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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:25 on July 10, 2019  


Big Boy is loose again and heading
into the midwest.



Posted by deer79 @ 20:23 on July 10, 2019  

GPL story:






Bad Lip Read

Posted by commish @ 18:50 on July 10, 2019  

Looking decent in the AH

Posted by Buygold @ 18:36 on July 10, 2019  

we’ll see what they do to us in London but they’ve tried to shut us down at $1420 before, let’s see if they do it again tonight.

These shares have a lot of room to run if the scum steps out of the way for a change.

Deer79, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 17:25 on July 10, 2019  

Deer79 – still haven’t seen any announcements on GPL, but some kind of financing or dilution wouldn’t surprise. That should be a $2 stock.

Maddog – they had to hold down NEM today otherwise the HUI would have blown right through 200. Looks like they’ll only allow small creeping moves to keep the momentum player from hopping on the train.

Sure feels like a big run might finally be coming but the shares are just lagging at the moment. JMHO

R6 – MUX

Posted by Buygold @ 17:08 on July 10, 2019  

That stock has been my favorite stock and most hated stock at the same time.

Performance has been absolutely horrible the last several years. In the past it’s been one of the leading juniors when pm’s have gotten hot, but not so much anymore…

We’ll see what happens this time if gold gets hot.

HUI closed above 200, let hope that portends a strong move ahead.

Wot the heck’s goin on…my noggin’s exploding…Gloria a Dios-!

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:00 on July 10, 2019  

McEwen Mining Inc (MUX:NYSE)

Real Time Quote | Last NASDAQ LS, VOL From CTA | USD
Extended Hours | 4:43:59 PM EDT
+ 0.06 (+3.53%)
Updated: July 10, 2019,4:59 pm — 4:59 pm

WOW! A great close for the PM stocks/ETFs–all closing on new highs for the day on high volume!

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:15 on July 10, 2019  

Even smelly ole NGD   was up 9.81% on double the avg. daily volume…and. even  nasty ole MUX came alive today!


1.0700+0.095 (+9.81%)

At close: 3:59PM EDT
NGD–Real Time Quote Last NYSE Arca, VOL From CTA | USD
Extended Hours | 4:45:31 PM EDT


+ 0.03 (+2.80%)
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$—looks like NGD has drawn investors attention, finally…getting a little sponsorship…

Good action

Posted by Maddog @ 16:03 on July 10, 2019  

except the scum sat on NEM all day, to ‘calm’ the HUI/GDX down.

3:50 pm–gold just made a new days high–nice way to close the day

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:52 on July 10, 2019  

Buygold: GPL

Posted by deer79 @ 15:52 on July 10, 2019  

Im Long a lot of this pig as well. Thought I saw they’re doing another secondary offering. I apologize that I don’t have details….

Buygold-I think there was something in the FED minutes at 2pm that moved gold to a new high for the day

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:00 on July 10, 2019  

The. SCUM tried to knock gold down from that high…but as I write they only have managed a 2 buck drop–I agree with. you that I think we’ve “made our day”…we can bank it…then see what the Filth have in store overnight…I still am concerned that gold can’t have a $25+ up day…and silver is still a worry…but. hey! we’re not watching paint dry on. the wall. at. 1320 gold for. months on end…so thank Vishnu for what we have at least!

Greasing the skids

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:19 on July 10, 2019  

California becomes first state in the country to provide health benefits for immigrants in country illegally


Nice little $4 jump in gold and $.04 in silver

Posted by Buygold @ 14:12 on July 10, 2019  

since the Crimex closed.

USD drifting lower still

HUI half a point away from 200, I think we break it today – maybe.

Geesh – two of my silver favorites are getting smashed and blowing the day

Posted by Buygold @ 13:42 on July 10, 2019  

GPL – No news that I can see but heavy volume

EXK – but, but, but good news is on the way….eventually…heavy volume as well. Shit, shit, shit

Endeavour Silver Produces 1,059,322 oz Silver and 9,558 oz Gold (1.8 Million oz Silver Equivalents) in the Second Quarter, 2019

6:50 am ET July 10, 2019 (Globe Newswire) Print
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR, NYSE: EXK) reports its production results for the Second Quarter, 2019 from the Company’s four silver-gold mines in Mexico: the Guanacevi mine in Durango state, the Bolanitos and El Cubo mines in Guanajuato state and the El Compas mine in Zacatecas state.

Silver production in the Second Quarter, 2019 was 1,059,322 ounces (oz) and gold production was 9,558 oz, resulting in silver equivalent production of 1.8 million oz at an 80:1 silver-gold ratio. The 22% lower silver production and 30% lower gold production compared to Q2, 2018 were due to the planned reduction of mine output at El Cubo and lower throughput and grades at Bolanitos, partly offset by higher production from Guanacevi and initial commercial production from El Compas.

Bradford Cooke, Endeavour CEO, commented, “After a challenging first quarter, we initiated multiple measures in the second quarter to improve the operating and financial performance at each mine. As a result, we saw increases in mine and plant throughput, silver and gold grades and recoveries at El Compas and both grades and recoveries at Guanacevi. We expect tonnes and grades at Guanacevi and grades at El Compas to continue to rise towards plan in Q3. El Cubo’s operating performance was in line with plan in Q2 and the mine is expected to continue on target in Q3. Bolanitos operated well below plan in Q2 however the measures implemented there should have a positive impact on its operating performance in H2, 2019.”

