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O.K.–I get it…the dollar is up .415…so. we’re. lucky gold’s up 3.70…silver’s up 14…looks like stocks will be green by morning

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:05 on September 2, 2019  

I see on Bloomberg that. Korea had some awful GDP–yet the Kospi is sgreen….looks like u.s. stocks just. want to go up–with all the problems…all the doom articles in ZH…stocks are only off about 5%-8% off all time highs




Posted by newtogold @ 21:56 on September 2, 2019  

Appreciate the response. TY

Latest track projections

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 20:29 on September 2, 2019  


Per Orlando Fox News :
Floridagold’s area is still under Hurricane watch (Cat. 1 , over 55 mph ), peaking Wed. am .
I am just 20 miles West , and we are only on Tropical Storm watch , under 50 mph .

Up in Treefrog country likely just rain and breezy .

newtogold @ 12:21

Posted by Maya @ 20:25 on September 2, 2019  

I have always gotten a good price from APMEX.  They sell on eBay also, but maybe cheaper direct.

Step out the back Jack

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:23 on September 2, 2019  

U.S. to withdraw 5,000 troops from Afghanistan, close bases: U.S. negotiator


Gold up 6.10—silver up 18

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:32 on September 2, 2019  



cash gold–which bloomberg tv shows is. down 1.90–I don’t get that and I’m not going to try to understand that

DOW futures down 164–they are trying to repeat the same rescue they did this morning

Greece will soon issue permits for Eldorado Gold’s project

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:03 on September 2, 2019  

Greece will soon issue permits for Eldorado Gold’s project

These charts show all the action since last night. at 6pm–from ZH–tonight & tomorrow morning should be wild

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:32 on September 2, 2019  
Having managed to scramble back up to almost unchanged, headlines confirming that US officials rejected China’s request to delay Sept 1st tariffs and, more importantly, that US and China are now struggling to set a September meeting for trade talks, have sparked a plunge in US equity futures and offshore yuan.
Bloomberg reports that Chinese and U.S. officials are struggling to agree on the schedule for a planned meeting this month to continue trade talks after Washington rejected Beijing’s request to delay tariffs that took effect over the weekend, according to people familiar with the discussions.
The immediate reaction is a kneejerk back to last night’s opening lows…

R6 – Concur

Posted by Buygold @ 15:48 on September 2, 2019  

It’s all about the algo’s and how they’re programmed. Eventually I suspect they’ll be programmed to ignore Trump’s tweets?

I guess then the PPT will be on their own in trying to boost the SM.

What a joke that we even have to consider such things.

Buygold–this is just a hunch…but I think these. transparent attempts by. Trumpy to steer markets

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:05 on September 2, 2019  

are. losing thier efficacy…1st of all this is the kick off of the crash season and 10. years of accumulated excesses are coming home to roost…stock mkts–round the world–just may implode of their own weight–and gold soar…so he can tweet till the cows come home…that. won’t save stocks….JMO DYOD

R6 – No delay yet, maybe Trump is saving it for the SM open in the morning. He’s crushing China’ SM though

Posted by Buygold @ 13:58 on September 2, 2019  

Yuan, Stocks Plunge On US-China Trade Talks Headlines

Chinese and U.S. officials are struggling to agree on the schedule for a planned meeting this month to continue trade talks after Washington rejected Beijing’s request to delay tariffs…

Honk! Honk! Good. news! Just as. R640 suspected!! G is up 8.70. & the DOW is back down 220-I expect by morning the DOW to

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:57 on September 2, 2019  

be down an ole 300 or 400 & G to be up an old 15 to 25…and asia & europe to join in the party…bombs away! I tolja they.  wuz whistling past the graveyard…notify next of kin…



Image result for clarabell the clown on howdy. doody

Hey Alex

Posted by Buygold @ 13:49 on September 2, 2019  

Gold sure is holding it’s own today. In the last several years we’ve seen gold have decent days during a holiday weekend only to give whatever gains back by the open on Tuesday. Different feel this time around.

Hope you are safe with the hurricane stuff going on.

Floridagold too, I think he lives somewhere near Daytona which may be in the path.

SD Bullion has sales tax

Posted by newtogold @ 13:46 on September 2, 2019  

It must be a long time. I don’t remember sales tax on sale of bullion. I guess that is how they say they charge the lowest prices. Anyone know if that is the case all over??? Valdor, Thanks for suggestion !!

Newtogold – are there any retirement communities where you live ?

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:46 on September 2, 2019  

If so ask if they publish a monthly newsletter . Where I live , we do , and they sell ad space to cover printing costs ( full page , half page , quarter page and eighth page ). Offer cash based on the closing ask for the previous day with your phone number ?

Gold holding its own (Kitco a few minutes ago)

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:31 on September 2, 2019  


Looking for suggestions on where to buy a roll of silver eagles

Posted by newtogold @ 12:21 on September 2, 2019  

Any suggestions on cheapest would be appreciated. Been awhile since I bought some. Might be time again.

Hey treefrog

Posted by Buygold @ 10:47 on September 2, 2019  

Kitco shows gold up $5.30 and silver up $.11

Hopefully we’re in good shape for a short week despite the jobs report on Friday.

Trump may have to do some heavy lifting on the Tweet front with China, otherwise the SM could be in trouble.


Posted by treefrog @ 10:19 on September 2, 2019  

…there’s a market up and running.  netdania was showing silver down a few cents, but now , it’s up a dime.

I’m not seeing this, I do see the USD is higher but that’s par for the course. Gold up a few bucks.

Posted by Buygold @ 9:17 on September 2, 2019  

US Futures Storm Higher, Erasing All Post-Tariff Losses As Dollar Soars

As if the late Sunday slide In the Emini never happened…

R6 – always a great question

Posted by Buygold @ 9:11 on September 2, 2019  

“will the new buyers have the staying  power to keep gold prices rising or, in the heat of battle,  with. the CBs/PPTs-round. the world–will they fall by the wayside?”

I suppose it depends who the “new buyers” are right? If little guys, they’ll get crushed and get out. Big guys may or may not get spooked so easily.

One thing seems sure, there is strength at certain levels underneath the gold price as Maddog has mentioned several times, and something is going on with silver, at least someone has an urge to buy for now.

I’m guessing that the bet is U.S. rates are going negative in the next couple of years. Trump thinks the USD is too strong to compete, the Fed thinks it’s too strong to maintain their phony inflation mandate of 2%. JMHO.

I don’t know how the FED and the PPT coraled the be all and end all rationale. for. owning gold into the narrow pen

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:52 on September 2, 2019  

of the tariff/trade war conversation…but. they. have…the sudden. new interest in gold by. the. fund/hedge guys. has to do with. the. trap of endless CB money printing-trillion buck budget deficits, irrepayable debt of all kinds–and over valued dtock mkts…the question is. will the new buyers have the staying  power to keep gold prices rising or, in the heat of battle,  with. the CBs/PPTs-round. the world–will they fall by the wayside?

8:40 am–World markets are still wearing their “what me worry?” T-shirts…

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:44 on September 2, 2019  

Maybe. it’s better this way to go. into tomorrows open with a smiley face, run. up the flagpole 100-150 DOW pts and then do a slow rollover and end the day dpwn 400+ and +$25 on gold…saaaaaaay! I like that. scenario!

Interview with Wayne Jett , author of ‘The Fruits of Graft’ yesterday

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 6:05 on September 2, 2019  

At USAWatchdog.com . Read at least the summary , and if intrigued then watch the video . Gold is one topic discussed .

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:52 on September 2, 2019  


A classic… the Grand Canyon Railroad


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