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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:40 on September 8, 2019  

Thanks for your memories too. I remember Whitefish bay but that’s about all as it’s been so long. It was a great place to be a kid when you still like that much cold. I had to walk home from school a few times and once was 50 below with wind shear. I went back and forth come Wisc and Calif. Had a lot of relatives there once. There were free hay rides and a ice scaring ring close by in winter.
Sometimes walking through a field and they were big fields then in summer those storms that rolled in was scary with the lightning that came with them.
Apparently there were a lot of steel factories around and workers. He used to travel to other states too when working his way up the ladder. Men ” and women” could do that then. I remember he once had to get threw a picket line of striking steel workers at another one to do business with them. I didn’t quite understand the danger cuz he was one of them wasn’t he lol
Over a hundred cars followed us at the furneral. The funeral was so full that people were standing outside. Many family’s were about to lose their jobs within a time frame after. By then he was in West Bend. I was in California when he died. I forgot how it was when I decided to take a walk and forgot how cold it was and a school bus stopped and picked me up. I’m thinking that would never happen in California.
Yep but don’t forget Green Bay Packers. My grandfather took me to a game have you been there? I was into baseball basket ball track and field, was a MVP in Wisc when younger. I didn’t understand foot ball yet but was interested if a Indian came out when they got a touch down being younger then.n No Indian 😫 People were more athletic there. However too many had a strange adversiion to California. And that’s before the libs took over. At a dance once of them from another school dragged to what they thought was a girl from California on the floor. I waited to he got me to the middle of the floor and droped him infront of his laughing friends. Sheltered jerks. No not all that way but the ones that were I never told them I was from there way back my family. He didn’t get up for awhile. My great great grandmas buried there in the Koch family plot.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.