“During the second quarter, we reported positive drill results from our brownfields exploration programs at Guanacevi and Bolanitos and received the final tailings permit for the Terronera mine project. We plan to complete a final optimized prefeasibility study for Terronera in the third quarter and arrange appropriate financing to build Endeavour’s next core asset. A preliminary economic assessment and mine permitting are both underway for the Parral mine project, which is our largest exploration project in 2019.”


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:38 on July 10, 2019  

“Tulsi Gabbard”

Yes Tulsi’s views on the continuous war are very refreshing. None of the other Demo deep state candidates have said much at all. It’ll be business as usual (WAR) with them. I’ll have to look into her other ideas.

Can’t agree more about how radical the Demos have become compared to their constituents.

ipso facto @ 10:37

Posted by Maya @ 13:30 on July 10, 2019  

Tulsi Gabbard has spoken out about the military interventions, and I have never heard her in favor of open borders.  But the DNC is already trying to suppress her with an internal ‘whisper campaign’.  Among the swamp creatures she is disliked because she opposes the wars.   That is the big hot potato none will touch.

I was horrified to see how far left the Dems will go, but now I find it kind of amusing to watch them self-destruct as they believe their own self-righteous BS.  They have no idea what is in the minds of middle America.

it looks like the strategy is that they have to sacrifice the gains in stocks to get at gold—the Russell is already red

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:04 on July 10, 2019  

WHOA!! Silver is unchanged!

MADDOG–BUYGOLD=This is getting…

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:53 on July 10, 2019  


I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold and the HUI in the red by days end…nothing has changed=the $ is still down .335 and the 10 yr note is up 10/64th….

Blue Chip

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:51 on July 10, 2019  

Kirkland Lake Gold Announces Second Quarter 2019 Production, Results Include Record Production at Fosterville of 140,701 Ounces


Yamana Gold Announces Strong Preliminary Second Quarter 2019 Operational Results and Updates 2019 Production Guidance

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:44 on July 10, 2019  


If there was a Democratic candidate who

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:37 on July 10, 2019  

was against open borders, who was not a socialist and who was against all these pointless military interventions we are involved with …

They could garner a lot of votes. The center is wide open.


Posted by Maddog @ 10:32 on July 10, 2019  

Do you guys remember the days when the HUI had no problem going up 5-10% in a single day?

Unfortunately I do….and as R640 says Bitcoin still does..just before it disappears over the horizon…never to be seen again

Holter and Sinclair on Greg Hunter today

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 10:28 on July 10, 2019  

Home » Market Analysis » Dollar Will Be Sliced in Half – Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair
Dollar Will Be Sliced in Half – Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair
By Greg Hunter On July 10, 2019 In Market Analysis No Comments
By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Near the beginning of this year, legendary investor Jim Sinclair and his business partner Bill Holter said the reset would start in June. Is the recent jump in gold prices confirming this? Sinclair says yes and predicts a two-tier reset in the next few years. . . . The first will be a devaluing of the dollar. Sinclair explains, “The reset has already started. . . . The only thing holding up the dollar is its universal use as a contract settlement mechanism in Russia and China and everywhere else, and that simply is not happening anymore. . . . The dollar is going lower. . . . In the first reset, the dollar will get sliced in half. That means the little guy will get sliced in half in terms of his buying power. You need to look at gold, not a speculation, but as a savings account. If the dollar gets sliced in half, you basically double the value (of your gold) if not more. I think much more. . . . In the second reset, that will take gold to a price where it will balance the ability to pay global debt. That’s the major move coming forward. Right now, we are definitely going back to the $1,850 and $1,925 area per ounce for gold. The second reset, you can pick any price you want for gold. Pick a high price.”

With the national debt officially at $22 trillion, and the additional “missing” $21 trillion discovered by Economics Professor Mark Skidmore at Michigan State University in 2017, you have a huge amount of debt and dollars floating around. This fact makes Sinclair’s prediction of $50,000 per ounce gold a few years ago look conservative. Bill Holter has done the math and says it simply must go much higher. Holter explains, “If you take the 8,300 tons the U.S. supposedly has, and I did this math last year when the official national debt was approaching $21 trillion, gold would need to be $87,000 per ounce to cover just the on books debt. I am not talking about the “missing” money, not future guarantees, pensions, Social Security and things like that. . . . So, the number is $87,000 per ounce for gold or multiples of that. What’s going to happen? The people who are running this understand this as much as we do, and the system is going to go down. So, why not create a false flag and kick the table over so you can point at it and say our policies would have worked if it wasn’t for whatever event they come up with.”

Can they put this off until after the 2020 election? Holter says, “It just might be one big last kick of the can . . . but prepare yourself and prepare your family. Have extra food. Have a way to purify water. Make a plan where you can go it alone for a couple of weeks or a couple months or more. That is what is coming for us all. Trump is going to preside over a bankruptcy. When he was elected, we predicted that he would preside over the bankruptcy of the United States. . . .The math says it is guaranteed.”

Sinclair says, “He is a master at bankruptcy. You maintain the item that is a producing asset, and you ‘jubilee’ or get rid of debt that has failed. You go through with a machete and take everything down that does not produce. . . . We have been warning people to be their own central banks and be able to take care of themselves for no less than 90 days.”

It’s OK for BitCoin to be up another $545…but. with gold, it’s always gotta be a grinder

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:13 on July 10, 2019  

just to be up a lousy 9.60 and a stinkin 7 cents on silver…

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