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A step in the right direction

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:14 on June 23, 2019  

In “Stunning Blow” To Erdogan, Opposition Candidate Takes Istanbul By Huge Margin


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 20:34 on June 23, 2019  


Monday is here, and we’re climbing a mountain of worry… like…

Mountainous central Greece,
Difficult terrain for a train…
a rock-shed along the face of a cliff,
a bridge across a gorge, and
a tunnel into the rock.


Not exploding but trying to mover higher tonight – we’ll see what London and tomorrow brings

Posted by Buygold @ 20:17 on June 23, 2019  
GOLD 06/23/2019 20:14 1407.70 1408.70



1399.00 1410.80
SILVER 06/23/2019 20:14 15.41 15.51



15.23 15.51

Gold up 9.40 bucks–was up 14–I’m not dancing a jig, though-did that Thursday nite

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:16 on June 23, 2019  

I.  think. it would have been better to open flat to down 3 or. 4…then slowly come back and be up in. the morning…bull markets always open down [doubters sell and worry overnight] then the buyers come in…but hey! I’ll take it…what am I, Jeshurun?

“But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked: you are waxen fat, you are grown thick, you are covered with fatness; then he forsook God which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation.” [Deuteronomy 32:15 ]

R640…just relax…it’s out of your hands anyway…gold now up 10.40…what’s not to like? 8:12. pm

Now. if  we. can just get thru the 9am to 10 am. hour. with. out a crimex contrtact dump…

Somebody up there likes my MUX

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:46 on June 23, 2019  

Analyst Disclosure

Rating:5–StrongBuy 4–Buy 3–Hold 2–Sell 1–StrongSell

Company Name

Trading Symbol


Disclosure Code


Barrick Gold










McEwen Mines





“No one has granted them a hunting license in the Middle East,” Bolton said about Iran

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:34 on June 23, 2019  

Just cause Trump didn’t respond with force doesn’t mean the Iran issue is resolved-and will still be one of the factors supporting gold


The IDF has stepped up its preparedness in light of the increased tension in the Gulf, Channel 12 reported on Sunday.

Despite the the last minute decision, according to reports, by US President Donald Trump to cancel strikes on Iran and despite the seeming containment in the region, Israel is still concerned that Iran may attempt an attack on Israel, the report said.

According to the report, the army has undergone numerous changes and updates in order to prepare for an attack by Tehran or from one of its proxies in Gaza, Syria or Lebanon.

On Sunday, US National Security Advisor John Bolton met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that Iran should not mistake US “prudence and discretion for weakness.”

“No one has granted them a hunting license in the Middle East,” Bolton said about Iran. “Our military is rebuilt, new and ready to go – by far the best in the world.”

I like it…I like it…keep talking…tell me the whole story…I want to believe…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:22 on June 23, 2019  

Ascending Bullish Triangle, which confirms a powerful wave 3-up of 3-up move is starting in gold. Wave threes are usually dynamic



Gold busted out sharply higher this past week predictably after finishing its Bullish Cup and Handle pattern we were showing in development for months. Let’s take a look.

The first pattern we show is an Ascending Bullish Triangle.

While Gold may soon be completing the fifth small subwave of its first larger degree subwave of 3-up, with a corrective decline coming once it finishes, the upside price target from several patterns we are watching is the 1,600 to 1,650ish area. Mining stocks also popped sharply higher as it started wave 3-up. These moves came after our HUI key trend-finder indicators triggered new Buy signals May 31st, and remain on Buys this weekend.

We are seeing positive charts for gold, with several different patterns and wave mappings confirming the Bullish case. They all have an upside price target for gold of 1,600 to 1,650ish over the coming months.

Below we see an Elliott Wave mapping chart that breaks down the moves for this Ascending Bullish Triangle, which confirms a powerful wave 3-up of 3-up move is starting in gold. Wave threes are usually dynamic.



[for the rest go here]

Old Germans get the SHAKES before the end…

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:12 on June 23, 2019  

Gold may drop tonite and this week but it won’t be because Trump didn’t make a forceful response to Iran

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:53 on June 23, 2019  

All the “problems” are the same…nothing has gotten better over the weekend.

