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The gold volatility index moved to new lows this year-What does it mean? It most likely means lower gold prices.

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:29 on May 20, 2019  

The gold volatility index moved to new lows this year and it is not a one-time event. There were already two moves below the 2017 and 2018 lows and the current move lower is the third attempt to slide even lower. The 50-day moving average is also at the levels that haven’t been seen previously.

What does it mean? It most likely means lower gold prices.


REMX and Silver

Posted by Buygold @ 18:46 on May 20, 2019  

REMX – No doubt the Chinese has the upper hand when it comes to rare earths. I think we import something like 80% of our rare earths from China which really hurts our Aerospace industry among others. China is smart to threaten this, because of our wonderful EPA the rare earths are plentiful but hard to mine. REMX could have a way to run, unless a trade deal happens.

Silver – has been down for 3 months now, sucks to high heaven but might be ready for a one or two day bounce. Just a hunch, we’ll see.

GOLD=On both of the above charts the drop late last week looks like “a storm in a teacup”.

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:00 on May 20, 2019  

We can best see gold’s potential giant base pattern on a 10-year chart. It can be described as a complex Head-and-Shoulders bottom or as a Saucer, and is best considered to be both, or perhaps as a hybrid having the characteristics of both patterns. In any event, as we can see on this chart, it appears to be drawing close to breaking out of it, which will be a very big deal if it happens, because a base pattern of this magnitude can support a massive bullmarket. As for timing it could take several months and it is most likely to happen during gold’s seasonally strong period from July through September. To maintain the bullish case it must stay above the Saucer boundary.

Embedded within the giant H&S or Saucer base pattern, a fine Cup & Handle base has formed over the past year which we can see to advantage on the 1-year chart. The Handle part of this pattern may be regarded as a period of consolidation / reaction that has allowed time both for the earlier overbought condition arising from the rally from November through February to unwind and also for the moving averages to slowly swing into a much more favorable alignment, which has now happened.

On both of the above charts the drop late last week looks like “a storm in a teacup”


Rare Earths Very Low

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:44 on May 20, 2019  

FYI 7.37% Break out on REMX, a rare earth ETF. Huge volume too. Dollar volume over $40 million. Supposedly China has an advantage with them, and some trade disagreements may be the reason.

Silver Very Low

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:21 on May 20, 2019  

I’m thinking SLV might be a good bet now. The bid side is a lot more than the ask side. In other words, the bid side orders are waiting for a one penny drop to get filled. And they are building up ad not getting filled. The ask or sell side is very little compared to the buy side.

Cell phones off topic

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:41 on May 20, 2019  

Tell your wives and daughters not to put their cell phones in their bras or anywhere on their body or at least put in airplane mode when not using them.This young women had to family history of breast cancer. img_2951

Note the calcification on the right of the pictures. Breast cancer or a young woman. Note the outline. It was talked about but the atty in a previous video I posted days back.

Ipso 10:25

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:33 on May 20, 2019  

Do they want war or too stupid to know it. No mention of arrests and deportations. They need to get that fool out and get a strong leader in like Italy did and fast.

Re France

Posted by Maddog @ 11:43 on May 20, 2019  

Just read that article and it says they have been given Residency !!!!!!

The Penasquito Mine Tailings Dam

Posted by drb2 @ 10:29 on May 20, 2019  

Mining Companies #1 goal is not making money for shareholders – it is to keep supplying product to the market least the price rise.  For this the CEOs & Board of Directors get paid the BIG bucks



THE MASSIVE 46 STORY TALL STRUCTURE: The Penasquito Mine Tailings Dam

Capitalist Exploits’s blog

7-9 minutes

By the SRSrocco Report,

The colossal Penasquito Mine’s tailings dam will reach a stunning height of a 46 story skyscraper over the next decade.  That is, if the mine reopens and is allowed to continue business as usual.  Newmont-Goldcorp suspended operations at Mexico’s second largest silver mine on April 29th, due to a blockade stemming from issues with the local community in regards to water supply concerns and problems with a trucking contractor……

cont. at SRSrocco Report


Time for some deportations!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:25 on May 20, 2019  

Hundreds Of “Black Vest” Migrants Seize Paris Airport Terminal: “France Does Not Belong To The French!”



Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on May 20, 2019  

Australian finds A$100,000 gold nugget using metal detector



How can these people be our allies?

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:41 on May 20, 2019  

In Turkey, Many Celebrated As Notre Dame Burned

•The official Facebook page of Turkey’s pro-government daily, Sabah, for example, is filled with praise for the destruction of the cathedral.

•Sadly, Islamic supremacism not only targets the churches of Western Christians. It targets Yazidi, Zoroastrian, Buddhist and Hindu temples too. These religious minorities in the Muslim world are completely vulnerable, defenseless and severely persecuted…. In many Muslim countries, Muslim-on-Muslim violence is also quite commonplace. The Islamic hatred of different religious groups is not about geography — the East or the West. It is about religious faith.

•What is heartbreaking is that arson and other forms of desecration of churches have been going on in France and other countries on a regular basis, with barely a mention by the media or Western governments.


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:54 on May 20, 2019  


Monday morning!  Are you getting steamed up yet?

Sunrise steaming Big Boy.


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