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Then & now=2010 and 2019=The back half of 2010 saw gold move from $1160 to $1420 while silver rallied from $18 to $30.

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:19 on June 4, 2019  

Fed Policy Reversal Now Imminent

As rates around the world collapse, capital is rushing into the US bond market. As US rates fall, the yield curve inverts. As the yield curve inverts, the US economy begins to contract. As the US economy contracts, inflation disappears and rates fall even further. And, in the end, The Fed is forced to reverse policy, cut rates and re-install QE and other “stimulus” programs

As the tide recedes and the central bankers are exposed, the ultimate ineffectiveness of their lies and schemes will be revealed to all. Renewed rate cuts, unlimited quantitative easing and enforced capital controls with negative interest rates are coming in the months ahead.

The charts below are what you must consider again today as we conclude this update. In 2010, you could have been 100% correct about where precious metal prices were headed by year end…but you could have easily been shaken out by the malaise that lasted until July. It was only when the situation became obvious for all to see that precious metal prices began to explode higher and the back half of 2010 saw gold move from $1160 to $1420 while silver rallied from $18 to $30.

And now here we are in 2019. Just as in 2010, prices have moved sideways for the first five months of the year and only just now is the investment world coming to terms with where this is all headed. The US economy is demonstrably slowing, the US$ is rolling over, the yield curve is inverting, the Fed is reversing and the precious metals are beginning their move.



goldielocks @ 1:45

Posted by Maya @ 23:13 on June 4, 2019  

Goldielocks Gold Train.
Union Pacific is a patriotic company.  Many
of their locomotives carry the flag, and
“Building America” logo on the side.  They
literally carry the goods that builds America.

Argentina Supreme Court rejects Barrick’s challenge to glacier protection law

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:37 on June 4, 2019  

The verdict is in, and it does not look good for miners in Argentina.

In a unanimous decision on Tuesday, Argentina’s Supreme Court rejected a challenge to an environmental law banning mining in glacial areas that was brought by Barrick Gold. The Canadian miner had attempted to subvert Argentina’s controversial Glacier Protection Law prohibiting mining in glacier and permafrost areas.

Barrick owns the Veladero gold mine in Argentina and the Pascua-Lama project on the Argentine-Chile border.

“Miners have long marked this region for its rich gold, silver and copper deposits, and have been on standby for nearly a decade awaiting a judicial decision from Argentina’s top tribunal as to whether or not they could mine in glacier terrain,” said Jorge Daniel Taillant, executive director, Center for Human Rights and Environment in a media statement.

McEwen Mining’s Los Azules, Stillwater’s El Altar, and Meryllion Gold’s Cerro Amarillo are a few other mining projects that stalled when Argentina passed the world’s first Glacier Protection Law, prohibiting any industrial activity that could harm glaciers and periglacial areas.

cont. http://www.mining.com/argentina-supreme-court-rejects-barricks-challenge-glacier-protection-law/

Gold Sees Biggest Inflow Since Brexit As Investor Exodus Contagion Spreads To Credit

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:33 on June 4, 2019  

Investors are fleeing the crypto-coins, too.

Last week we highlighted a shocking Deutsche Bank report that showed global equity fund outflows over the last 6 months in dollar terms have now been larger than over any prior 6-month period.


“While we’re working through this dual threat of new worries around trade and the re-rating at the front end of the curve, you want to be cautious for credit assets,” Rob Waldner, chief fixed income strategist at Invesco Ltd. said on Bloomberg TV Tuesday.

And where are those de-risked assets seeking safe-havens? Gold!

GLD – the Gold ETF – saw its biggest single-day asset inflow since Brexit yesterday.

Jeesh! What a surprise-My good buddy Clive Maund goes absolutely ape sh*t over CDE-! Thanks, Clive, old bean!

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:16 on June 4, 2019  

[This is why gold has been rallying, and this time it does not look like it will be a false dawn – instead it appears to be the start of a major breakout drive that will see gold launch out of its gigantic 7-year long base pattern by breaking out above key resistance at the $1400 level, a development that we have been anticipating all this year.]

