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Posted by aurum @ 23:41 on September 23, 2019  

and how is his record


seems about 50% somewhat good but not good enough for real money



Posted by Richard640 @ 23:03 on September 23, 2019  

Dennis Gartman…

Turning to gold and the precious metals, they attempted to rally Wednesday of last week following the FOMC’s meeting end but that rally attempt failed. But neither had gold weakened materially and as we said here on Thursday and then again on Friday, the longer gold held at or near to $1500-$1505/oz, the more impressed we were and shall be. It was and we are.

Further, Friday’s action was really quite impressive for two reasons. Firstly, it was impressive in light of the weakness in the EUR for on balance a week EUR shall beget weaker gold prices and clearly that was not happening. Secondly, it was Friday and for the past several years that alone has been inordinately “problematic” for gold. The fact that gold had made it through the Asian trading session and had made it into the early European session without weakening had our interest, therefore.

We’d rather publicly exited half or our multi-year long holding position in gold very early last week when gold did not skyrocket on the Saudi/Abqaiq/Khurais news but we did keep the other half for we had to be reminded that “After all, this is a bull market.” And so we said… in heavily underlined fashion so that no one could or would miss what we had said… If gold does make it through the North American session intact, we shall be very impressed and will be forced into re-buying that which we had sold. If we have to pay a few dollars and a few EURs higher than where we sold half of the position last week, we shall consider that as an insurance cost to have insured the veracity of this very long-term trade. It did and we did and as we write gold is trading firmly, thus vindicating our decision. Now we have to decide when to add to the trade yet again.


America’s production of crude oil rose so rapidly that it surpassed that of both Russia and Saudi Arabia, increasing from 5.5 million to 12.2 million barrels per day

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:47 on September 23, 2019  

American Powerhouse

The new reality of world oil supply that has recently emerged explains why panic remains unlikely with current conditions. And central to this reality is the radically new role played by the U.S., one that will not wither or weaken anytime soon.

In just six years, America’s production of crude oil rose so rapidly that it surpassed that of both Russia and Saudi Arabia, increasing from 5.5 million to 12.2 million barrels per day. It is now forecast to reach over 13 million barrels per day in 2020. Adding to this other petroleum liquids, especially those derived from natural gas, the total rises to 18 million barrels per day, a level no country has ever before achieved.


rno, 21:56 last night

Posted by treefrog @ 22:20 on September 23, 2019  

“A close above $18.32 would be extremely bullish.”

well, we got that with thirty cents to spare.


thoughts for tonight

Posted by aurum @ 22:15 on September 23, 2019  


Posted by aurum @ 21:27 on September 23, 2019  

my point was not that this might not be it

but just not too bet too much and also take some profits along the way

i have always believed pms would rule but fortunately had the sense to bail most when turned ugly

still i hope this is it


Hey aurum

Posted by Buygold @ 21:16 on September 23, 2019  

Welcome back.

I’m glad you’re back and glad you’re cautious.

shadows, greys & evil ways

Posted by aurum @ 21:15 on September 23, 2019  

found this on my music why there?

anyway into it for tonight

opinions augirl?

worth a listen i have no idea

Posted by aurum @ 20:56 on September 23, 2019  

avi giburt on metals markets being controlled (but only at the fringes)


Posted by aurum @ 20:32 on September 23, 2019  

as a minimum i see this as an abc which means we should expect to see at least the 2016 gain going forward in whatever pm chart you are looking at

i have set sells at that number on some of my imo weaker stocks

although today they did better than my thought to be by me stronger stocks

anyway that is where i am now

i hope i become convinced this is the big one but pardon me for being cautious


about augirl

Posted by aurum @ 19:59 on September 23, 2019  

just to be clear

she is a smart confident lady which are traits that i admire

i have been mostly happily married to the same <a similar> smart confident lady for over 50 years

augirl reminds me of my daughter who is confident and opinionated and too often right


Posted by Richard640 @ 19:55 on September 23, 2019  
September 23, 2019  Topic: Security  Region: Middle East  Blog Brand: Middle East Watch  Tags: IranMilitaryTechnologyWorld

