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deer79 @ 20:23 on May 22, 2019 Going down with the ship !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:55 on May 22, 2019  

Trump strategy……. If you think Im going down…your going down with me.

He learned from past impeachments  NIXON passed all kinds of Legislation in his last weeks thinking they they wont impeach me…if they get what they want..WRONG  !!Clinton did the same thing he passed lots of liberal legislation ..then when they got what THEY wanted ,they impeached him anyway .He was too much of a political liability not useful anymore …Democrats couldent get elected  after Clinton political Liability .Trump walked out on INFRASTRUCTURE plans when PELOSI set the same trap for him give us what we want ..something    WE    can get Elected on then we,see what happens with impeachment .  TRUMP said no deal  ! He dont trust any of them to live up to their words….END the phony investigations first …..OR you go down with me on election day   !!   for blocking everything I wanted to do for the Country ….If The Captain goes down with the ship ,your going down with me…..BTW if Trump goes down we will have the biggest Stock market crash of all time !  Count on it…He ‘s not as trusting as NIXON & Clinton was and knows there is no loyalty from Democrats or Republicans running for office..when they view you as a liability on election day.

“STOP the phony investigations or you go down with me ”


The GAY MAYOR running for President

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:28 on May 22, 2019  

sez He’s not sure that making America Great again is a good idea ……making himself the candidate not even GAYS will vote for ,fucking moron…


Posted by Buygold @ 21:45 on May 22, 2019  

Don’t even get me started on the “just keep stacking” and “insurance” and “phyzz” crowd

Doesn’t even keep up with inflation

Time for me to take a break


Posted by deer79 @ 20:23 on May 22, 2019  

I’m right there with you. Although I haven’t made a trade in almost 2 years, I’ve completely held on to all of the worthless pieces of s#it pm stocks that I accumulated since ‘08. Guess I’ll be going down with the ship.


Posted by Buygold @ 19:31 on May 22, 2019  

Not many in the pm space you can’t name- 100’s of others. These traders, banks and hedge funds must have a field day with these shares, fleecing anyone who thinks there is even a remote possibility of a rally on the horizon. KL is the only stock I know that’s done fairly well. RGLD has held up without crashing too much, WPM hangs in there, but like RGLD pretty much goes nowhere.

Greed kills. Thinking these little piece of shit stocks like MUX or EXK or AG or numerous others will ever perform is a once in a 20 year event.

Look at R640’s beloved JNUG – the effing thing has gone full retard, from $6 to $14 all the way back to $6 inside three months. What other shit in any other market does that?

You wanna know what’s really true? I’ve gone full retard, 10 straight years missing ridiculous stock market rallies, holding pet rocks, buying falling pm share knives, year after year.

Full retard is never being able to retire because you’ve pissed your investments away in sectors like this always thinking “this time will be different”.



Mr Copper Inflation

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:16 on May 22, 2019  

Good point but you don’t want to help them. Their all over the place and just out for the banksters.
How bad can low inflation be if people are working and people are buying once in awhile or taking the kids somewhere because Trump lowered their taxes.

The Fed first said few years ago Trumps plans would cause inflation through raising wages in a better economy so they need to start raising interest rates. That didn’t happen. Or did it?? Trump lowered income tax and some got wage increase only because jobs started opening up and they could finally give the finger to the slave drivers scum bags making money off their skills using no jobs as a excuse.
Since elected the greedily realtors started raising rents by 100 s of dollars or more in some places? Retail prices started going up. Where is the reflection of that? None? Why? There should be so appears they’re hiding it.

If Fed can’t raise rates the difference between what bankers can get with loans will decline if they lower them.
Same with others who loan money.
This so called deflation is not hurting the economy or losing jobs.

Ipso 9:38

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:48 on May 22, 2019  

Trump wasn’t in office when they got sentenced. Also he’s not judicial which they should “KNOW” who to go to about it. So what are they doing but trying to look good for the clueless? Are they up for election. This traitor should never get out.


Posted by deer79 @ 17:55 on May 22, 2019  

and HL, GPL, AUY, CDE, NG, NEM and on and on……sometimes it feels like these stocks are going to zero. But let me guess; the CEO’s and other officers will still get paid. Sorry, end of rant…..

Gotta love MUX

Posted by Buygold @ 17:33 on May 22, 2019  

McEwen has turned into the portfolio killer.

MUX is the new Great Basin Gold

Effing pm’s what else is left to say

Tesla May Be Just Another Reversal Of The Past After The 2008 Meltdown

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:35 on May 22, 2019  

Gov’t support, or taxpayer support, created or gave birth, to many jobs at somebody else’s expense that normally would never exist. Everything changed after 2008. Instead of fake job creation since 1975 to 2008, (to over ride manufacturing losses) now real jobs are starting to return.

To over ride the growing loss of fake jobs. The EPA jobs are all fake that cost money. Less funding for them. Manufacturing jobs MAKE money. This is simple crap.

This is sad story.

