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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:38 on June 11, 2019  

Builders really have to be careful building on the base of a mountain or on top of it where it would be prone to that. It moves to fast for people to get out. It’s sad to hear people were killed.
It used to be common in Calif to build houses on a cliff on the beach and they’d go over.
At least have a warning system and get out for awhile. I’m glad your okay but sad for the others.

Alex Valdor @ 16:42

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:36 on June 11, 2019  

Interesting, good points.

Richard 15:14 Jnug maybe

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:24 on June 11, 2019  

Back in mid Dec the charts said 12-14 I posted back to back and it hit in the middle 13. Now it’s saying it will hit 14 again. So many mixed messages in the market right now thanks mostly to the left it would take a brave sole and one who can watch it all the time. That might be me lol just not right now with 100 degree weather and too busy.

We had a landslide here this morning , after several nights of heavy rain

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 21:09 on June 11, 2019  

My wife and I have been on this stretch of road many times , when we had a building lot nearby .
Seven dead as I write this .

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Posted by ipso facto @ 21:00 on June 11, 2019  

Rick’s Pick for Wednesday Buy-the-Dips Bozos Could Romp Till 2023 Tuesday, June 11, 6:30 p.m. ET

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:52 on June 11, 2019  


MSCI World Index put in a TOP

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:27 on June 11, 2019  


Mr. Copper re: FL heat and humidity

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:42 on June 11, 2019  

Even though one can adapt somewhat with time , it is definitely not for everyone , and to live without A/C after a hurricane knocks out electrical power for several days , can be life threatening . After a recent hurricane an assisted living center had a number of fatalities . Legislation now mandates that these facilities have on-site backup power systems .
My income is very limited , so I keep my power bill low by leaving for part of the summer and going to my wife’s home in the Colombian Andes , where year round temperature are such that our home there has neither heating nor A/C . My savings in summer electrical bills pays about half my airfare . I do the same in winter to save on heat pump cost .

Fall and Spring are glorious in my part of FL ( near Daytona ). I keep the doors closed in the morning to trap the night-time cool , then open front and back doors in mid to late afternoon to enjoy the breezes . I have reached an age where I am most comfortable in a room that is between 80 and 83 degrees , but that is not for everyone .

I used to live in ( and was born in ) a part of Ontario , Canada where I have seen -45 F on the window thermometer . That would kill me now !


Posted by Maddog @ 15:30 on June 11, 2019  


RE Shipping China….They’d be begging to go back home to Somalia, within days.

That reminds me of what the Aussies did a while back…they had a load of boat gimmiegrants causeing trouble and moaning about condition in Aussie. So they sent ’em to a camp near Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea and said that is where all new boat gimmiegrants were gonna be processed, from now on.

Well in no time they were complaining to journalists about how horrible the conditions were and that they were having their human rights abused, being locked up ion the camp. So the Aussies said fine u can go out all day and stay out, but u ain’t leaving the Island yet…..within days they were begging to come back in, as a number had disappeared…..the locals are still head hunters and they loved the idea of some different flesh for the pot !!!!!!!

Maybe history’s gonna repeat and gold will rally from a JNUG RSI of 63–from 8 to 13 bucks…but todays rally has stalled…

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:14 on June 11, 2019  

If world mkts roll over tonight and U.S. stocks come in lower tomorrow–with a lower $, then maybe….bu for now this is nothing more than an anemic bounce.

If I’m reading this correctly…the RSI on this chart is 62 as I write—-On January 22nd-2019—the RSI was also 62 and JNUG had a straight up rally from about 8 bucks to 13 bucks…so I guess there is no law graven in stone that a rally can only start or continue from a 30 RSI…


Anybody follow GORO? I don’t–it’s up 12.3% on high volume…

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:06 on June 11, 2019  


That reminds me.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:57 on June 11, 2019  

That Somali who they made a cop only because of PC who would of never been qualified otherwise who shot that Australian woman who was engaged to a American reporting a crime. Wondering ” probably was reporting one of the Somalis” for no reason just got sentenced to prison. It isn’t gonna bring her back though because of their BS PC. I hope her fiancé or family sued the heck out of the state.

