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Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:37 on May 16, 2019  

It use to be immigrants would come here work and go back home. But things got worse and worse. It’s a duel situations with the drugs. If people didn’t buy their drugs they wouldn’t enrich the criminals who grown powerful. We had a system here that ordered the police for catch and release for profit. They’d take the drugs and money and release the carriers. Where does that dark money go?
There was talk by a agent the CIA was in on it for profit. In Mexico it’s bad too.
There’s a lot of very evil swamp behind it and more than just a political platform. Money before life or quality of life.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:07 on May 16, 2019  

Right, if they can even find anything left made in America.
But that’s not gonna stop the flow of people piling in our country like a broken Dam or levee. They think of us like the working masses that need to be herded and controlled.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:51 on May 16, 2019  

Don’t have to tell me, I lived it in LA when they started pouring in by the hundreds of thousands in LA and the massive negative effects to the economy. One was sitting in my window looking down at me while sleeping in my apt at 18. Good thing I woke up. Locked my roommate from Lousiana who was out like a lights bedroom window. Then he tried to get in through a door. Lucky he didn’t cuz with no gun I had a butcher knife waiting for him, Anither time found one asleep in my shared garage at a duplex. One almost killed my four year old son hit and run that was all over the place. Crime and drugs everywhere. Not just pot but heroin and more. It’s not just fear by mexican non citizens that are other wise not a criminal or had greenncards but fear of retaliation if they called the police. So don’t believe they will call the police if they don’t have fear of deportation, The police can’t protect them from retaliation if they do.
A few years back I got to know a traveling nurse who did some years in Hawaii. She then moved to LA and due to prices had to rent a room from a Mexican lady. When she left this Mexican woman wanted to charge her for using her dishes and called it wear and tear. Can you believe that? lol If that give you a hint how hospitable they are in reverse. She said the Chinese are coming in now too and buying up all the houses and changing them but not for the better. I asked them if they made them so they had high doors. She said yeah. I told her it figured it a sign of status. She said they were buying up whole blocks. Another friend sold there right after the crash and said Chinese bought it. They bought a awesome home for the price they got for a normal three bedroom house in another state. She started to forget. I told her would you go back? Nope, so don’t forget. Most whites even blacks already left. Many blacks moved up north bringing trouble with them till most got arrested or shot by each other so a black nurse told me.
No these politicians live in areas where the police are there in no less than 3 minutes with security systems and private schools for their kids.

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th

Posted by Moggy @ 22:16 on May 16, 2019  

The general public can expect to be blind-sided by forced changes over the course of the next few weeks as the Full Moon squares the U.S. radix Moon.  Since for every down there is an up…it may wake them up.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:11 on May 16, 2019  

You bring up a lot of good points. My main point is that everything was fine here in the USA, before the speed up of globalization after 1971. And the only way for Americans to fight it or avoid it or prevent it from happening would be to make sure they avoid buying imports. Like a demonstration, against plastic bags and straws. Unfortunately the American people thru the media were encouraged or told, “the consumer would get cheaper higher quality (than the USA) products”.


Posted by Moggy @ 21:57 on May 16, 2019  

What is needed and what is being done are two different matters and that is the way Trump wants it, else he would take action.  I’ve just read that Homeland Security (oxymoron) releases 1.1 thousand illegal aliens into the U.S. EVERY DAY!!!  Think about that.  Disease carrying criminals being disbursed into every nook and cranny of the country.  Lord, I do feel sorry for American children who will fall victim to these hordes.  Of course, Trump’s young son and his grandchildren will never be forced to rub elbows with these parasites.  Nor Pelosi’s, nor Schumer’s, nor any of those who are forcing this upon the rest of the country.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:37 on May 16, 2019  

Unless Trump is now turning around illegals back to Mexico like suggested they need to get troops on the boards. Put on the places where they’re entering and put up temporary barriers till they get the wall up and one they can’t easily breach or dig under.
No good to put troops at the border if their turning them into processing centers. As u probably know, now they got word if they bring a kid they get released thanks to the Demos. The Demos are spinning it that he’s waging war on immigrants leaving out illegal immigrants. Their gaming the system and the Demos are aiding and abetting a illegal activity but just don’t send them to their city. Their all for calling it humanitarian as long as it isn’t in their back yard.
If Trump closed the borders they would find away to stop it I can pretty much guarantee.

