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Posted by goldielocks @ 13:29 on June 11, 2019  

Thanks for the video. Going to both parks I agreed with most of it but when I could walk fast Disney world is not that bad and you just do one park at a time.
Also Universal has a lot of different food. We went went in a Irish pub had lunch and some guys from Ireland were in there feeling good off the beer. The food was good.
In Disney Epicot they have mini European and all towns and we picked up some sweets in the German part and got something in the French part but you have to have a mindset not to buy too much cuz there things all over the place and then will get forgotten about later less your collecting something.
Now Star Wars is selling some cute things.
Fast pass has changed since I took another grandson about 5 years ago and few years before that In 2005 after a cruise I got in with a friend still holding the tickets from 2000 Disneyworld they said lasted forever and two left. I guess they figured no one would keep them but I did and too some negotiating with management. Now the tickets are on a time limit.
She didn’t mention you can get cheaper tickets if you don’t do the park hopper. You just do one park a day which is enough.
The fast pass changed was free and a machine that spits out tickets to come back. You go one place then comeback saving time. Hope that’s still there.
If you became disabled you’d fast in everything but teenagers blew it for everyone else. They told me that they were renting wheelchairs to get in fast lane in the meantime walking around pushing the chairs. I guess they didn’t know they’re cameras everywhere.
There are disabled kids who needed that.

They also have a light show at night.
It’s like watching a movie in the air.
The Fantasia on Disney side it better as they had real Disney characters and boats. Reserving seats for that was a mistake. It waisted a lot of time and not worth the costs. First you have to go somewhere to get the reserved tickets then you have to go there a hour or so early to pick your seat them then have to coke back for the show. They made it sound like a table with cakes and drinks but instead its chairs in a row and a boxed thing they hand out lol Everybody was complaining so I’d say don’t do it just get there early and find a place to sit.
Then after leave fast before the rest hanging around when the rides reopen and get first in line. The rides stop during the shows.
So they’ll get in early bring snacks drinks for the kids you can get out cool off at the pool then go back. Kids get a hold of those sweets they can get wired or have a sugar let down a while later as insulin releases to get rid of it and they don’t have the sugar storage in the liver so will need to eat again anyways or get sick with low blood sugar and will display with being grouchy or whiny or too tired or worse if all the had and been there for awhile.
They do have reasonable places there though like a barbecue or buffets. Overpriced for kids cuz they usually don’t eat enough to justify 40 dollars for them less they really get a kick out of the characters.
They can also take pictures with them and have them sign a Disney Autograph book.
Also if you buy them Disney a pin they can trade it for other pins from the ones walking around with the pins on them if their in to collecting cuz they are collectible.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.