Richard 12:42

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:50 on June 11, 2019  

Yep you don’t know how many agree. Back in the 40s 50s early 60s they’d get their asses kicked so bad they’d be afraid to come back out. These days they’d probably arrest the ones that stopped them. Because of it they now sit back and say you deal with it then. They’re doing in in Australia too. Probably Europe along with their rapists and jihadist.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:29 on June 11, 2019  

Thanks for the video. Going to both parks I agreed with most of it but when I could walk fast Disney world is not that bad and you just do one park at a time.
Also Universal has a lot of different food. We went went in a Irish pub had lunch and some guys from Ireland were in there feeling good off the beer. The food was good.
In Disney Epicot they have mini European and all towns and we picked up some sweets in the German part and got something in the French part but you have to have a mindset not to buy too much cuz there things all over the place and then will get forgotten about later less your collecting something.
Now Star Wars is selling some cute things.
Fast pass has changed since I took another grandson about 5 years ago and few years before that In 2005 after a cruise I got in with a friend still holding the tickets from 2000 Disneyworld they said lasted forever and two left. I guess they figured no one would keep them but I did and too some negotiating with management. Now the tickets are on a time limit.
She didn’t mention you can get cheaper tickets if you don’t do the park hopper. You just do one park a day which is enough.
The fast pass changed was free and a machine that spits out tickets to come back. You go one place then comeback saving time. Hope that’s still there.
If you became disabled you’d fast in everything but teenagers blew it for everyone else. They told me that they were renting wheelchairs to get in fast lane in the meantime walking around pushing the chairs. I guess they didn’t know they’re cameras everywhere.
There are disabled kids who needed that.

They also have a light show at night.
It’s like watching a movie in the air.
The Fantasia on Disney side it better as they had real Disney characters and boats. Reserving seats for that was a mistake. It waisted a lot of time and not worth the costs. First you have to go somewhere to get the reserved tickets then you have to go there a hour or so early to pick your seat them then have to coke back for the show. They made it sound like a table with cakes and drinks but instead its chairs in a row and a boxed thing they hand out lol Everybody was complaining so I’d say don’t do it just get there early and find a place to sit.
Then after leave fast before the rest hanging around when the rides reopen and get first in line. The rides stop during the shows.
So they’ll get in early bring snacks drinks for the kids you can get out cool off at the pool then go back. Kids get a hold of those sweets they can get wired or have a sugar let down a while later as insulin releases to get rid of it and they don’t have the sugar storage in the liver so will need to eat again anyways or get sick with low blood sugar and will display with being grouchy or whiny or too tired or worse if all the had and been there for awhile.
They do have reasonable places there though like a barbecue or buffets. Overpriced for kids cuz they usually don’t eat enough to justify 40 dollars for them less they really get a kick out of the characters.
They can also take pictures with them and have them sign a Disney Autograph book.
Also if you buy them Disney a pin they can trade it for other pins from the ones walking around with the pins on them if their in to collecting cuz they are collectible.

MrCopper–yeah, China, has millions of empty apartments…all these latinos coming here spawn, too

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:07 on June 11, 2019  

@Richie, I Thought Shipping Them To China’s Beaches Would Be Best.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:03 on June 11, 2019  

Maddog–Somali gangs forming wolf pack and cleaning out stores–a great contribution to the country

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:42 on June 11, 2019  

I’m tellin ya, a military takeover is needed and mass repatriation back home is needed here and in europe–no ovens like hitler…but no kid gloves either–send em all abck to the middle east and africa…just dump them on the beaches or on their own soil and let them figure out the next move…we ha those. wolf packs here too of black kids in big cities–don’t here much of that any more…