What all this means is that silver and silver investments are probably one of the best investments on Earth right now. Silver investments have been ground into the dust in the recent past, and while gold has broken out and streaked higher over the past several days, silver only broke out of its downtrend just yesterday as we can see on its 6-month chart below, which means that yesterday has the distinction of being the very first day of a blistering massive silver bullmarket. Like to get in near to the start? – well, now’s your chance.

Want some confirmation that silver really is starting a major uptrend? – take a look at this – the chart for hyper-sensitive and manic – depressive Coeur Mines shows that it rose a useful 5.6% yesterday, but much more impressive and important was the huge volume on this move at 17.5 million. This was Smart Money falling over themselves to establish positions. The stock hasn’t even broken out the downtrend shown yet, but this is a strong sign that it’s about to and when it does a powerful uptrend is to be expected. To give you an idea just how powerful consider this – during the first half of 2016 Coeur rose 8-fold in 6 months on the back of a strong sector recovery move, but this was just a move off the bottom, the move that is starting now will involve gold and silver breaking clear out of their massive 6-year long base patterns into exceptionally powerful bullmarkets fuelled by systemic collapse and a trend towards hyperinflation as governments deal with liquidity problems the only way they know how, by printing money to throw at them to buy a little more time.

So the period ahead of us is likely to be the most exciting time in history to be a Precious Metals sector investor and it therefore won’t surprise you to learn that we will have a marked tendency to focus strongly on this sector going forward.

Benchmark Reports 259 g/t Gold and 3,320 g/t Silver over 3 Metres from New Exploration Target Area

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:57 on June 4, 2019  



Posted by ipso facto @ 17:49 on June 4, 2019  

What is it that you object to?

ipso facto

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 16:27 on June 4, 2019  

Am I correct that you are the site administrator , if so could you please delete my login account, and ensure that the nickname is not used by anyone ever.Thank you.

I don’t like what the site has morphed into since it’s inception.

CDE logs 4 times avg. daily vol–Todays stock mkt performance could be one of those rip the bears face off, one day, rallies

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:14 on June 4, 2019  

that looks like the real deal-one sees them in bear markets…I’m not saying it is but just mentioning the possibility…


CDE volume today is  “YUGE”-in these last few minutes, it is pouring in–I just saw 500K vol these last 3 minutes–what the heck is going on? What’s it all about Alfie? Yesterday it was high too but not like this…

13,699,256 vol. versus 3,270,426 avg. daily vol.

So much for the predictions that gold would collapse–and stocks would soar– if there’s any hint of resolution to the tariff dispute…the key “news” today was FED dovishness…more QE…more printing…all, theoretically, friendly to gold.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:13 on June 4, 2019  

Tks….12 months will catch quite a few out, the Adens have gone back in again, having been stopped out at huge profits and others are the same.

From 2009 we can see 5 clear waves up and then at the Top we have Monthly Key Reversals and double/treble tops….so I agree the makings of a serious correction are all there….



Posted by Samb @ 14:59 on June 4, 2019  

I’m charting the Dow on a 20 year stock charts. No whiplashes as set yet…so, I’ll go with it! 20 years! The shortest cycle yet to the downside ran from about mid 2015 thru 2016,,,18 months. Looking at from a long time perspective the Dow has at least another 12 months of weakness. Of course, the Boyz can  throw their weight around. Not looking at it week by week or month by month then probabilities strongly favor Dow down  thru this year unless this is truly IT!  If we do  get a this is it event…Lord then only knows what will happen.


Posted by Buygold @ 13:50 on June 4, 2019  

Did a $6.5 Million Bought Deal Financing move after the close yesterday

Cost them $17 million in market cap today. Brilliant move fellas.

Never underestimate the ingenuity of mining executives. Unbelievable.

