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Interesting gold commercials

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:50 on September 13, 2019  

The Commitment of Traders Report


*The large specs reduced their long positions by 4,564 contracts and reduced their shorts by 2,670 contracts.

*The commercials decreased their longs by 2,217 contracts and reduced their shorts by 2,127 contracts.

*The small specs reduced their longs by 996 contracts and reduced their shorts by 2,980 contracts.

The commercials are net short 84,768 contracts.


*The large specs decreased their long positions by 31,271 contracts and reduced their shorts by 449 contracts.

*The commercials increased their longs by 8,334 contracts and reduced their shorts by 23,786 contracts.

*The small specs reduced their longs by 2,107 contracts and decreased their shorts by 799 contracts.

The commercials are net short 305,611 contracts.

While there was some shift in gold by the cabal forces, JPM and its gang didn’t give up an inch in silver..


Oops!  Almost. forgot!


Go. gold, go-!!


No buy signal on JNUG today–The great Ballinger nibbled today on slv calls

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:12 on September 13, 2019  


Some perspective

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:17 on September 13, 2019  

1 Year gold

When you compare a SLV 20 year Renko chart with JPM there is a distinct 180 degree correlation

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:10 on September 13, 2019  

When you compare $GOLD 20 year renko chart with JPM there is NO correlation .

So its unmistakeable JPM has a contrarian correlation  with Silver .

Is that proof of manipulation ?

COT’s – Given the crazy action of last week

Posted by Buygold @ 15:56 on September 13, 2019  

I would’ve thought they’d be more exciting.


Oh well. Another rough day. Never underestimate the devastation they can heap upon the pm sector.

Mission accomplished $1500 and $18 gone. Easy peazy.

Kudos to Mexico Mike. No doubt Gartman sold for another loss.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:54 on September 13, 2019  

But wait … there’s more! 🙂

Feeling a little sore myself today.

Ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 15:36 on September 13, 2019  

Izzat like The Emperor has no clothes?

More like a lot of people are not able to sit down…..


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:07 on September 13, 2019  

It’s hard to say what’s going to happen with interest rates with the central governments printing like maniacs. Classically at first the printing keeps interest rates low and then when inflation gets going people want a return for their money and rates go up. What were interest rates in Zimbabwe? Thousands of percent! They say they want around 2% inflation … they better watch out they may get a lot more!

Ya know ..It seems to me

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:05 on September 13, 2019  

everything is going in reverse..Bill Clinton  and RUBIN refinanced most of Americas debt from LONG TERM to Short term because Short term rates were lower and he could take credit for balancing the budget at the risk of having all our debt ,short term ,coming due tomorrow …Well tomorrow is here ..and now WE need to refinance all out debt to 100 years in the future with negative interest due 100 years from now..  Take that Bill Clinton and RUBIN    !

The PRICE that will be paid is NO return on savings,NO return on Insurance company investments ,No return on Pension Investments and Pension promises will NOT be kept,Insurance companies will go broke,Retirees get NO return on savings to live on and force then to consume capital to live instead of earnings leading to bankrupt senior s..living retired on welfare….its no wonder drug companies Hospitals,and Doctors are trying to do them in…Thanks Clinton for getting that Ball rolling you fink ! You will go down in Infamy as the Guy that Fucked everybody,his country  even himself ..

This has been slowwwwwww development. I hope you’re able to sell some gold into this bull Jim.

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:52 on September 13, 2019  

Buckreef Gold Mine Development Update



Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:51 on September 13, 2019  

It’s not him you need to worry about in isolation.

It’s the F-headed hedge funds who have a sh*t tonne of paper speculations they are selling at a loss here.

The only question now is what degree of volatility we get, which is determined by their pain threshold / margins.

The only good news is although these clowns will likely be back when it turns higher again, with any luck it will be at higher prices.

Who gives these clowns money to lose time after time?

It’s got to run out at some point.

Then the metals will fly.