I just listened to Trump’s new immigration plan…

Posted by Moggy @ 19:48 on May 16, 2019  

and attempted to post a comment…but You Tube wouldn’t post it.  Here it is:

“A fair plan that will probably not see the light of day…but with the election approaching the forefront of everyone’s attention,  it is necessary to blow more smoke so as to keep the base, to whom he has betrayed by not keeping his promise regarding illegal immigration, drinking the Kool aid.  Since his announcement of a national emergency at the southern border all he had to do was send those 200,000 troops he is now willing to send to war against Iran to the border and stop all entry for illegals.  Instead he chose to sit back and let them pour into the country.   Wake up, people.”

Not so good

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:34 on May 16, 2019  

Farmageddon Looms: Only 30% Of US Corn Fields Have Been Planted, 5 Year Average Is 66%


@ LurkerSince95 @ 15:04 on May 16, 2019

Posted by old-timer @ 18:29 on May 16, 2019  

FWIW,  I’ve still got silver from when it was removed via Gresham’s law from circulation.

I squirreled the stuff away then and have been doing so ever since.

Just last week, APMEX had an eBay deal on rolls of silver Eagles for $354, which I was glad to nibble at.

The longer the stuff is “cheap” the longer we have to live a somewhat comfortable life.

When it all goes to crap, it will not be fun.

FWIW- steam engines from the21st century….

Posted by old-timer @ 18:20 on May 16, 2019  

Maya’s posting of the UP steam engine made me wonder if you all might be interested in Joseph Farrell’s recent postings about steam,

and his musings on why such investment is being made in this supposed “old” technology.

Link to Farrell’s site; videos are in the linked article:


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:04 on May 16, 2019  

Notice too how these movie stars are mad about Trump cutting income tax deduction on houses worth over a certain amount but don’t blame that state for these rising housing costs and taxes. Only one star said something that was Cher, who said as far as immigrants that they need to think about their own people because there is too many homeless. All in all they don’t care until its in their back yard.
So yeah keep shipping them to blue states and put boat loads off to Hawaii. Maybe it will wake people up and have a reverse effect. Instead of turning red states blue, it will make blue states red. That is if they don’t wind up outnumbering the natives of that state.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 16:04 on May 16, 2019  

My JNUG is back in my lap. Grains turning up gives a little hope. My long KC wheat is taking a little edge off the pain.


Wiley and I have to be related

Posted by Floridagold @ 15:55 on May 16, 2019  



Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:42 on May 16, 2019  

Its not as easy as that because many don’t own the houses coming to market. It’s greed. What some companies were doing for instance is kicking people out of apartments with the excuse they were remodeling but weren’t really doing much then raising the prices. That gave the excuse for other apts to raise their prices too.
Same with housing. As housing prices climbed now not saving too much on lower interest rates to consumers plus rising taxes factored into their mortgage.
I know someone who took a loan on their paid for house that had went up in value and after his taxes went up a 1000 a year.
If they’re selling out or jobs why are they allowing illegal immigrants to pour in? If they open more jobs why are they allowing illegal immigrants in to take them instead for that matter. In LA most the factory jobs that left were majority immigrants and where are you going to house them? For many factory’s closing it didn’t reflect on many of the natural citizens because those jobs were dominated by immigrants. Also agriculture, hotels.
In agriculture they even come from India. Around the Oroville Dam area for instance there’s a nearby town that is full of Indians. They pick crops seasonally and live on welfare. Some of those jobs they get paid cash. We subsidize them but they get paid up to 20 hour harvesting. Because of that can be health risks because illegal immigrants even legal aren’t always screened. Hispanics have a high level of TB.
Another is E Coli and no cure. If they pick up fruit for instance from the ground it could harbor E. coli from animal droppings and get into your food supply like apple or orange juice. Much is pasteurized today thank goodness. Be wary of ones who do not. It’s deadly and no cure esp to children but leaves life long health issues.
Demand for housing is saying to the citizens it’s gonna cost you.

It may be fine for companies who buy up commercial real estate but for the majority of average people it drives cost to high including taxes. If the value went down no matter because the next place will be equally lower as well as taxes. But if greed hits no one will be buying or buy and suffer the consequences in the next decline when they try to sell.
In California they want to even tax water and going after Dams that provide energy to not be included in renewable energy with they don’t maintain at the same time that will drive energy prices up.

silver down ?????

