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OK BG, I’ll respond to the gernade out of respect to you and others under the flaps that I have immense respect for. R640 and his lapdog, not so much.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:44 on September 16, 2019  

As a qualifier, I only check in every couple of months to say Hi, hope everyone is still going strong. I wish many of the old guard would do the same. I philosophically don’t contribute financing to keep the tent poles up because of being sanctioned over free speech and believe I should remain in the shadows.

Now to your inquiry BG, I believe the attack on SA was simply Yemen using asymmetrical warfare in the way the Vietcong or Taliban bogged down the MIC-Zionist agenda.

Facts don’t matter though and come Hell or high water, the MIC-Z will get their war with Iran. This latest provocation is just more leverage on the staged tanker bombings in UAE harbor, the two tankers attacked close to Iran in PG, the Grace UK pirating and subsequent IMO tit for tat as well as the US drone shoot down. Each situation has a definite false flag component. Even when Yemen takes credit, the zionists blame Iran. The US and Israel have way more proxy fights going on under the Oded Yinon plan. Would you like to see Colin Powell’s vile again?

The neocon warmongers have had their way since the 911 coup. They are now going all in on Iran and the cheerleaders under the tent I will always call out. Trump is the only sane voice for now, maybe he is feigning again?

This has the potential to change Humanity, not to mention all the other simmering conflicts such as India/Pak.

I hope my theory of Humanity’s Paradox is nullified. Not likely with the propaganda snakes slithering around every tent. In order for Mother Earth to survive, we need to keep destroying each other to the point just short of complete annihilation.

I bid y’all farewell for another few months, or until the blitz begins…

a permanent risk premium into the oil price.

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:38 on September 16, 2019  
David Rosenberg


We live in a world where it only takes a few drones to knock off 5% of global oil supply. The shattered invincibility of Saudi crude supply is a fresh and very significant event that puts a permanent risk premium into the oil price.
Author of the daily economic report, Breakfast with Dave, and Chief Economist & Strategist at Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc

Doncha just love. ole. Egon? Always got a. “gold explosion”. in. his back pocket to. whip out on us=18K gold–$666 silver

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:52 on September 16, 2019  


by Egon von Greyerz September 16, 2019

In this interview Egon von Greyerz, discusses with Jochen Staiger of Commodity TV the massive energy accumulated in gold & silver over the last six years. Once this force unravels, it will lead to the next explosive move higher.

On how to time the move, Egon commented: Based on the broken Maginot line, at $1,350, a huge rally will unfold this autumn, and simultaneously a major stock market fall.

  • How the governments around the world propel the gold rally by destroying paper currencies
  • Central Banks: ECB, FED, BOJ, PBOC, all promised to debase their currencies by printing unlimited amounts of money in order to support their rotten economies
  • Mega bubbles will implode with an unprecedented endgame of epic proportions
  • Ultimately governments will be the buyers of last resort of worthless bonds, which will lead to a worldwide asset implosion
  • Nightmares unfolding: Massive collapse of asset and debt values, world’s stock markets will enter secular and long lasting bear market
  • Pensioners will suffer
  • 1980 Inflation adjusted gold price should be at $18’000
  • Silver is massively undervalued, could reach $666
  • The world awaiting us will be very difficult , a lot of people will suffer


Maddog-The dumb. iranians were. so happy to see the. Shah leave-but they couldn’t. have imagined

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:50 on September 16, 2019  

what a monster would replace him…


Couple of ZH articles – as usual doom porn

Posted by Buygold @ 19:44 on September 16, 2019  

Not sure if anything has snapped…

Something Just Snapped: Chaos Hits Repo Market As “Dollar Funding Storm” Makes Thunderous Landfall

“One day is not a big deal, if funding pressures persist, it implies a loss of control of funding markets.”

Already said it gives them an excuse…

What Does The Threat Of Middle East War Mean For The Fed’s Decision

If we now have a threat of Middle East war and a much higher oil price, albeit with a lag once the strategic reserve has been depleted, where does that leave our monetary guardians?

