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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:58 on June 25, 2019  


Gold Train leaving Silverton.



Posted by Captain Hook @ 23:05 on June 25, 2019  

You are thinking of bitcoin. And it will be 15k not a measly $1500.


Classic scum, no rallies allowed attack ongoing for last 5 hrs

Posted by Maddog @ 22:55 on June 25, 2019  

They can smell sub $1400.

Maddog…wait till morning…gold will be screaming to the upside

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:10 on June 25, 2019  

It’ll be over $1500 by the close Friday…or Sunday. nite after the disappointment over the G-20 meeting.

Silver is only down 2 cents–signaling. that both will. be up nicely ere the. cock crows

The cock, that is the trumpet to the morn,

Doth with his lofty and shrill-sounding throat

Awake the god of day; and, at his warning…

this was on facebook of all places!

Posted by treefrog @ 21:17 on June 25, 2019  

maybe the message is finally getting out onto the street.



Posted by Buygold @ 20:54 on June 25, 2019  

I wonder how many billions they made in order to have to pay that whopping $25 million fine that will probably never even be paid?

What a disgusting system.

Well… DUH!

Posted by Maya @ 19:55 on June 25, 2019  

Merrill Lynch Caught Criminally Manipulating Precious Metals Market “Thousands Of Times” Over 6 Years


Oil pops 80 cents and has a bull flag break out……Gold drops $ 4.00…go figure

Posted by Maddog @ 18:33 on June 25, 2019  

I never understood fractals-but I love this guys conclusion-if any one can explain it, please do

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:27 on June 25, 2019  

After This Confirmation Gold Prices Will Rise Fast

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Hubert Moolman

A while ago, I wrote about a coming confirmation of the multi-year gold bull market. It has taken longer than expected, but that signal has now arrived, and the bull is very much confirmed.

Here is a gold chart indicating that very important signal

I have marked two fractals (patterns) 1 to 5, to show how they might be similar. I have also marked the point where interest rates peaked (in 1981), and where they probably bottomed (in 2016).

The interest rate conditions in which these patterns occur are key to why there are such different outcomes between the two. Once interest rates had bottomed, there were always going be extremely favourable conditions for a gold bull market (read more here).

If the comparison with the 1980s pattern is justified, and the current pattern continues in a similar fashion, then gold will continue in a long bear market. However, as expected, this was not the case since the patterns have now diverged.

The breakout at the top red line (the high at point 5 – $1 375) almost certainly signals or confirms the bull market. This is a divergence from the 1980s pattern, and indicates that prices will rise really fast from hereon. (because when dealing with fractals, the biggest price movements occur when two fractals diverge – a breakout at the top red line is a sure divergence).


Sounds good to me…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:19 on June 25, 2019  

David Sneddon, global head of technical analysis at Credit Suisse, told clients this week that gold could retest a $1,921 record high with a “significant and long-lasting rally.”

Morgan Stanley commodity strategist, Susan Bates, said gold is the firm’s No. 1 commodity pick thanks to uncertain macroeconomic outlook, falling rates and a bearish U.S. dollar outlook.

The upward gold price action over the past many weeks has been the most aggressive as ever in history over an extended period of time.

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:09 on June 25, 2019  

Good stuff from Murph tonight=

(After dealing with a comatose gold market for so many days, weeks, months and years, last night was a hoot. The gold price soared to $1438 before being rejected. That rejection took gold back down to $1420, but, as has been the case of late, that dip was bought … and it has recovered to $1428 after an hour of trading on the Comex this morning. In other words, despite a major correction, gold is now up 1% on the day.)

Monday night thoughts:

The gold/silver market commentary among a number of the widely followed pundits is split into two camps … one is that a major league correction is coming, afflicted by the central banks, and the other is to ignore the traditional technicals because of what is going on.

In almost none of this commentary does it talk about the rigging of the gold/silver markets by The Gold Cartel, which represents the richest and most powerful people in the world, that is the KEY issue of the precious metals markets.

The gold price action has been the most aggressively bullish on a multi-week basis as seen here over a two decade period, and that is after scrutinizing the daily market action very closely that entire time. Either of the two main theories of what is coming could be right on the money, but the big picture has changed to an epic degree.

Gold has made its move in relentless fashion over the last month for one simple reason, The Gold Cartel has run out of ENOUGH physical supply to meet surging demand. If they had not, they would have prevented the gold price from taking out one of the most bullish technical bases imaginable, one that would attract ALL kinds of new buyers. Look at what the gold price has done since that base was taken out!

Now what?…

*The gold breakout has captured the attention of big league money all over the world who want in. Ironically, this gold surge has not been reflected via the action of the US investor, of which the gold sentiment remains abysmal.

*Not for nothing, the Café Sentiment Indicator is as low as it has been in 21 years, meaning that despite this big time impressive rally in the gold price, there is little investor interest in the gold/silver markets in the US. THAT is VERY Bullish!

*Demand for gold in all forms has gone bonkers throughout the world and the bums have been unable so far to meet that demand for physical.

*The upward gold price action over the past many weeks has been the most aggressive as ever in history over an extended period of time.

