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Richard 19:15

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:30 on September 18, 2019  

Yep me too.

Beto’s security switching to nerf guns

Posted by treefrog @ 22:45 on September 18, 2019  

Beto’s security detail to use only NERF guns from now on


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:41 on September 18, 2019  

I was wondering about that when I heard people were demanding BiBi to do more about terrorism and accusing him of being too soft. Things always tend to swing too far one way or another. If Iran gets in it too Lieberman may get more than he asked for.

Thank you Mr. Lieberman?

Posted by Buygold @ 20:20 on September 18, 2019  

Wow. God help us all.

Can only hope that someone grants the US the wisdom to stay out of the warmonger’s fray.

Get ready for. WW3=thank you Mr.Lieberman= But now Lieberman is in the catbird seat, and that means that Gaza is about to get flattened.

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:29 on September 18, 2019  
“Today, when the military enters Gaza, it will have significantly better capabilities than the Second Lebanon War. But in the end, when you embark on such a campaign, you want to ensure the safety of the soldiers,” he said. “Terror always has a bottom. In order to dry out terror, we must reach the critical mass. You have to kill thousands, arrest thousands more, and the rest will disperse.”
But, he said, “The reality in Gaza is that the group has terror infrastructures with military capabilities, and this is a very problematic situation. We have to destroy the military infrastructure in Gaza, and it will not be by a political move or only by airstrikes
After the formation of a government, we should expect Israel to launch a military operation inside Gaza at some point after the upcoming Jewish holidays.  Of course this would have the potential of sparking a much wider regional conflict, but the Israeli people are simply not going to put up with the endless rocket attacks coming from Gaza any longer.
And of course all of this is happening at the same time that a military conflict between the United States and Iran is potentially looming.  World War 3 could literally erupt at any time, and once it starts, the Middle East will never be the same again.
For Hamas, the Israeli election could not have gone any worse.

I like this lower chart from Phoenix Capital, don’t you?

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:15 on September 18, 2019  

Gold is currently taking a breather after one of its largest rallies in decades. As I write this, the precious metal is consolidating around support in the $1,500-$1,520 range per ounce. 

The question now is what comes next?

For that let’s turn to the long-term charts.

Gold has been forming a massive triangle pattern over the last 15 years.

More from Denninger=Lehman, about a month before it blew up, did exactly this with a tri-party Repo with Citibank at the NY Fed.

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:53 on September 18, 2019  

I remind you that the Valukis Report disclosed that Lehman, about a month before it blew up, did exactly this with a tri-party Repo with Citibank at the NY Fed. They attempted to present collateral, were told to **** off by Citi which didn’t like their collateral, were asked what else they had and their response was NOTHING.

From that INSTANT forward both The NY Fed AND Citibank KNEW, at a matter of fact, that Lehman was insolvent. It did not have good collateral sufficient to back it’s ordinary OVERNIGHT liquidity requirements! Yet that FACT was not disclosed to the general investing public and NOTHING was done about it either, despite that factual knowledge — until Lehman finally collapsed. Well, except for all those who I presume WERE trading on that information.

These Repo transactions are ordinary, every-day commercial balancing transactions — they take place to balance the reserves and free cash among financial institutions in the ordinary course of business. They normally trade right near or at the overnight FFR because the collateral posted consists of either government or agency securities, the term is typically one day and thus the risk is very nearly zero, and the reason they’re undertaken is that funds move from place to place in ordinary commerce and financial institutions must maintain their cash liquidity levels at mandated amounts.

the claim being run about a “dollar shortage” leading to the repo market spasms is a bald-faced lie

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:37 on September 18, 2019  
[DID U. EVER HEAR OF KARL DENNINGER? I dunno how ya can make any money reading him. but I like his style]

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Folks, the claim being run about a “dollar shortage” leading to the repo market spasms is a bald-faced lie and anyone running that crap is committing a fraud upon the public — the purpose of which should be exposed and then they should be indicted, prosecuted, jailed until dead and then their remains used for fishfood.

Why?  Because at its root it is quite obvious that someone — or some group of someones — is running an extortion scheme.

It is a fact that there is well north of a trillion dollars at the Fed in the form of excess reserves.  These are funds that the banks can choose to pull and use for repos, lending or whatever — they just choose not to.

To the extent that The Fed has encouraged that and, instead of slamming by name the firms that created that spike the last couple of days and nailing them with regulatory sanction they instead launched two repos is outrageous.

There is no dollar “shortage” when over a trillion worth of excess dollars are being intentionally stuffed into The Fed for the purpose of earning interest from The Fed on same (at 2.1%) when The Fed could have simply whacked that rate to zero to make that game instantly uneconomic.

Don’t believe the flat out bullcrap coming from certain corners of the Internet and other media — when there’s a trillion dollars laying around on purpose there is no shortage of dollars because “someone” wants a measly $50 or $75 billion on an overnight basis.

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2019-09-18 09:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 228 references

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ZH-NY Fed to conduct third consecutive Repo Operation tomorrow at 8:15 EST

Posted by Buygold @ 18:00 on September 18, 2019  

Don’t worry, everything’s fine. Powell said so.

Re: goldielocks @ 16:49

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 17:09 on September 18, 2019  

From what my old brain remembers, Obama was returning Iranian funds previously frozen by the US.

Buygold 16:35

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:49 on September 18, 2019  

I agree, both countries support terrorism that can affect us as well as others. Peace talks should be first. If Obama had a clue he should of negotiated sanction over PAYING them. That just creates hostage situations. He just created more problems that we have to pay leaders not to start up wars. Then next was North Korea sending out rockets expecting money too but by then Trump was in giving sanctions instead.
Iran would surely attack Israel too.
Negotiations lightening up on sanctions instead.