The military-industrial complex and the harsh reality in Iran

In this economic situation that offers no escape, the immediate geopolitical effect is a surge of war threats in strategic locations like the Persian Gulf. The risk of a war of aggression against Iran by the Saudi-Israeli-US axis would have little chance of success, but it would probably succeed in permanently devastating the global economy as a result of a surge in oil prices
The German bank alone has assets worth about 40 trillion dollars in derivatives, or more than half of annual global GDP.
Their solution, not at all innovative or effective, has been to create yet another bad bank into which to pour at least 50 billion dollars of long-term assets, which are clearly toxic.
Tensions in the Persian Gulf are reaching a point of no return


Posted by Moggy @ 16:42 on June 23, 2019  

I had already watched it.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t back up his comments with facts and my Mercury in Gemini requires logic, not feelings.

Not that I disagree with him, as a high degree of intuition informed me to stay away from crypto currencies when they first appeared.  And I find it beyond interesting that Faceborg christened their little beast Libra…it is the zodiacal sign of open enemies on the physical plane and the sign of Judgment in the spiritual realm.  Know that the starry symbolism of the Libra Scales reveals the use of evil.

So it isn’t that JustusKnight is wrong, only that he presents a poor case.

Thanks for trying to help.

another piece of puzzle,funny how it all fits together!

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:30 on June 23, 2019  


The Corbett Report: The 5G Dragnet…..UNFREEKINBELIEVABLE if they put this in.

Posted by silverngold @ 14:16 on June 23, 2019  


Moggy, try this

Posted by silverngold @ 14:11 on June 23, 2019  

Excellent interview with Kevin Shipp this morning !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:11 on June 23, 2019  

DC is rotten to the core .
PM’s even came up briefly …

Global Espionage Attack on Trump Worst in History – Kevin Shipp

Alex Valdor

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:05 on June 23, 2019  


In the next life Julian will be going one way and Hillary (and her friends) will be going another.


Captain Hook – If Assange deserves 175 years then Hillary deserves 3000 years

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:00 on June 23, 2019  

Assange’s disclosures did not result in deaths of agents in the field .
Hillary’s laxness did .


Posted by Moggy @ 13:37 on June 23, 2019  

Well, I listened to the 4:48 mark on the THI thing and all I heard was music.  What gives?


Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:31 on June 23, 2019  

Looks like they intend to crucify him.

Like I say, the parallels are profound.

He’s not perfect, but neither was Jesus.


From a trader friend about. shorting treasuries:

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:25 on June 23, 2019  

There are rare times when it’s OK to fight the Fed and fight the tape.  Careful-!

A Florida man’s trial for burglary was delayed after he allegedly attempted to throw feces at the judge and missed.

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:05 on June 23, 2019  


Court: Man on Trial for Burglary Throws Feces at Judge, Misses

Dorleans Philidor

Miami-Dade Corrections

22 Jun 20191,384


Dorleans Philidor, 33, was sitting in a wheelchair in the courtroom before closing arguments on Friday when he “cast feces” in the direction of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh and missed, the Miami Herald reported.

County law enforcement officers and corrections officers swarmed the scene while lawyers ran away from the commotion.

“It’s protein! It’s good for you!” Philidor yelled, according to witnesses.

Cleaning staff sanitized the courtroom before the trial was allowed to proceed. None of the jurors witnessed the incident.

Miami-Dade Circuit Court spokeswoman Eunice Sigler told the Associated Press Philidor defecated on himself while imprisoned in a holding cell Thursday.

Jurors then deliberated on Friday afternoon in a separate area for an hour before finding Philidor not guilty of the burglary charge against him. But despite the thumbs up from the jury, Philidor will not be leaving jail anytime soon.

Philidor is facing another trial for a grand theft auto charge, and it is unclear whether he will face charges for throwing feces in the courtroom.


(I bet the judge will now give him turdy years to life.)



    Captain Hook @ 11:11 on June 23, 2019 FREE ASSANGE !

    Posted by Ororeef @ 12:35 on June 23, 2019  

    His betrayal by Ecuador for “SHEKELS”   in LOANS from IMF  ..

    SHAME on you Ecuador !  YOU sold him out just like they did JESUS  …..

    same tmv short treas TDAMER chart shows high and New LO..(4 year chart)

    Posted by Ororeef @ 12:18 on June 23, 2019  


    Richard640 @ 6:01 on June 23, 2019 …looks like it to me…! Time to short treasurys ..the Dollar …buy Gold ?

    Posted by Ororeef @ 11:58 on June 23, 2019  


    Is Julian Assange a modern day Christ?

    Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:11 on June 23, 2019  

    The long vaunted ‘second coming’ to bestow judgement.


    He certainly looks the part in key respects.

