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Samb @ 0:20 You should write a book!

Posted by silverngold @ 9:30 on June 9, 2019  

That story was perfectly composed and presented. Thanks for sharing it. Maybe you have talents you don’t know you have?? I’ve had similar harrowing experiences with both people and animals that are locked into my mind but do not have the writing talent to present them. All the Best from Silverngold!

THE STOCK MKT had a spectacular week BEFORE Trump said “no tariffs” on Mexico

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:51 on June 9, 2019  

–stocks rose causa the FED flip-flop indicated 2 to 4 rate cuts this year…the trade war with China and Europe and many  other macro problems still remains in place…as do the other 137 reasons to own gold–probably the foremost of which is the vast amount of zero bound interest rate debt around the world….and the prospect that the U.S is heading in that direction…so stocks to da moon and gold sent down once again to multi-year lows is not necessarily a done deal.

Wow Samb

Posted by Buygold @ 7:27 on June 9, 2019  

But for the grace of God..

Imagine the guilt you would have carried had you taken the shot.

Glad you’re feeling better and have some freedom and back to the business of posting. 🙂

Buygold @ 18;45

Posted by Samb @ 0:20 on June 9, 2019  

Yesterday, was the first day that I could drive my car even on local roads. What a pleasure after nearly a year of being held hostage. A feeling of freedom  came back into my soul ….it’s probably a good thing that I gave up all guns and weapons years ago. What I went thru was so miserable to me that I might have just ended it then and there.  We had an agreement, my very best friend and I. We were in prime bear hunting territory and I had spotted the tracks in a  muddy area. He was to hunt facing my opposite direction…both of us were to hunt in opposite directions..  All alone and with hours ticking away I spotted movement in the brush… silence all around me but, for sure I spotted  this elusive bear, finally. Just keep your cool Sam, safety off now, sights raised and ready for victory. Saw him again but, just barely. Heat of the mid day getting to me now, heart beating but, my prize from patience and days of stalking was finally at hand. Must have been an Angel that restrained me at that moment and I still thank my Creator, over and over. I damn near killed my best friend. He stepped out of the brush, no vest or orange cap… just that mop of black hair. Well I let him have it but, then said nothing more to any of our party. Got back home and ditched it all…guns, ammo, cleaning kits forever. Whoever you are, Angel, I thank you and still am grateful … owe you a debt forever on!

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