R640, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 13:34 on June 4, 2019  

Got ya. thanks

Buygold-he said that earlier in the day-then at 4:54 pm he said something else-He’s

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:24 on June 4, 2019  

a wide guy and a hustler–so I just like to monitor him…but he’s been the steadfast bull on stocks since the 1980s…

Wolanchuk today

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:18 on June 3, 2019   -edit-

Earlier he wrote=

I think this is yet another head-fake. HOWEVER, if I am right and gold and PM stocks tank after this current run-up and the overall market heads up, on the other side of that, well, possibly it will finally be time for the PM stocks for a bull market of their own. But I am taking a WAG , there is no doubt. I do not think this is the real thing for PM stocks, not yet, regardless
with inflationary storm clouds on the horizon the usd wont go up


THEN AT 4:54 pm he wrote=gold and the dow to the moon


Posted by Richard640 @ 13:19 on June 4, 2019  

this is the 2nd day–the crash started before todays rebound in stocks–so this sell-off is NOT an “all clear call” for stocks and the economy in general…just what it is, I dunno–do you?




Posted by Maddog @ 13:15 on June 4, 2019  

Appreciate yr comments on Gold, but the Dow is in another buying panic today, just like every other time it stank for a few days. They just can’t buy enough of the SM.

Seems rather obvious

Posted by Samb @ 12:42 on June 4, 2019  

at  least to me that the DOW is in trouble,     $gold chart completed it’s Int. down cycle last Friday from the Feb. high.  Ultra short term, days not weeks, $gold should be correcting and eliminating yesterday’s gains. This is imho a solid Int. upcycle but I wonder about its potential as we enter the summer doldrums time period. Still after this brief correction then long rather then short is the winning trade. Just my 2 cents.


Posted by Maddog @ 12:00 on June 4, 2019  

Re Wollie

R640 20.18 June 3……both to Da Moon.

R640 – Wolanchuk

Posted by Buygold @ 11:44 on June 4, 2019  

I thought he said DOW rallies, PM’s go back down, then PM’s start a much bigger rally.


Well I’l be whatted in the you know what!

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:29 on June 4, 2019  

Wolanchuk said yesterday=gold and the dow to the moon

and that appears to be happening…


Posted by Maddog @ 10:25 on June 4, 2019  

Good article, except for the obligatory Trump bashing.

He’s visiting us and all the usual suspects are going ape, despite the fact that he is representing the US participation in D Day….My old man would have been furious and dreampt up some fearsome punishments.

Not all judges suck

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:09 on June 4, 2019  

Judge Tosses Border Wall Lawsuit Brought By House Democrats

A Washington DC district court judge tossed out a lawsuit brought by House Democrats seeking to halt President Trump’s reallocation of funds for a southern border wall.

Judge Trevor McFadden ruled that the matter is fundamentally political and Democrats lack standing to bring a legal case.


WHOA! 9:56AM–gold just went from down 10 cents to up 4.60 in 2 minutes

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:03 on June 4, 2019  

The dollar gave up it’s gain and now is red–I guess I don’t need to worry about a crimex gold  contract dump/mini-crash

O.K…..I see…Powell just said the fed is prepared to do what it takes to “sustain the expansion” [ the economy/stock mkt]…stocks had a wee pop…NOW if stocks sell off, things could get ugly cause that would signal that the ole magic isn’t working like it used to.

Gold now up 1.20…getting clawed back…the PPT is still around…

Sandspring Announces Preliminary Economic Assessment

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:51 on June 4, 2019  


Buygold–re: silvers=they have all been bought & are off the lows–gold’s just down 60 cent on the comex

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:50 on June 4, 2019  

but gold shares are down…this sets up possibility of an RL640 buy signal=a few mins. ago JNUG was down 4% and gold futs were down about 1/10th of one percent–I love the action so far…but worried a comex contract dump “flash-crash” could come out of the blue…

I think this over-confident gap opening in stocks could reverse–the FANGSs are mostly down and not participating-…but still early…the 3 biz channels anchors’ and guests are very bubbly and euphoric with this opening…they are-in effect–saying everything is great save for these pesky tariff issues which will get resolved…

My CDE’s up 3.8% on 2/3rds the daily volume the ist 1/2 hour of trade…

FilledBuy to Open170 CDE Sep 20 2019 4.0 Call Limit0.10—-13:23:53 06/03/19


FilledBuy to Open 235 CDE Sep 20 2019 4.0 Call Limit0.10—-13:23:53 06/03/19


FilledBuy to Open95 CDE Sep 20 2019 4.0 Call Limit0.10—-13:23:53 06/03/19

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