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:23 on June 11, 2019  

Ps I got the early passes so if they open at 8 we can get in at seven grab the fast pass for a ride where you come back in a hour from a machine and get right in then go on another ride then go to that one after and keep doing that till noon.
Then go back to the hotel if they want till the sun starts going down and go back. That way they can eat out of the park any you can also bring food and drinks in a tote or backpack.
I’m going to buy plastic containers for fruit, sandwiches, and snacks and drinks for grandson. But yes a bottle of anything will cost you.
They took down the Forest cafe and was a bit expensive but they still have the Disney characters running around the one in the hotel that has a all you can eat buffet for breakfast and dinner. We might not go there.


Posted by Ororeef @ 12:19 on June 11, 2019  

I went away for an hour and I came back everything turned around..  ya never know !

Alex re Fla

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:16 on June 11, 2019  

I went there twice in my lifetime, east coast in October west coast in June. I almost died when I got out of my airconditioned van. If somebody gave me a free home in Fla, to live in, I would pass on it. I wouldn’t live there for free.

I hate heat and humidity. Its very stifling and depressing for me. If I had my way, I’d leave Long Island every July and August and have a second home in Old Orchid beach Maine near the coast. Indoors with AC on you feel closed in. You can’t go outside and do anything. Then getting in the car?? Holy moly, its a 140+ in there.

But in the winter with the heat on you never feel closed in, and you can go outside and do things. Just put a hat and coat on. 🙂

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:12 on June 11, 2019  

I found that out the hard way in 2000 when I took my youngest to Disneyworld.
They had a lot of things around there though for kids. The humidity in summer was bad. At one outside show if Indiana Jones they had to stop it because of lightening. A place where u need rain coats in summer but feels like it’s raining without the rain.
That had a thing then where your picture could of been etched in this wall that will stay forever. I thought well my great great and on grandkids can see us while there but though I doubt it.
I got four tickets for each park plus four for the other next door Universal studios. Since we didn’t use all the tickets at Disney because she liked to roller coaster side of Universal best so after using the movie side which was pretty cool and played a part a couple times in a earthquake skit getting her in the second one cause she wanted to do it too, I gave her mine for the other side being just old enough and she went there with strict rules and takes to transportation and I went somewhere else.
It was okay because I got to meet people from all over the world and we even switched cigarettes to try them out.

I’m going to the Calif one with a grandson and now both parents who are saying the same thing but the only time I can get off although your right both are hot right now and next month when I’m going but only time I can get off right now.
I got a hotel outside Disney although about the same because Disney included tickets in their cost. It has a water park at this other place for for kids with water sprays and slides to keep them cool. The temperature will be a average of 10 degrees cooler there than here because it’s close to the ocean. For me the beach for them the water park, I’m not that stupid lol

Disneyworld Vs Disneyland…There is a difference explained in the first few seconds of this video

Posted by silverngold @ 12:09 on June 11, 2019  

Mr. Copper

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:45 on June 11, 2019  

Yes , but the heat and humidity make $5 for a Coke in a cup with Mickey Mouse on it seem like a bargain !

goldielocks @ 6:46 re Disneyland

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:26 on June 11, 2019  

I was recently talking to an old friend living in Boca Raton, east coast of Florida. He mentioned feeling very sorry for people that take vacations during the summer and go to Disneyland. Its in Orlando, the middle of the state. Far from any Ocean.

They built Disneyland on very cheep land because its HOT AS HELL down there, and there are long lines too.  Plus its HUMID. Not at all like California’s dry air. You will sweat profusely, and have trouble breathing that heavy humid air.

Even up here in NY near the ocean, if its 65-75 degrees and HUMID?? Its very uncomfortable.  If its a dry front from the north, 65-75 you feel a little chill in the air. Its perfection. We’ve had a lot of those days lately.

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Posted by ipso facto @ 9:57 on June 11, 2019  

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