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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:55 on September 26, 2019  

It says Bolton was in contact with whistle blower prior to filing the complaint. So how did he get the information? So much for security, on the left anyways.

Bolton contacted whistleblower prior to filing complaint, suggesting an attempted coup


Posted by Maya @ 19:31 on September 26, 2019  

The problem with trading commodities is….  trading commodities.

Rules changes…. overlooking violations… big money rules and wins, every time!  I learned this the hard way also, as I posted here some time ago.   It’s all paper…. and paper burns!

One need only look at the shenanigans of the commodities markets to see what will happen in the stock market upon crashing.  You think you will get out with a profit??   Hah!   Ha ha ha!

Physical… in hand… will rule.

The Problem with Trading Commodities

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:48 on September 26, 2019  

is the Government has NO sympathy for the “Speculators” even though its They that provide much of the LIQUIDITY in these Markets .SELLERS and Consumers of CORN ,SUGAR ,copper etc have a limited Price Range they can operate in with the retail consumer balking at higher prices .They depend on Speculaters to provide liquidity that allows the Market to find “Price Discovery ” .

BUT when Real shortages occur the Government is willing to sacrifice the “Speculators” and CHANGE the RULES in order to find relief and some additional supplies for the Market .

YES Government will sacrifice the “speculators” in order to get supplies out of their hands and into the Market place when needed .Sometimes its not enough and prices continue to rise even after they Change the rules on Deliverable GRADE and require CASH  payment ,but the “speculaters “are sacrificed first …even though its they that provide the original Liquidity  to find price discovery.   NO sympathy for them……

I would be

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:26 on September 26, 2019  

playing around in OIL & GAS ,in what I call “BOTTOM FISHING” ,IF I DIDNT have FATTER FISH TO FRY in GOLD & SILVER..!    just my opinion….!


Posted by Ororeef @ 18:04 on September 26, 2019  

in the 20 year charts of the RUT ,IXIC  that say “SELL” ,Granted they are over bought ,but they can stay Overbought longer than you can stay SOLVENT trying to SHORT THEM   !    ITS true “when the Markets collapse these are among big losers”,but,but like I said , they can stay overbought longer than you can stay SOLVENT trying to SHORT THEM ….

Its better to play elsewhere !..If this Market dont collapse BY NOV 7 th its not Going to….,we are in the weakest  Season ,but I wouldent  bet on a crash with all this CASH coming in and a Strong Dollar …!





Dennis Gartman…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:39 on September 26, 2019  

We were and we are suddenly very wrong as prices collapsed yesterday about an hour after the transcript of President Trump’s now rather famous conversation with Ukraine’s President Zelensky was released to the public… Why that touched off such massive selling in gold is quite beyond us for the rally of the past two weeks was not predicated upon the news regarding Trump and Zelensky given that the rally evolved “long” before the calls for the possible impeachment of President Trump developed.

…such material damage has been wrought that there is suddenly talk that a material Head & Shoulders Top formation has evolved in gold, as evidenced by the chart included this morning at the upper left of p.1. Too, an important, several months long trend line is now in jeopardy of been broken through from above. For now, however, the trend line is holding. Fingers here, then, are doubly crossed.

“… we cut our position back ever-so-slightly. We cut perhaps 15% of what we owned on the first bounce of a very few dollars in the spot price. For now, as the trend line noted above and as drawn on the chart at the upper left of p.1 still holds, we are holding the remainder of our position… but certainly we are distraught and certainly we are on a knife’s edge, hoping that the trend line really does prove valid.”


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:25 on September 26, 2019  

Wouldn’t the dollar rise too much be a burden on trade? Remember when the Swiss rise caused them to par their currency to the Euro. Also I heard they’re hoarding the dollar. With a end date on the Euro if it happens maybe their waiting.

Since they change the rules like you and others mentioned and happened to me too in crash 08 and more games if you go short don’t hang around too long.

The CoinGuy @ 16:25 on September 26, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:46 on September 26, 2019  

” Im not in the Business of Making Mistakes”    ..How fucking arrogant can this guy get ?

Maddog @ 10:17 on September 26, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:42 on September 26, 2019  

SO with all the LIQUIDITY  in the world flowing to the US ,how does a recession start ? ,how does a Market crash start ?       How does Gold go down  ?  ………….IT DONT…!    A contraction in money supply and Contraction in Velocity of money is what causes problems ,,,we have none of that ! and we wont ,barring more democrats getting elected…

Richard640 @ 12:26 on September 26, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:22 on September 26, 2019  

N.Korea NUKES ! What would the Russians do ?  ..They would take the Nuclear option and take them out first ,Blackmail and Hostage taking dosent work against the Russians …They are willing to take a hit short term rather than look weak …That stops other little shit countries from Nuclear Blackmail against Russia.

India wanted to   hit Pakistan years ago ,to put that tactic to rest,India wanted to do it ,but the US stopped them….India could have solved the problem then and there would be NO Nuclear Blackmail today …!

