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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:54 on September 8, 2019  


The Kansas City Southern
 down South



Posted by goldielocks @ 22:40 on September 8, 2019  

Thanks for your memories too. I remember Whitefish bay but that’s about all as it’s been so long. It was a great place to be a kid when you still like that much cold. I had to walk home from school a few times and once was 50 below with wind shear. I went back and forth come Wisc and Calif. Had a lot of relatives there once. There were free hay rides and a ice scaring ring close by in winter.
Sometimes walking through a field and they were big fields then in summer those storms that rolled in was scary with the lightning that came with them.
Apparently there were a lot of steel factories around and workers. He used to travel to other states too when working his way up the ladder. Men ” and women” could do that then. I remember he once had to get threw a picket line of striking steel workers at another one to do business with them. I didn’t quite understand the danger cuz he was one of them wasn’t he lol
Over a hundred cars followed us at the furneral. The funeral was so full that people were standing outside. Many family’s were about to lose their jobs within a time frame after. By then he was in West Bend. I was in California when he died. I forgot how it was when I decided to take a walk and forgot how cold it was and a school bus stopped and picked me up. I’m thinking that would never happen in California.
Yep but don’t forget Green Bay Packers. My grandfather took me to a game have you been there? I was into baseball basket ball track and field, was a MVP in Wisc when younger. I didn’t understand foot ball yet but was interested if a Indian came out when they got a touch down being younger then.n No Indian đŸ˜« People were more athletic there. However too many had a strange adversiion to California. And that’s before the libs took over. At a dance once of them from another school dragged to what they thought was a girl from California on the floor. I waited to he got me to the middle of the floor and droped him infront of his laughing friends. Sheltered jerks. No not all that way but the ones that were I never told them I was from there way back my family. He didn’t get up for awhile. My great great grandmas buried there in the Koch family plot.


Posted by mruk @ 20:38 on September 8, 2019  

I enjoyed reading your post of your living in the Milwaukee area. Indeed the lake front just north of downtown Milwaukee, through the suburbs of Shorewood, Whitefish Bay and your Fox Point communities were loaded with tons of large stately homes, and in the fifties all the streets were lined with a canopy of huge elm trees. In the fifties, and sixties it was a great area to grow up in, you could take your bike any where, or if you had 15cents, jump on the bus and be safe. I was lucky to  be able to spend my high school  summers in the Minocqua / Lac du Flambeau area, back then it was pretty pristine, I hope it still is. When was a young man I ice fished Cedar lake in the West Bend , and other lakes in the  Holy Hill areas. In my early forties a great job opportunity came my way,and I moved my family south, and left the taxes, and cold behind. You had mentioned that your father had interest in iron mills in northern Wisconsin, I wasn’t aware that there were mills up there. I know that U Pee Michigan had a lot of iron mines ( as I am writing this Ironwood / Hurley area comes to mind ) is that where the mills were located? Any way thanks for sparking a few neurons of memories, and it is nice to know another ” Badger ” is on this fine site

Brandon Smith’s opinion

Posted by Buygold @ 15:27 on September 8, 2019  

Gold Prices Will Keep Rising Because Crash Conditions Are Becoming Obvious

Brexit is looking more and more volatile every day, and will be blamed for economic tremors in the EU; just as the trade war will be blamed for the recession in the US. These are the “perfect storms” that drive gold to record highs…


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:14 on September 8, 2019  

I remember the lumber era and steel and other manufacturing going on in the 60s. My father elected for a newer type home in Fox point and one 5 bedroom on Scenic Drive West Bend Wisc with his own boat dock. They my dad and step mom chose to move to the ranch style home on the lake before he died. Some of those houses were so big inside like Fox Point I had to watch out not to get lost in them and seemed to have as much bedrooms as a hotel with outside greenhouses big as a normal house.
My dad owned one steel mill was Vice President in another north near the reservations. Menominee Falls. Then steel in the 70 s started having issues. After his sudden death without his business skills the factory closed. His partner suffered a heart attack probably with the pressure. He was a nice guy who cares about people too I remembered him back as a toddler. He gave me a card at my dads funeral as only 19 I still knew he was gonna have his own problems and had a family and I’d survive somehow. If I didn’t I wouldn’t worry about it anymore anyways. A lot of things started to close. I worried about all those men with family’s to support.
Illinois full of taxes and few years back we’re considering taxing property at 30 percent. Just parasites. If your gonna take something away what are you going to replace it with that people can do, nothing? Hope people are wakikg up to these politicians brain dead snake oil salesmen platforms.
At the reservation I visited norther Wisc a lot of lumber jobs was going on.
My other parents there got into aluminum factory that’s still going on today where they even built for Disney. I got used to the more western ranch style or Spanish style living in Calif. Lots of things to consider back east area like cold winters, wet or keeping out mold or basements that could get flooded. You know how cold it gets and all they need is a Fauxahontas raising what used to be cheaper gas prices over electric. Not to mention power outs or getting the snow off the roofs before they collapse not to mention roads shut down sometimes.

a lesson in socialism

Posted by treefrog @ 11:14 on September 8, 2019  


R6, Ororeef

Posted by Buygold @ 10:11 on September 8, 2019  

That’s a nice home!

Love the way it looks from the outside with the Victorian style and no neighbors on top of you.

Course the big downside is that it’s in the state of Illinois, which is no doubt why it’s so cheap. Libtard run states have just been ruined despite some beautiful areas and homes. Most of those states were wonderful places to live back in the 50’s and 60’s when their economies were thriving. Now they are a cesspool from decades of Demonrat graft. Really pretty sad stuff. My sister lives in McHenry, IL.

Ororeef – Pretty sure Mr. ConGuy never really left for long and was here as Frostbite for quite awhile. Similar writing style and confusing message. Not hard to do with another email address. Too bad that certain folks feel the need to come and create discord here…..<smile> whatever, we’ve been open to all, until they’ve proven themselves to be completely unworthy.

We’ll see what happens this week leading up to the Fed meeting on the 17th.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:45 on September 8, 2019  


The Rio Grande Zephyr climbs the front
range above Denver.


R640 – River town mansions

Posted by Maya @ 0:42 on September 8, 2019  

My hometown further up river has a lot of these old mansions…. built by the ‘lumber barons’ in the 1800s.  That’s a really good price.  Must be an economically depressed area without much income potential.  Beautiful craftsmanship back then.

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