posted by Maya @ 4:13 on May 14, 2019  

Solar flux is up for a few days and I had fun on the 20 meter (14 Mhz) band tonight.  From Hawaii, everything is DX (distance).  Talked to:

Florida (Tampa area)

North Carolina


Yap (Micronesia)

Wallis Island

Australia (Brisbane)

All on 100 watts and a Dipole antenna!  🙂


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