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From the MSN once again

Posted by ipso facto @ 23:03 on August 27, 2019  

$1,600 gold ‘totally within reason’ as almost perfect storm boosts bullion to highs not seen in years

$1,600 gold ‘totally within reason’ as almost perfect storm boosts bullion to highs not seen in years

Silver is 22 off its high and gold down 7.70–10 off. its. high

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:00 on August 27, 2019  


Sunday. nite gold was u7 $27+ and by morning. was down a few…then ended the. day.  up. $6…DOW. futs.  are.  up 87 but Asia if. flat to. down. a smidge–except the Nikkei–up. a lackluster 31 pts…the.  dollar’s. up. a. tad…bonds are green.  a bit…so G*d only. knows what the picture will look like by morning…


$Gold and ZROZ (zero coupon Bond)appear to be fellow travelers,they both YIELD 0 and everything is in the Price…Negative yield Bonds should send Gold up the same % ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:44 on August 27, 2019  


Gold not doing much tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 21:37 on August 27, 2019  

but silver looks like it wants to move up again – up $.11


This is messed up

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:58 on August 27, 2019  

Fighting Escalates Dramatically As Both Sides Prepare For “The Final War” Between Israel And Iran



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:14 on August 27, 2019  

Given that the only ones who can withdraw metal are the approved cronies … you still have to think that at some point the cronies demand will overwhelm the availability of the metal. Seems inevitable.


Posted by Maddog @ 20:10 on August 27, 2019  


When it was first proposed I thought, no way do the scum allow such a convenient way for investors to buy PM’s, particularly the ones barred from futures….and then when it was agreed first time even more surprised.

However when one realises that no one audits the actual metal held, it becomes obvious, that metal held is more than likely a paper promise from the tame bullion desk…..

Does anyone here think that. this alone can save the stock mkt? My friend always buys stocks for their “great”. 3 or 4 percent dividends-he. holds them into. bear markets where they lose 20-40% of their value…

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:58 on August 27, 2019  

An inversion of any type might sound ominous, but this one is likely a good thing for stocks. For an investor aiming to hold something for the long term, equities are looking relatively attractive, according to Bespoke co-founder Paul Hickey.

“The takeaway is, if you can get an annual yield from a company that’s going to pay you more than the 30-year Treasury and the company has a history of raising its dividend, for the long term, it’s a better alternative than a Treasury,” Hickey said.

JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist at TD Ameritrade, also says the hunt for yield might help support stocks — at least in the near term. Investors will continue to seek out more “safe stocks” — particularly those in the S&P 500 that offer an attractive dividend but have less perceived downside risk in a trade-related sell-off.


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:49 on August 27, 2019  

“it’s been such a long time.”

LOL LOL LOL!!! That’s the understatement of the year! It’s been a friggin eternity! 🙂

in the evening market…

Posted by treefrog @ 19:45 on August 27, 2019  

…after an initial dipsy-doodle, gold is a dollar up, and silver is unchanged.


“for every thing there is a season, and

for every time there is a purpose.”


…ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 (kjv)

Ipso – yes

Posted by Buygold @ 19:09 on August 27, 2019  

Hypothecate – that was the word I was looking for. With the exception of a few major clients that have somehow gotten their paws on their gold to re-hypothecate it some more, I bet there’s nothing there.

So nice to be on the winning side for a change. it’s been such a long time.

POG 1542.50 Silver 18.16

Posted by commish @ 18:55 on August 27, 2019  


Stock futures just opened defiantly, bravely up–which may be even a better bear scenario

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:07 on August 27, 2019  

if. they. give it up later…gold’s down 70 cents and silver down a penny…could be an.  interesting night…

Buygold @ 17:18

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:30 on August 27, 2019  

A lot of it has probably been loaned out and sold but still shows up on their books.

Can you spell hypothecate? Their vault has a computer sitting there. 🙂

CoinGuy, Ipso, maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 17:18 on August 27, 2019  

CoinGuy – would like to think that the SM is in some serious trouble here but it is continually propped by a headline here or there, which the algo’s jump on and turn guys like Gartman from bears into bulls overnight. As you say though, Old Habits Die Hard…. 🙂

Ipso, Maddog – Honestly, I’m wondering if there’s even 10% of unencumbered gold in GLD. I have my doubts. It wouldn’t surprise me if they replaced the physical with some sort of rotating futures that they add to the funds fees.

Richard640 @ 14:25

Posted by Captain Hook @ 17:12 on August 27, 2019  

Brings a tear to the eye, chokes me up, and reminds me of any unfinished business I’ve got to do.


Maddog @ 15:51

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:08 on August 27, 2019  

I sure would like to know that actual percentage of physical in the GLD. We know it’s less than 100%, but how much less? Very likely GLD is one of the tools the cretins use to keep the POG down. 25% physical? 50%?

R6, CoinGuy

Posted by Buygold @ 16:28 on August 27, 2019  

Pretty good close for pm’s and weak for the SM.

Always hoping for that $50 up day, actually hoping for a series of them. 🙂

I do seem to remember 235 HUI being a bit of a bump, but just not sure how much this time around. The shares haven’t really moved that much compared to years past.

Coinguy–I like your approach…and I am not trying to be. a wise guy…but. how

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:16 on August 27, 2019  

can we monetize. your wisdom? Got ant. trades for us? If not that’s fine…furnishing. us. with good.  roadmaps is helpful then we can mke our. own decisions.

Stocks didn’t plunge the last. hour but headed down…this sets up the possibility of stocks opening down at 6pm

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:12 on August 27, 2019  

then having a bad night–down 300. or so….ANNNNNNND gold being up $20-$25. overnite–then. up $50 tomorrow an ole $50 or so—that. would break a Cartel rule of no follow through to dampen. excitement. over gold…lots of Cartel. rules have been broken so maybe it’s. time for some follow thru.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:51 on August 27, 2019  

Re Shorts…..according to the CoT’s yes they keep adding…but with all the other lies and games, I for one have a very cynical view of the CoT’s.

But….we would surely have another 0 or two, if they ever really covered.

I am still waiting for when someone finds damn all physical in GLD etc…..

Amateur metal detectorist, 45, unearths rare haul of 1,000-year-old coins from the Battle of Roslin where Scots first fought for independence

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:36 on August 27, 2019  



Posted by ipso facto @ 14:35 on August 27, 2019  

“Sit tight” Got it! 🙂

I can’t imagine losing my positions. After so many years … I can take a punch!


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:31 on August 27, 2019  

Doesn’t seem like we’ve seen much short covering on the crimex. The cretins just seem to get shorter and shorter … and yet still we have this amazing break out. When is the physical going to run out?

I sure hope Fort Knox’s hoard is not sitting in Bejing!

trannies are. saying. no. recovery today and a pissable bad last hour

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:25 on August 27, 2019  


I hear them caw-aw-aw-ling. to me…

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