    Most importantly as a corrupt empire passes judgement on him, it too is judged.

    It appears God and Gold may soon make a comeback.

    God help Julian Assange

    FYI: Got Gold?

    Posted by silverngold @ 10:41 on June 23, 2019  

    Facebook Libra & Cryptocurrencies Are a Trap: Do Not Participate! Make This Viral

    Don’t allow the El-ite criminals to wow you with their fancy double-speak manifesto for the Facebook Libra or any cryptocurrency. Bitcoin—any digital currency, blockchain, open source—would be the end of Humanity.

    We have to get the truth out about this plot immediately. It’s not the answer to our prayers—no matter who sings its praises. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing running around misinforming the alternative news community.

    “Digital wallets” sound wonderful, but when you learn the truth about this financial system created by the CIA, NSA, GCHQ, etc. you won’t want anything to do with it.

    Many of us understand how the globalists have mislead us in the past and misrepresented things only to trap us. There is no honour in their community or in their intent. Everything they do they do for their own benefit—NEVER ours.

    They masquerade as Truthers and benevolent members of the alternative news community when they are the grim reapers.

    Can you see the “666” in the image above? Do you see the “13” for the thirteen bloodline families and other symbology? How about the skull in the one below? I understand that is a super-high magnification of the back of a Bitcoin that popped up when I wasn’t looking for it.

    As Thomas points out—why call it CRYPT-o-currency? What’s a crypt? Thomas explains more about that in the show. There are no accidents, folks.

    Thomas Williams did a special show tonight to alert us to this last desperate tactic by the dark to stay in control. The good news is that we are now in the cleanup phase of this war; the final countdown, but we have to work together to dismantle the last of the vast,evil web set out to ensnare us. We must all be on the same page and not doing and undoing. Focus is required, and we have the accurate intelligence we need to understand the situation.

    Thomas spells it out in great detail in the following audio. When he uploads the video to YouTube I will add that below. He connects more dots than you ever knew could be connected.

    The banksters launched the Libra system last week but they do not have the funds to run it beyond the test phase. They have had all their slush funds and bank access cut off by Kim, Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust. They are desperate, and will con The People into loading their money into the Libra system to fund it.

    Thomas explains what happens down the road, and indeed, what has already happened in Canada, in case you hadn’t heard. People whose funds were in the Quadriga system are SOL because the $145M in cryptocurrencies was placed in “cold wallets” by Gerald Cotton the CEO and founder of the company and he up and died of Chrone’s disease while traveling in India and no one admits to have access to the money. (crypt + cold wallets—you can’t make this up.)

    People who invite a cashless society because they buy into the flowery language and like the “secure” aspect touted or the “convenience” may soon find themselves cut off from everything they hold dear with the flip of a switch.

    AND, once your digital wallet is set up, the NSA etc. will be loading ALL your personal data including a voice file (for those who bought into the Amazon Alexa toy) and then have a complete digital version of you—all they need for cloning—and when they have a clone, who needs you? They can replicate you a thousand times over. You’re expendable.

    There’s far more to it as you will discover in the audio and I thank Thomas for going to the effort of researching and preparing for the show and Kim for far more than we can ever adequately thank her.

    Please do your part to help us eviscerate the cabal once and for all. Help protect unsuspecting people by sharing this information. When we all understand the motives behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain, opensource and a one world currency, we wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole. They would mean certain disaster for Humanity.

    Another macro look at the reverse side of the 2018 Bitcoin shows images of piracy; bony fingers grabbing your money away from you. Coincidence?

    Money isn’t everything, not by a long shot, but with cash we have full control; without it, we could be signing our life away and it could get very ugly. We have to stop this underhanded, evil attempt to destroy us in its tracks. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

    Listen ASAP to this fascinating intelligence briefing from a man who has been in the trenches a long time and was lucky enough to survive multiple attempts to take him out.

    As Thomas reminds us at the end of the show—no fear. We have won, but the mopping up is important as well as how we deal with these despicable people left roaming the planet without a moral compass, motivated only by greed and a false sense of superiority.

    I would boycott the ‘Dimensions of Disclosure’ event in Ventura, California in August until a few select imposters are removed from the roster. They don’t deserve a red cent.  ~ BP

    THI Special “Clowns in panic” 6/22/19

    Do some research. Here’s more.

    ONE WORLD BEAST CURRENCY!! 666 Seconds You Can’t Afford To Miss!

    FacebookCoin is a Trojan Horse of Corporate Oligarchy

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