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Samb–Thanks-I do take your warning seriously–actually gold has already been stopped for 3+ weeks

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:59 on July 31, 2019  

I only. have one position now-I will not let a profit turn into a loss…gotta see what the a.m. brings but if no good then I will be out on the mkt open and bide my time.

Mr Copper 19:41

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:25 on July 31, 2019  

Maybe that’s what the fed was trying to do is bring the dollar down but didn’t work, yet anyways. Im not seeing the strong dollar at the store or in Calif anything. I’m wondering now or have been for a few weeks if gold gonna even make it to 1500 and still stand by dollar hedge but guarded now. That’s something to be seen after this summer lows.

Eeos..if these astronauts are falling off La Plata I wouldn’t have a chance

Posted by overton @ 21:50 on July 31, 2019  

Retired NASA astronaut rescued after falling 500 feet on Colorado 14er

Bill Merridian put this out last Friday

Posted by overton @ 21:44 on July 31, 2019  

he said if gold is in a bull market then the cycle low will be between Aug-6-8….he’s not astro shy

25 minutes in



Dollar rippin’ again tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 20:56 on July 31, 2019  

PM’s gettin’ spanked. It’s early but it appears Powell screwed the pooch.

Gold VIX also sez buy ME !

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:43 on July 31, 2019  


The $VIX and TVIX

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:23 on July 31, 2019  

are sayin “BUY ME “!

The least the fed should do

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:59 on July 31, 2019  

with the strong dollar is buy back its debt….buy sheep ,sell deer  ….

Now the Feds got its DATA !

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:52 on July 31, 2019  

It created it …

Well gee, who would’ve thought? Oh wait…

Posted by Buygold @ 19:43 on July 31, 2019  

Trump Slams Fed After Market Meltdown: “As Usual, Powell Let Us Down”


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:41 on July 31, 2019  

The whole system is artificial, and TPTB seem to be day trading the situation. And look at the dim wit dollar, compared to all the others. They all just want to keep robbing us. The over valued high dollar has to be over riding or dulling the phony tariffs. It seems like the USA and Japan are considered “well off” (by the invisible central global planners) and we can afford to lose. This country I think is running on hype.


Reality: The best you can hope for now is that we have:

Posted by Samb @ 19:31 on July 31, 2019  
  • a very short Int. down cycle…say 5 or 6 weeks. That could happen but, don’t bet on it. I use weekly cycles and the week is not up yet….miracles do happen but, again please don’t bet on it. On Monday I said that this cycle was in trouble…at least take partial profits. We needed a DRAMATIC up turn and instead we got the opposite. It’s not Friday nite but, for gosh sakes this upcycle is over. Longer term we have a confirmed Bull.   Dec 15, 16, 17. 18 all higher lows…what was missing was a higher Int. high from July 2016 @ $Gold 1377.  Now we have that missing piece just put to bed. Still get out of the way until this new down cycle exhausts itself. Good Luck to All…For now just keep yourself relaxed with finger off the trigger.

Something’s got to slow the Dollar down

Posted by Buygold @ 19:24 on July 31, 2019  

Really, given the performance of the USD, gold has done really well for the last month or two.



Posted by ipso facto @ 19:09 on July 31, 2019  

Sometimes discretion is …

Posted by Maya @ 18:51 on July 31, 2019  




Posted by redneckokie1 @ 18:07 on July 31, 2019  

I think it might be a little early to jump back in but it bears watching very closely. Some of the stock market indexes are beginning to look soft. Be ready.


Football season is getting close – same old Lucy !!

Posted by Floridagold @ 17:38 on July 31, 2019  


From Murph tonight=this says it all…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:33 on July 31, 2019  

James Mc—

While the Fed blather will be portrayed as somehow significant for the metals it is in reality a sh*t show of meaningless drivel designed to distract and obfuscate gold’s real value. A rate cut merely takes CTRL-P from Defcon 5.0 to Defcon 5.1. The alarming deficit spending and uncontrolled debt have been there for decades. Without suppression gold would have long ago risen to the occasion. A rate cut, however inflationary it might be, is insignificant in the scheme of gold’s true value.

IPSO–I always. did like bushy things…yeah, they want in so they conduct this pullback…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:00 on July 31, 2019  


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:56 on July 31, 2019  

The Fed is in a box … the Cool Hand Luke Punishment Box! 🙂

Shakin the bush boss shakin the bush

Ipso–very possible…I was thinking the same…

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:52 on July 31, 2019  

From a ZH reader and my thoughts too=

Nothing to worry about. Mr. Powellful and other FED members are already preparing speeches for tonight and tomorrow morning about further easing and rate cuts and the Markets will respond in kind and shoot up to start August with a Bang and then end the week in positive territory.

PONZI PUMPERS=Tomorrow there will be a parade of Fed ponzi pumpers out to “correct” the message so that the ponzi goes back up.

Time for stocks to keep declining until the Fed waves the white flag

He said pretty clearly to expect one more cut. How could he know that right now?  Maybe he really is Trump’s marionette? His talking points to justify the cut were particularly weak, so maybe that really is the explanation.

The Fed cannot raise rates above 2.25%.  All this bickering between Trump and Powell is distraction from having to admit the stock market would detonate if rates were raised one more time.  The entire rally from Dec 26th was predicated on the Fed doing exactly what it did today, Powell drastically changed his tune back in Dec to save the markets.  We’ll never see rates above 2.25% again.

What a bad joke. Total manipulation. If you think this is normal market action in gold you have bumped your head.

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:43 on July 31, 2019  

The only thing this rate cut means to gold is that the Fed is on a loosening course along with the rest of the world. Gold should be flying.

Watch the Eastern world bid gold back up tonight.

Buygold–Ok–Ok…I think I got it…The PPTs plan…

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:33 on July 31, 2019  

The FED/PPT/Wall st does not like. this gold rally–they are going on. a “dialogue offensive”  to the. effect that the FED “really isn’t dovish”…which is preposterous…but watch for it in the coming days…the next “event” for gold is. the jobs report…a somewhat weakish number is overdue..

The whole predicate for this measly 13% gold rally-[Bitcoin up 100% and no one says Boo!]…was the FED shift to dovish…so Powell said the FED’ll be “data dependent”–OOGAH!  So now the FED is back to hawkish? It’s all so ludicrous…basically nothing has changed…the 172 reasons to own gold are still valid…the Greek 10 yr note is still the same yield as the U.S. 10 yr….the world is drowning in debt…no. rate hikes here for the foreseeable future…we’ll just have to play this farce out

I can’t believe the HUI is down 11 pts…Jeez!  That drop nullifies. the argument. that. gold buyers are too. bullish…if. they stampede out like. that, then gold has NO. sentiment problem…I admit to being shaken when I. came home and saw the HUI down 11…

Plunge Protection

Posted by Buygold @ 15:33 on July 31, 2019  

stepping in to force the shorts to cover into the close.

We need some of that PPT in pm’s.

Looks like Powell totally botched the presser. Trump will be all over him tomorrow.

Mr copper–it was down 400–but everything. is fast moving including G&S-I just saw G down 8 and silver down

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:10 on July 31, 2019  

10 just for a few seconds–all this in tune with Powells utterances…

THE DOLLAR INDEX IS UP .550 JUST 10.30– that is impressive–that’s just yesterdays gains…

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