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Posted by goldielocks @ 11:14 on September 8, 2019  

I remember the lumber era and steel and other manufacturing going on in the 60s. My father elected for a newer type home in Fox point and one 5 bedroom on Scenic Drive West Bend Wisc with his own boat dock. They my dad and step mom chose to move to the ranch style home on the lake before he died. Some of those houses were so big inside like Fox Point I had to watch out not to get lost in them and seemed to have as much bedrooms as a hotel with outside greenhouses big as a normal house.
My dad owned one steel mill was Vice President in another north near the reservations. Menominee Falls. Then steel in the 70 s started having issues. After his sudden death without his business skills the factory closed. His partner suffered a heart attack probably with the pressure. He was a nice guy who cares about people too I remembered him back as a toddler. He gave me a card at my dads funeral as only 19 I still knew he was gonna have his own problems and had a family and I’d survive somehow. If I didn’t I wouldn’t worry about it anymore anyways. A lot of things started to close. I worried about all those men with family’s to support.
Illinois full of taxes and few years back we’re considering taxing property at 30 percent. Just parasites. If your gonna take something away what are you going to replace it with that people can do, nothing? Hope people are wakikg up to these politicians brain dead snake oil salesmen platforms.
At the reservation I visited norther Wisc a lot of lumber jobs was going on.
My other parents there got into aluminum factory that’s still going on today where they even built for Disney. I got used to the more western ranch style or Spanish style living in Calif. Lots of things to consider back east area like cold winters, wet or keeping out mold or basements that could get flooded. You know how cold it gets and all they need is a Fauxahontas raising what used to be cheaper gas prices over electric. Not to mention power outs or getting the snow off the roofs before they collapse not to mention roads shut down sometimes.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.