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:20 on May 22, 2019  

“A Distressed Credit And Restructuring Story”: Morgan Stanley Warns Tesla Is Facing Bankruptcy


Re The Fed And Lack Of Inflation

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:01 on May 22, 2019  

Have they ever mentioned where they want higher prices? How are they defining inflation anyway? Are they looking at commodities prices? Consumer retail store prices dropping? Normally inflation means increase in money supply. (lower rates more loans)

I think they need to explain clearly what the hell they want. Then maybe I can help them. 🙂

If they want more demand and higher prices in retail mall stores, then they NEED to make high school graduates great again. They have nothing and need everything.

Giving profits, MONEY, to older people via stocks bonds and real estate profits won’t do any good. Those people already have everything they need.

FED minutes out…yawn!

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:23 on May 22, 2019  
  • Minutes from the May 1-2 Federal Open Market Committee meeting were released on Wednesday.
  • “Members observed that a patient approach to determining future adjustments to the target range for the federal funds rate would likely remain appropriate for some time” the meeting summary stated.
  • “Participants continued to view sustained expansion of economic activity, with strong labor market conditions, and inflation near the Committee’s symmetric 2 percent objective as the most likely outcomes,” the minutes also said.
  • The minutes noted that members attributed the low inflation readings to “idiosyncratic factors” such as sharp drops in apparel costs and from portfolio management services



Posted by Ororeef @ 13:21 on May 22, 2019  

needs to Stonewall THEM ,dont invite them to the Whitehouse ever…..Pelosi nor Schumer    …two snakes..They will stink up the place…

Pelosi tries to Pull a fast One on Trump

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:06 on May 22, 2019  

He walks OUT after she accuses him of a “COVERUP  “…..She’s trying the “Watergate TACTIC”

she ‘s trying to watergate HIM and he wouldent let her get away with it..



Posted by Buygold @ 12:43 on May 22, 2019  

What could go wrong?

It’s only been down every day for for 3 straight months

I am getting one of my world-reknown R640 buy signals on JNUG

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:31 on May 22, 2019  

A ZH reader comments-re: DB

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:00 on May 22, 2019  
Those working at Deutsche Bank, and a host of other institutions, obviously forgot their high school biology lesson: in order to survive, a parasite shall not kill it’s host. The financial sector has killed off the underlying organism consisting of the productive economy (energy, mining, planes, trains and auto mobiles etc).    The host has no more nutrients to give and the whole system is about to die. 
I hope when the pitchforks and torches come out, the populations of London, New York and Frankfurt will remember who killed us all. 

Snagged off of CEO.CA

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:57 on May 22, 2019  

#Gold Always nice to look at the COMEX warehouse for the quantity of gold available for delivery (registered). Since the beginning of the year, we can see a constant decline. The amount of gold available for delivery at these prices has become shockingly low.

Nenner–not a great track record but always amusing

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:53 on May 22, 2019  
On gold, Nenner says,
A lot of people don’t know that a lot of bull markets in gold are in a deflationary period. We are looking for a long term bull market for a couple of years to come, maybe until 2024. We are fine tuning it, but we are going to go short in the middle of the summer the bonds and go long the gold. I don’t think the weakness in stocks is going to go to the usual September, October and November time period. I think, after July, it will start to be difficult.”
Nenner thinks the stock market will bottom out in the year 2022, and the path from here is mostly down according to his cycles.
In closing, Nenner says,
Gold prices and silver prices will go up. It’s early, and it’s better to get in early instead of when it’s exploding, and everybody knows you have to now be in gold. It’s always the clever money that is basing their money into gold stocks. The price is going much higher. Remember, my upside price target is $2,500. Right now, it is $1,270, and $2,500 is a substantial move in gold.

Barrick in the process of acquiring Acacia Mining

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:52 on May 22, 2019  


I’m not really understanding this …

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:38 on May 22, 2019  

Senators ask Trump administration why the ‘American Taliban’ is getting out of prison early


Gold_Titan, Hook

Posted by Buygold @ 9:33 on May 22, 2019  

I’m in agreement with Hook on the REM’s, they are all over the news and especially on ZeroHedge. ZH hasn’t been right about anything in 10 years. This trade deal with China will get resolved it’s not in anyone’s interest for it not to, especially China’s.

When it does, those rare earths will get beaten senseless probably worse than pm shares, although hard to see anything get beaten much worse than pm’s.

Hook – my point about hedge funds, is that they are owned by the same banks that play the short side, they are not independent of one another.

Marathon Deposit Infill Drilling Success Continues with 3.37 g/t Au over 24.0m, 3.18 g/t Au over 14.0 m and 2.27 g/t Au over 29.0m, Valentine Gold Camp, NL

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:26 on May 22, 2019  


Santacruz Silver Confirms Earn-In by Carrizal Mining of 20% Interest in Santacruz’s Veta Grande Project and Agrees to Acquire Carrizal Mining

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:25 on May 22, 2019  


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