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The Great Tim Conway…he will be missed

Posted by Moggy @ 21:52 on May 15, 2019  


Marathon Gold Announces Q1 2019 Financial Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:11 on May 15, 2019  


Great Panther Reports First Quarter 2019 Financial Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:05 on May 15, 2019  



Posted by Richard640 @ 17:50 on May 15, 2019  

James Mc…

I know I harp on it but it just kills me the way gold is trading over 1 million contracts per week, and silver a quarter million contracts, all for the sake of pennies in DEADSVILLE. Why are they going batshit crazy scalping a market THIS boring?

They’re trading over 3,200 tons of paper gold, and 4,000 tons of silver PER WEEK just at the Crimex alone. Add to that the rest of global markets and it is an absolutely insane amount of derivatives to any supposed physical.


Iran halts some commitments under nuclear deal

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:06 on May 15, 2019  

LONDON (Reuters) – Iran has officially stopped some commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers following an order from its national security council, an informed official in the country’s atomic energy body told the ISNA news agency on Wednesday.


Winners in my PF

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:01 on May 15, 2019  

I consider any stock I own which is down less than 30% a big winner. Most are worse and I have only a few greens.


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:39 on May 15, 2019  

BOMBSHELL: Bayer discovers “black ops” division run by Monsanto, shuts it down, initiates internal investigation as law enforcement prepares criminal charges against the chemical giant


Redneckoakie–Nice move–that’s the way to do it–did u get any JNUG in the $6 range? Good luck!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:44 on May 15, 2019  

Bonds not confirming this rally-the 10 yr. t-note’s up 22/64ths–neither are the trannies or Russell 2000

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:42 on May 15, 2019  

But that’s not the end of the world…they could kick in tomorrow.





Posted by Ororeef @ 13:31 on May 15, 2019  

moving average is back to where it was  in beginning of 2016 just before explosive move up.

Seasonal patterns are in effect with metal lows in June and Dow tops in August expected Its not different this time  …just more and louder distractions ..noise!

RBG sighting!

Posted by treefrog @ 13:24 on May 15, 2019  



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:12 on May 15, 2019  

Dead can’t bounce maybe or a couple of bounces then back up.” Currently ” in the global stance that’s ever changing it wants to go to about 35K in the long run and gold which is reactive wants go go down farther before it bottoms.

Dead cat bounce in stocks.

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 12:51 on May 15, 2019  

I’m guessing this rally is a dead cat bounce. If I’m wrong, the stock market is going much higher on more air. Lots of turmoil in the world.


Macro 22:23

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:49 on May 15, 2019  

Before the 70 s Iran and Israel were in trade together. Irans own economic mistakes led to inflation and economic problems that resulted in a radical state. Israel didn’t have anything to do with their economic problems but in fact like other western states they had trade helped it. Within their monarchy the took their own citizens rights especially women who lost their right to vote and had to conform to Sharia. The moral high ground if you even consider that moral is just another tactic to distract from the economic disasters they create.
That’s what the left is trying to do here.
Such a war starts it would create a domino effect that would target your country as well as ours. Every western state is enemies to them.
After all they don’t want their people knowing they’re a better life economically out there with more freedom than the ones they have. Although we have the left trying to censor us already much if with is coming from the same type people in the Mid East. The previous White House was full of them. Free speech and truth is their enemy.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 12:40 on May 15, 2019  

I just bought another 20% of my JNUG position. I now have 90% of the total anticipated position. I will probably buy the final 10% if  the close Friday is favorable.

I hope the exit on this trade is better than the previous trade.



Posted by goldielocks @ 12:31 on May 15, 2019  

Lack of terriffs would only help competitors importing and put the costs for their imports on us and those who sell it. They already have a consumption tax they’re always trying to raise of top of tarrifs. Eventually these greedy people would do both less it was locked in and untouchable but they could change that. It would force sellers to lower their prices but both sellers and consumers won’t get the break because of the taxes.

and the day ends

Posted by Buygold @ 10:58 on May 15, 2019  

just like it always ends

SM up, pm’s down

Time to break out the anti-depressants


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:35 on May 15, 2019  

“Looks like the scum have had enough of a weak SM.”

Yeah they sure turned the SM around. Do or Die for those dudes. It sure ain’t a real market!


Posted by treefrog @ 10:35 on May 15, 2019  

the discussion on tariffs has been dominated by protective tariffs. there is also a type of tariff which is primarily intended to raise revenue.  in fact, much of the federal budget was funded by revenue tariffs before the advent of the income tax.

revenue tariffs were generally a low ad valorem rate (low=5% or less), and had only a minor protective effect.

“if you tax something, you will have less of it.  if you subsidize something you will have more of it.”

…greenspan, i think.

i think our economy would be much healthier if our tax structure taxed consumption (revenue tariffs, sales taxes) rather than production (income taxes).


Posted by Maddog @ 10:31 on May 15, 2019  

CB’s may be buying, but scum are selling paper way faster.

Looks like the scum have had enough of a weak SM.

Sure isn’t reflected in the price

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:19 on May 15, 2019  

Central Banks Are Buying Gold At The Fastest Pace In Six Years


Rick’s Pick for Wednesday

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:10 on May 15, 2019  

The er…uh…cough! cough!…gold “rally” continues–gold up 4.70…[pathetic silver up a penny].

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:51 on May 15, 2019  

BUT…all tradable gold rallies start like this…ragged and divergent…and that shuts the majority out…then, after a while, gold-without attracting any attention, is up an ole 100 bucks and the rally kicks into high gear…

That is one scenario…I think that is what we are in now…the other scenario would be that this “rally” fizzles out and gold goes to 1150/1200 or worse…Best of luck to all interested parties.

RNC Announces First Quarter 2019 Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:34 on May 15, 2019  



Posted by ipso facto @ 9:30 on May 15, 2019  

Looks like a smart move on the part of St. Barbara. I’ve been following AGB for quite a while but never pulled the trigger. Too bad most brokers in the US don’t have a mechanism for buying Aussie stocks. Many have been doing well.


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