Ipso, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 14:50 on September 13, 2019  

Funny thing about bonds. Actually I’m thinking if 10 year bonds hit Maddog’s target of 2.11% or whatever it was, that might be an opportunity to buy – expecting a rally.

I’m stunned at how fast rates have moved up in the last two weeks, pretty unusual.

Almost wondering if it will force the Feds hand to cut .50% instead of .25% – although they’ll probably just cut .25% just to spite Trump.

Could totally see a manipulated bond selloff in front of a Fed meeting to set whatever table the Fed needs set.

Next week will be interesting.


Posted by Ororeef @ 14:50 on September 13, 2019  


If this is

Posted by Maddog @ 14:45 on September 13, 2019  

the 4th wave down, for GDX, then we are v near 38 % level in the 3rd wave at 26.76…..where the A wave may end???

Oh wait, am I mistaken?

Posted by Buygold @ 14:36 on September 13, 2019  

or did Gartman recently join our team?

Image result for dennis gartman pictures

Maddog @ 14:16

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:33 on September 13, 2019  

Izzat like The Emperor has no clothes?

R6-Buy Signal?

Posted by Buygold @ 14:19 on September 13, 2019  

Thinking you might have one of your patented buy signals today.

Sort of seems like the shares should be getting hit a lot harder. I don’t know.

Losses in the bond mkt are going to be epic…

Posted by Maddog @ 14:16 on September 13, 2019  

Austrian 100 Year Bond Enters Bear Market As Negative Debt Collapses



slv vs JPM from 2010 Interesting how it took SLV about 2 years to make a top,then 6years to bottom,opposite JPM took 2years to bottom ,then 6 years to TOP

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:32 on September 13, 2019  


Comparison SLV to JPM chart is slv …pink line is JPM 4 years

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:09 on September 13, 2019  



Posted by treefrog @ 11:27 on September 13, 2019  

i sincerely hope you are right.


there does seem to be a floor in the mid $17.70’s.   1776 for serendipitous patriotism???  ooops!  that just fell!


Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:24 on September 13, 2019  

It will blow up on them this time because the derivatives based illusion is not enough to counter the accelerating diminishing returns in the money printing anymore. Negative rates are the proof of the pudding in this regard.

It’s the end game. New trade arrangements and currency will evolve.

This is why you will see the decentralization process continue. America may break up where smaller politically aligned states evolve. Clearly you can’t have detached politicians running huge / diverse countries because wealth and power corrupt ultimately, which is why you have the swamp. They don’t give a flying F about the country — only themselves — even Trump who is doing a lot but wants to get re-elected.

The $ will be replaced by something new internationally. (regional currencies, cryptos, etc.)

The last man standing in the ‘currency war’ will be gold (and silver).

Buy physical.

Hold gold.

captain, “…It will blow up on them this time around.”

Posted by treefrog @ 11:06 on September 13, 2019  

i’m with you part of the way.  yes, it will blow up on them, but why “this time?”  i have been expecting their bullshit manipulation to blow up on them for quite some time (for the reasons you have stated), and it hasn’t yet.  in the markets, i have found that the hardest thing to call is the timing.


as i said earlier, i will feel better when i can see it in the rear-view mirror.


Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:56 on September 13, 2019  

With all the bullshit propaganda, manipulation, and stupid speculators that keep feeding the machine with their idiot gambling in the derivatives (because they will make more – what a joke – most go broke) to chew through, the one thing that’s different this time is the physical is gone.

Oh but JPM has 850 million ounces of silver and will flood the market.

Ya, well why are the primary dealers being told supply restrictions are now in place?

Answer: Because the propaganda is all bullshit.

JPM’s stash is like GLD/SLV’s third party derivatives.

It’s bullshit.



Posted by Buygold @ 10:43 on September 13, 2019  

Hope it does this time.

So far for today though it’s mission accomplished.

The action in the metals doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the action in the shares. Par for the course, as you say, ETF’s are a playground for destruction of the miners.

Some of these miners are now lower than they were with gold at $1200 and silver at $14. Ridiculous

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