America’s Gray-Zone Offensive Against Iran Could Turn Into War

Getting into a fight may not be wise, but some sort of military clash between the United States and Iran appears increasingly likely. If fight we must, let’s at least stride—not stumble—onto the battleground.


annoying thing about the site

Posted by aurum @ 19:40 on September 23, 2019  

i always signed my posts with aurum so i could do a search and see what i posted that turned out to be stupid or in this case wise

anyway search your response and you will see the silver idea

actuallly a lot of the credit goes to  winedoc as he emailed and got me to looking at charts as you might say out of retirement

buygold and correlations

Posted by aurum @ 19:33 on September 23, 2019  

i am surprised you still try to correlate markets

each market is on its own course and correlation is coincidence

when augirl comes back since we are in a bull pm market at least for a few weeks i will post more

especially since my tastes in music have changed

didnt i do you a favor a few months ago saying silver?

Stock indices

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 18:54 on September 23, 2019  

The stock market appears to be rolling over after not being able to take out old highs. Some have a triple top. If the indices are unable to make a fourth run, look out below. If they do make another run up, a new high is probable and PM falls.



RNO, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 18:06 on September 23, 2019  

RNO – The thing about silver and the metals in general is that no one seems to know why they are rising in the first place, so the guru’s are all expecting a correction based on charts? The latest correction relieved the oversold condition, your remarks about other commodities potentially rising with something bubbling underneath the surface seems more palatable. I guess we’ll see if the “bitch” silver goes right back down again tomorrow. Today was a surprise, I don’t think anyone has a clue what will happen tomorrow.

Maddog – NEM is the only thing holding the HUI back from an explosion. Probably thing only thing keep those predicting a correction keeping them in the game. We’ll see what happens. Talk about a beach ball being held under water….

Comex gold and silver

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 17:38 on September 23, 2019  

Silver popped through it’s last resistance until the old top. Beware, silver is the bitch of the metal market. Gold is at the last resistance point.

some of the talking heads are looking for a bear market in PM. A good close in gold tomorrow will negate the possible H&S top and push to new highs. I have no idea where the shorts will cover, but they have to be getting nervous.

The grain markets have turned up after a long bear market so the entire commodity sector may have a rally while stocks languish. Wheat, which is the bitch of the grain market, should do a seasonal run up. Corn and beans are watching for a frost.

Seems to be some under current in the markets. The Comex open interest in the morning should give us a clue.

Could the scum be more obvious, sitting on Nem.

Posted by Maddog @ 16:01 on September 23, 2019  

Re: Richard640 @ 15:52

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 16:00 on September 23, 2019  

Perhaps because Iran didn’t do it!
PS your link not working.


Posted by treefrog @ 15:57 on September 23, 2019  

rising into the close again.  i like it.

A lot of Neville Chamberlins around these days

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:52 on September 23, 2019  


Buygold R640

Posted by Maddog @ 15:08 on September 23, 2019  

Sri been out and about,……no new ideas on the Repo mkt…just like most others can’t tell if someone, or some people are in trouble, or is it all quarter end technical.

As for Bonds..I see them having reacting to the sudden rise we saw, that rise took 13 days and then we pulled back for 6 days…may well be that the correction, to the correction is over and we head on up twds 2 % plus in the 10’s .

I see Nem is under the cosh…so scum still super active. everyone is looking for a correction, as too many bulls around !!!!…like who….will they get it?????

This story is from yesterday

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:03 on September 23, 2019  


Pro-Iran PMU forces take over Iraq’s Saudi, Jordanian borders, threaten Israel from the east


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:57 on September 23, 2019  

“NEM down for the day”

That is wild. I guess they don’t care if they’re seen with their thumb on the scale. At least most of the rest doing well today.

Getting a strong buy signal on the oil. sector

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:48 on September 23, 2019  

Why Jim Cramer thinks it’s time to sell some of your oil stocks

  • It is time to sell some of the oil stocks in your investment portfolio, advises CNBC’s Jim Cramer.
  • “After a major supply shock failed to move the forward curve, we simply can’t expect the oil companies to be aggressive long-term,” the “Mad Money” host says.
  • Additionally, Cramer says recent natural gas restriction in San Jose, California, show “the future is now for renewable fuels.”


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