*Food for thought…

My friend Dave Krantzler, who is as smart as they come, mentioned the following in his latest commentary at The Little Bear Table:

“Furthermore, if I’m wrong about an imminent price attack to take the price of gold lower, it means that the Central Banks/bullion banks have lost control of the market – at least for the time being – and the market is experiencing Bill “Midas” Murphy’s “commercial signal failure.” If this turns out to be the case, and it is ultimately an inevitability, strap in for some fun if you own physical gold, silver and mining stocks.”


Buygold-P.S.–I think a slide in stocks will be supportive of gold

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:49 on June 25, 2019  

The 10 yr t-note was up 12/64ths…so rates lower…that’s also supportive…as long as the $ doesn’t come in with a huge gain we should be OK–I’m lovin todays action…it was just right like Little Bears Porridge…

Buygold=BOOYAH!! I too am worried about the buck tomorrow–it’s up .188 now and gold is still UP-see my post

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:43 on June 25, 2019  

Ya know why it wasn’t such a bad day?  Cause buyers swooped in and bought the lows…remember just. a few weeks ago, on a down day, everything closed dead on the lows?

JNUG=closed 81 cents off the low
CDE=16 cents off the low
MUC=9 cents off the low and closed UP 2 cent on the high
NGD [smelly ole]=8 cent off the low and a spectacular day—up 11.71% on 3.5 times the avg. daily volume…something’s cookin?—who keeps buying and a timely Rambus pick!
Crimex gold is 11.50 off the low…but $16 off the high
Gold got slammed at 2am—before the dollar went positive—we. know what. that was all about…but if the dollar comes in in the morning with a big gain that may be the pretext to really slam gold—it’s up .188 now—so gold. has kinda bucked the $ today—if it. can tomorrow that would be. very good confirmation of the bull…not that we need it…

I was flat on the day

Posted by Buygold @ 16:23 on June 25, 2019  

if that’s as bad as it gets for awhile, I’m one happy camper.

We’ll have to see what they have in store for the USD and Rates tomorrow and I guess to a lesser extent the SM, those seem to be the main drivers of the pm’s and shares at the moment.

No doubt we’ve been overbought and ready for a pullback, just not sure how deep that gets.


The General gets flash crashed on the close….

Posted by Maddog @ 16:05 on June 25, 2019  

They are so blatant in their desperation.

@Richie Copy, It’s About Time, We Deserve a Break.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:00 on June 25, 2019  

In fact, I think its finally out turn, and we all deserve to make a killing on this new wave up.  Its been a rough annoying ride climbing out of that Dec 2015 $1060 hole. Gad.

Not such a bad day…JNUG has had almost a 3 buck range today–all around nice bounces off

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:11 on June 25, 2019  

the lows…comex gold’s a stallion…about 1:30 I saw if briefly down 40 cents for a few minutes…i went in the other room for ten minutes-when I came back gold was back up 9.50…so I guess about 1:30 was the low for gold…

Today couldn’t be better…c’mon, every day can’t be Christmas…and ya gotta work off the overbought condition…if this is the worst we have to endure, i’ll take it…


Gold’s sstill up 10.60—BOOYAH-!


Posted by Maddog @ 14:50 on June 25, 2019  

I can see that it was all getting too much for them,, but I wonder if Trump realises that the Dollar is always being bid by the Fed…..anyway so far both the Dollar and Gold have just fallen in 3 waves…so we may yet start another rally soon, if we haven’t already started it.

The General is back to Unch !!!


Posted by Maddog @ 14:45 on June 25, 2019  

Hi There…tks…but she ain’t in the Fed and never was part of the decision process.


50bp cut

Posted by joebob @ 14:01 on June 25, 2019  

danielle demartino booth mentioned 50bp cut in recent interview


Posted by Buygold @ 13:50 on June 25, 2019  

One of our Fed head liars named Bullard came out and said no way the Fed would cut 50 bps in July, so the Dollar rallied and the stock market and pm’s sold off. Obviously algo driven. For sure the banksters needed to cover a few pm shorts so they got some help from their friends at the Fed.

Now I don’t know who in the hell was ever talking about the Fed cutting 50 bps in July in the first place – 25 maybe – but certainly not 50. Just another form of manipulation.

Anyhoo, the dollar is coming back down and things are stabilizing, but the damage for the day has been done.


Posted by Maddog @ 13:33 on June 25, 2019  

The SM is getting a bit beaten up….so PM’s must be pulverised…..It’s the same ol’e, same ole, just bigger swings. T

As soon as Europe went home, the bombing started in PM’s, which was signaled by the weakness in GDX from the get go….So far Earle has said no way……quite right too, so there is less than zero reason to dump PM’s here…other than scum activity.

“Get long wheelbarrows” LOL

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:29 on June 25, 2019  

“Empty Shelves & Massive Job Cuts” Loom As Zimbabwe Abandons USDollar… Again

After a decade of dollarization to escape from the hyperinflationary hell of Mugabe’s money-printing, Zimbabwe has implicitly re-introduced the ZimDollar as the nation’s sole legal tender – banning the use of currencies such as the USDollar and South African Rand in favor of its so-called RTGS dollar.



Posted by treefrog @ 13:28 on June 25, 2019  

They just spiked the Dollar hard

Posted by Buygold @ 13:07 on June 25, 2019  

I guess we had to pull back at some point.

Not sure we can come back from this today. NUGT is getting crushed.

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