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Hong Kong

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:54 on June 9, 2019  

I dont know how it ends,but they cant put the genii back in the bottle ….Russia couldent ,Cuba ,venezuela .How you gonna keep them done on the farm,once they been to the city…

Money will leave first ..the rest will follow.Only the poor will be left to share the Poverty.

Thats what communism is sharing the Poverty ….somehow it comforts people to know their not alone !  I wouldent be the last to leave….Either China gives up some Political Power or its chaos .

I dont see any place where Communists have given up Political Power..they just disintegrate and everybody abandons them..Maybe its good for Australia,Singapore,Vietnam Canada ?

I had a Chinese friend in 1950 until he started going to NYC on weekends and started spouting about how the US should be doing this and that criticizing the Us..then we all avoided him and never heard from him again ..We all liked him until the communist propaganda got to him.WE used to visit each other for lunch ,his Uncle sponsored him to come here after Chaing Kai Shek got driven from the main land on to Taiwan he was a good worker .worked in uncles Chinese Laundry after school and lived in the back room .He used to come to my house for lunch twice a week in (5th grade).His name was ENG ..I liked the kid ,but after the Communists got to him got tired of him bad mouthing the US…He expected the US to fix everything in China when the Communists took over.He was from Canton.

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