DOJ Accuses JPMorgan’s Precious Metals Trading Desk Of Being A Criminal Enterprise

Posted by aufever @ 16:02 on September 16, 2019  


Ole Bob thinks it was the Israeli’s

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:45 on September 16, 2019  

Israel Made the Attack on the Saudi Oil Fields

Bob Moriarty
Sep 16, 2019



Posted by Maddog @ 15:11 on September 16, 2019  

The odds are that Iran must be close to getting Nukes, so now it is an ideal time to take ’em on, before they become unstoppable…then again maybe they have Nukes, which is why they did it, as it would be odd to provoke right in front etc.

Whatever the case the Saudi’s and the US have to respond, or they look like paper tigers……It will not happen over night, as the Donald is no fool, he will allow the military to make their plans and hopefully teach those Mullahs a lesson their great grandchildren will whisper about…..Iran has been nothing but trouble, ever since the idiot French let that pig Khomeini go back.

Ipso, samb

Posted by Buygold @ 14:48 on September 16, 2019  

Ipso – we can’t handle the truth!!! 😆

samb – I don’t pretend to know where prices are going. I do know that events like this have minimal impact. Good luck on the trading side of things.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:40 on September 16, 2019  

Here’s one nuke plant that just keeps on giving.
I have a brave Japanese friend who’s going back to visit but to see her family before time makes it too late as we all know.

Here’s a petition and another solution is needed badly. This could also happen anywhere.

Dear Environment Minister Harada,

Your plans to dump tons of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean are very dangerous. The Fukushima Daiichi currently houses eight years’ worth of radioactive water buildup, amounting to at least one third of the ocean itself. Despite many efforts to decontaminate the water, enough dangerous chemicals remain that could do serious damage to the ocean.

This move spells disaster for the fishing industry and the environment alike. The chemicals could kill thousands of species of fish in addition to other sealife. Additionally, the oceans have seen more than enough damage over the past decade due to pollution, overfishing, and other factors. Do not add to the danger by dumping this toxic water.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:28 on September 16, 2019  

Yep and transportation like rail roads, et all. Even worse would be nuke plants.
But why give them any ideas lol even through they already have them. Thank Obama for letting in so many welfare dependent non assimilating American hating ulseless eaters like the gangs robbing people now who would be canadates unless they’re weeded out fast and hopefully deported. Although they could be anyone. If they keep letting them in our roads will look like overpopulated slums with road blocks everywhere and show me your papers.Even in Israel they have concrete blocks along a road in certain areas so the ones taking a bus aren’t run over by poor Palestinians in their BMW’s and Range Rovers.

Maddog–there can be no good outcome to this–throw in the mix that Iran could declare they have nuclear weapons at anytime

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:24 on September 16, 2019  

This is not some houti going into a market with a bomb vest–this was an act of war–oil should be well bid for the indefinite future

GUSH FILLED 500 DEC $7 CALLS- Adding a turbo booster to my Gush position==-GUSH was 41 in 2018

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:20 on September 16, 2019  
Apr 24, 2019 – A New Middle East Mega-War Is Unfolding Right Before Our Eyes
… early 2019 which provided the last push for the current war preparations. … This will help Iran immensely because the heavy sanctions imposed on them by … aimed to deprive Turkey of the opportunity to rise into regional prominence by …

Whttps://oilprice.com › Geopolitics › Middle East-War. with Iran could send oil to $250

May 20, 2019 – There has been much talk of an Iran War in recent weeks, but the … Iran has made huge geopolitical gains in the Middle East since the U.S. … military retreats from the Middle East in the past – Lebanon (1984), Iraq (2011), and Syria ( presently) – and to increase the cost of Iranian oil sanctions on the global …

https://oilprice.com › Geopolitics › Middle East
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Comex silver

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 14:15 on September 16, 2019  

It appears silver has now taken over the PM sector leadership. The gold/silver ratio is now coming back towards historical relationships. If silver closes close to $18.00, it may gap up $.20 next trading session.

The entire commodity complex may move sharply higher if China resumes purchases and the middle east explodes again.