R6 – Concur with this statement…

Posted by Buygold @ 16:42 on September 18, 2019  

“so the bottom line for gold was the initial statement at 2pm was a “hawkish” 1/4 pt cut….then he very sneakily negated that stance. at the press. conference…so no more rate cuts thru 2020. is just B.S….gold should be fine”

Anyone who bought this and the fact that QE isn’t coming before year end has completely lost their minds. The only thing they did today was try to appear not to have caved to Trump. Most of them are Libtard Academics that hate Trump.

If Obama was President, rates would’ve been cut but .50 today and QE announced. They are going to make the markets force their hand, by then it will be too late.

R6, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 16:35 on September 18, 2019  

Powell actually said today the Fed may need to expand their balance sheet sooner than expected – I think that’s a nice way of saying more QE is coming sooner rater than later.

Iran is Saudi Arabia’s problem. The house of Saud is getting their asses kicked in Yemen. Their problem. Now if Israel wants to join the fray. God bless em’. I just don’t want US troops in another quagmire in the M.E. That’s the one thing Trump has prevented us from doing so far – that he promised. We’ll see if the Neocons pressure him into another major war. You probably will get your wish.

Other than the last 10 minutes this wasn’t a horrible day. We’ve certainly seen worse in pm’s from lower levels. If the Fed has more overnight Repo problems tonight they’ll have a helluva time glossing over them

The $’s up .335 but should not be a deal killer for gold–tonight. could be wild…I just can’t believe stocks

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:55 on September 18, 2019  

have a green light to go straight up for the next 2. yrs…izzit quad witch friday? If stocks come in down 400 on the dow in the morning…things could get wild…

Maddog–u got it. right, bro! Iran is now OFFICIALLY THE NEW NORTH KOREA

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:52 on September 18, 2019  

with the same shenanigans,  bullying and manipulation–it. doesn’t need nukes-as I have said a zillion times, I. ran can wipe out Israel. in 5 minutes just with their conventional weapons=1000s of missles, drones-cruise missiles etc….at least a million would die inan all out war with iran

They seized on one line at the press conference and stocks are all the way back…but they can’t let gold come back today

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:43 on September 18, 2019  

Maybe tonight…silver’s starting to come back nicely that’s been the lead mule lately…still…it’s the. same routine…I thought gold was done. with that…we need. that sponsorship to come back…it’s so obvious…stocks coming. back gave the “all clear” signal that “it” was all good…what a farce…I picked. up 300 calls. about. 1/2 an.  hour ago on SAND-the Oct 18 $6’s…paid 15 cent…so the bottom line for gold was the initial statement at 2pm was a “hawkish” 1/4 pt cut….then he very sneakily negated that stance. at the press. conference…so no more rate cuts thru 2020. is just B.S….gold should be fine

So Iran can literally take out the opposition

Posted by Maddog @ 14:49 on September 18, 2019  

in an act of war and that means nothing to the PM mkts…Gold is now $3 Cheaper than Fridays close….

If nothing happens soon, then the Donald is a paper tiger.

The mkts are now mad, as this news is way bigger than any Fed talk…yet tks to the scum..nothing happens…

Posted by Maddog @ 14:38 on September 18, 2019  

Aramco Attacks An “Act Of War” By Iran: Pompeo After Arriving In Jeddah


What’s worse is the mkts do nothing on Saudi and go Ape over the Fed..talk about ego !!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 14:19 on September 18, 2019  

Same BS

Posted by deer79 @ 14:16 on September 18, 2019  

Every time……

classic scum hit

Posted by Maddog @ 14:14 on September 18, 2019  

I wonder how those JPM traders feel, watching this crap…they stand accused of rigging the mkt, while the scum do it day in day out.

When was the last time we had a Fed announcement, that did not get sold in PM;s…it is 100 % of the time…u gotta wonder what the deal is..though my wife reckons they have been told, take the hit, or u swim with fishes.

Oh dear now we got problems the SM is cratering…so PM’s gotta be killed, as well….of course the miners were the tell…so another ripping day for GS and JPM.

TREE–I. said earlier that this rate cut was the most expected/discounted one in a long time…

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:56 on September 18, 2019  

but looking. at bonds especially…and the trannies don 190…and the HUI down 1.73. with gold up $3…I gotta think we see an extreme reaction–either at 2pm or after the 2:30 press conference…my bets stocks start a down sequence and gold possibly have a big jump

Hey treefrog

Posted by Buygold @ 13:56 on September 18, 2019  

with 5 minutes to go I can say I’m “braced” but never quite ready for what happens.

Usually the outcome is not good, but times may or may not be changin’

fed announcement coming up

Posted by treefrog @ 13:45 on September 18, 2019  

is everybody braced for an abrupt move up, down, or sideways?


…or some combination?

Maddog, R6

Posted by Buygold @ 13:44 on September 18, 2019  

Maddog – ZH has another article that discusses the Fed may announce QE today but describe it as Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO) rather than say QE that may panic the markets. I’d think if they use that POMO language we’re going to see some pretty good volatility after the announcement. I’d also expect Powell will get some questions about the Repo activity of the last two days in the Q & A. Hope he’s prepared to tread lightly.

R6 – Looks like they are shaking the pm tree prior to the Fed announcement. Either someone knows something or they are giving themselves some room to cover. I’d almost prefer to see a pre-announcement hit like we’re seeing now. But who knows?

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