Posted by LurkerSince95 @ 15:04 on May 16, 2019  

I don’t know what the big deal is !!!

i bought @5  in ’95  and still holding

silver  @15 is still 300% gain

@Goldilocks, The USA Importing Foreign Made Products, For Many Decades

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:02 on May 16, 2019  

Is The Bottom Line Cause Of All The Problems you described below, we see today. There is no other possible explanation for the increasing poverty socialism and higher taxes. If you own a retail store, (the USA) and you constantly buy MORE that you sell, you eventually end up with a store full of inventory, and no money to pay the bills. (the USA)

Posted by Maya @ 14:38 on May 16, 2019  



Housing market slump

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:34 on May 16, 2019  

They mentioned increasing mortgage rates, volatile market which hasn’t all that volatile for a reason, and necessary trade talks. They didn’t mention the greedy overpriced market where people aren’t gonna buy at these levels and most have memories of the crash of 08. People also calling for rent control and increasing amount of homelessness. People don’t realize that stress, doom and gloom of the future, causing depression also leads to alcohol and drugs.
They didn’t factor in increasing taxes across the board in blue areas with highest tax rates.
They didn’t mention the threat of Demos getting power will reverse any breaks they got from taxs and job openings.
Now they want medicare for all instead of going after the greed and price gouging. One guy about summed it up it would be like going to a overcrowded DMV and getting a number and if you think that’s bad socialized health care will be worse. No more supplemental choices either.
The stock market is not reflecting the consequence to people and a lot of people are struggling right now to pay rent especial single and single parents along with increasing taxes and cost of living. The open borders making it worse. Give them free everything at their expense while young mothers struggle. Yes send them to all blue states including Hawaii because currently they want to send the bill to red states as you see their reaction when Trump called them on it.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:08 on May 16, 2019  

Maybe PMs are making more money lending out their shares to short in this current market right now.

Ipso @ 12:43

Posted by Samb @ 12:52 on May 16, 2019  

It sure has been a brutal trip for $Gold and especially the miners since the highs of 2011. I am just looking at this Int. downcycle since mid Feb.  Using weekly cycles I just can’t pull the Go Long trigger just yet.


Bought some more Skeena. Hope it ain’t a falling knife!

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:43 on May 16, 2019  

Samb … we gold investors must be a patient lot!

Best with your recovery!

The Boy’s just did it again!

Posted by Samb @ 12:30 on May 16, 2019  

Sitting there in the hospital, day after day, then rehab I had no reading material, almost no TV of any merit but, plenty of time to think it all over…some good and some bad. Great hospital and great doctor’s and nurses. Sooner or later I turned my thoughts to $Gold. Why, oh why, did I spent so many years on developing reliable signals …then, only later to jump them in anxiety? Man loves shortcuts…just ask Constantine and the banishment of all thoughts of the principle of re-incarnation. Yeah, like whatever we do we are sure to get it just right  even if it is only our first shot at it. General Mac Arthur and General Patton, of course, had other much different thoughts on this matter. So make a  mistake and you will be going straight to Hell. The Generals knew that this couldn’t be true as their lives depended upon second chances.

What looked so very encouraging for $Gold on Tuesday has turned into a give back and mentally I am back into the Hospital …vowing to wait patiently and not jump some hard won indicators.  Such is Life. Who would condemn  a toddler from falling during his first steps or even Babe Ruth for striking out? The reason that life  doesn’t go easy is because it just wasn’t meant to. Such is the Biblical extol for the virtue of Patience. We wait.

Have faith goldbugs…central banks increasing gold purchases

Posted by Moggy @ 12:11 on May 16, 2019  

Probably the reason gold and silver prices are being depressed, so the thieves can obtain the precious at a low price…it won’t last much longer.


Lunch with R640

Posted by winedoc @ 11:56 on May 16, 2019  

Wet blanket over gold and silver since 2011

What part of this  is  “hurts so good”  ??  ……

Silver 10 Yr


When will next up cycle will ever be ?  Its a long time to be wrong/on losing trade.

Onward Pilgrims is kind tough right now …….

Best Regards Friends


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