Volatility may very well become intense,



Posted by treefrog @ 13:22 on September 16, 2019  

energy infrastructure and its vulnerability have been a concern of mine for quite some time.  i spent a lot of my working life around the energy industry.  many of our installations are located within sight of interstate highways, and vulnerable to a drive-by by a bunch of nogoodniks in a van with a sunroof.  here’s a nightmare scenario:

three jihadis in a vw bus with a sunroof.  driver, gunner, and loader.  as they slowly pass a refinery, the gunner opens the sunroof, stands up, and fires a spread of rpg inceniaary grenades into the facility as fast as the loader can feed them into the tube.

the roads between houston and lake charles are lined with refineries, pipelines, pumping stations, and tank farms – all of which are full of volatile, flamable hydrocarbons.  the exxon refinery in baton rouge is in sight from the top of the mississippi bridge.  the richmond refinery sits on a bluff above the east bay expressway,  etc…  etc…

this scenario uses twenty five year old technology.  i’m sure lots of advances in nasty hardware have been developed in the last twenty-thirty years.


Image result for richmond refinery


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:00 on September 16, 2019  

One thing for sure is countrys have to step up their security, especially on or near important possible targets including transportation and Dams. It should be a wake up call for all countries. Before rogue terrorist could get their dirty little hands on them.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 12:59 on September 16, 2019  

JNUG made a strong right, head and shoulder top, which indicates a drop but coming back and taking out the old high. It appears we are getting and inside day reversal up but some very significant resistance is above the market. Historically, if the old high is taken out, a very significant move up will follow. Fundamentals are coming into play which may send the PM markets much higher. Hang on tight.

An early freeze in the corn belt would be supportive of higher overall commodity prices. The perfect storm may be brewing again.



Posted by Maddog @ 12:32 on September 16, 2019  

Brave call…good luck…well..not too much 🙂

Buygold 11:14

Posted by Samb @ 12:12 on September 16, 2019  

People  are concerned about the $gold price going forward due to the Saudi oil supply blow-up. As charts have no emotions then my strong interpretation of them is this: The intermediate down cycle remains Firmly in place….expect $gold prices to go lower over time for many, many weeks. I specialize in Int. gold trends and am putting my money where my mouth is into Dust. Yea, I’m as sure as I can be. Good Luck!

scum versus the entire world…what could go wrong ?????

Posted by Maddog @ 11:32 on September 16, 2019  

Traders Buy Stocks, Dump Bonds & Bullion As War Rhetoric Rises


ZH notices how mad the mkts look.


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:17 on September 16, 2019  

No worries. If I misunderstood what you said I’m sure it won’t be the last time.


PS Sure would be nice to know the truth!

Ron Paul

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:14 on September 16, 2019  

Will Trump Take Neocon Bait and Attack Iran Over Saudi Strike?

The recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities by Yemeni Houthi forces demonstrate once again that an aggressive foreign policy often brings unintended consequences and can result in blowback. In 2015 Saudi Arabia attacked its neighbor, Yemen, because a coup in that country ousted the Saudi-backed dictator. Four years later Yemen is in ruins, with nearly 100,000 Yemenis killed and millions more facing death by starvation. It has been rightly called the worst humanitarian catastrophe on the planet.

But rich and powerful Saudi Arabia did not defeat Yemen. In fact, the Saudis last month asked the Trump Administration to help facilitate talks with the Houthis in hopes that the war, which has cost Saudi Arabia tens of billions of dollars, could finally end without Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman losing too much face. Washington admitted earlier this month that those talks had begun.

The surprise Houthi attack on Saturday disrupted half of Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas production and shocked Washington. Predictably, however, the neocons are using the attack to call for war with Iran!

cont. http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2019/september/16/will-trump-take-neocon-bait-and-attack-iran-over-saudi-strike/

Nice pop in the metals

Posted by Buygold @ 11:14 on September 16, 2019  

Good to see them holding up.

Shares too. Love it when I’m wrong about downside.

Well gee Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 11:12 on September 16, 2019  

Tell me what you really think.

I have no idea who blew the Saudi fields and didn’t suggest I did. All I said was Iran would be the first to be blamed, and they were.

Have a great day.


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:49 on September 16, 2019  

I already saw your question. If the US or her allies respond militarily then I’d say Iran has miscalculated.

If you think the US blew up the Saudi facilities then I think you are way out in left field. Of course you are free to think whatever you like.

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