Why wait for the US to take the hit like Pearl Harbor and 9-11  ?

Ororeef @ 15:49

Posted by Samb @ 16:20 on September 26, 2019  

I had a commodities account with a MAJOR broker and ample cash in the account. This was long before the Internet age. I had been intriqued by the very low price in OJ futures. Nightly news indicated a growing, cold weather pattern developing that could even reach northern Florida. The next day I went long on OJ futures quite modestly but, based on price only which continued to dip lower. That night the weather forecasters said this deep cold spell coming could now even reach central Florida. I bought more the next day as the OJ price continued to sink even more. Then the bitter cold hit deep into OJ territory and the growers brought out the smudge pots in desperation. The OJ crop was soon to be devastated and the Brazil marker was in its infantcy.

Well, I was rolling in dough and in no rush to sell. This was the big hit of them all. No use shorting this market…you would be wiped out quickly. And up, up, up went the futures. And then I got the phone call. Was my broker giving me 3 hours to come up with oodles of cash or he was instructed to sell me out.

Seems that the CFTC just made an emergency ruling that there would no longer be any margin longs for OJ…must now be all cash!  OJ futures continued to climb ever higher but, I was sold out. The sold out longs were scooped up by insiders that had full banking credit to go long on a 100% cash basis. Never played futures again.

Richard640 @ 13:48 on September 26, 2019

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:49 on September 26, 2019  

Funny you mentioned Sugar,I had a similar experience ,I thought finally I got a bottom price and I had a good position and thought all I had to do was wait because there was NO Sugar to be had….I was up about $35,000 when all of a sudden they CHANGED the RULES about what DELIVERABLE SUGAR was and allowed Brown Sugar to be delivered against a Contract that Clearly said otherwise..In one day I it dropped $20,000 and I was lucky to get that …My timing was perfect ,my judgement was correct ,yet who was I going to complain to ?

CROOKS everywhere..!


Posted by Maddog @ 14:00 on September 26, 2019  

We have the same crap going on here over Brexit……the Deep Swamp can tell any lie, break any precedent etc and they get a pass, whereas the rest just have to look the wrong way and all hell breaks lose.

That is of u believe the MSM, which increasing numbers don’t.

Crude–news. is. always bearish near or at a bottom-I remember a sugar. tade I had about 2004

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:48 on September 26, 2019  

I couldn’t find a bullish article…it was 5 cents–same price as in 1972–I. bought 100 calls. [commodity cslls] for $13,000 with a year and 3 months on them…outa nowhere bullish news came from India and a few other places-I think sugar went to 7 or 8 cents–not a. huge. rise–I made about $75K…


Oil futures finished with a loss on Wednesday as U.S. government data revealed a second weekly climb in domestic crude inventories.

Also weighing on prices were news reports saying Saudi Arabia had restored most of crude production capacity, recovering from attacks on its facilities earlier this month.

U.S. supplies rose more than expected last week, though was “largely offset by the less-bearish to mildly bullish inventory statistics for the refined products,” said Tyler Richey, co-editor of Sevens Report Research.

Domestic crude-oil production edged higher by 100,000 barrels a day to “revisit the all-time record high” of 12.5 million barrels a day, which is slightly bearish, he said. However, “in the face of the uncertain outlook for Saudi Arabian production right now, the market is capable of absorbing elevated U.S. production for the time being.”

Richard640 @ 12:26 None are so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE!! They gotta use more than their eyes.

Posted by silverngold @ 12:35 on September 26, 2019  

Gotta run. TTFN

Silverngold-glad u liked it–the problem that isn’t being discussed is that. Iran is. already a North Korea situation

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:26 on September 26, 2019  

possibly already with an untested nuke bomb–I heard tell 30 yrs ago that “how to build an atomic bomb” was already published. in the public sphere–so why wouldn’t. Iran already. have a bakers dozen or two? ….5 yrs ago people were saying that Iran was “months” away from having one…if the world. wants a muslim-fanatic run. state with. nukes then they should keep on saying that diplomacy is the only way to. deal with Iran…

Hey Captain

Posted by Buygold @ 12:09 on September 26, 2019  

I don’t think you’re being too harsh, I think you nailed it.

I think we can agree we’ve never seen anything like what’s gone on with Trump while all the deep state actors just get a pass.

This is the third presidential phone call that’s been leaked to the media. Unprecedented.

All the while, Biden and his son seemingly get away with unbelievable corruption as does Comey and all the rest?



Posted by treefrog @ 12:07 on September 26, 2019  

harsh? no, generous imo.


Buygold @ 11:30

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:53 on September 26, 2019  

It’s either that or he just generally won’t do what they tell him to do (which is why the repubs want him out too), he is principled and not a moral retard like most politicians, and they (libtards on either side of the two (its really only one) party system) are a bunch of spoiled/deranged/rapacious brats.

But maybe I’m being a bit to harsh…no?


Richard640 @ 10:48 Thank You!! I agree…

Posted by silverngold @ 11:52 on September 26, 2019  

….we ARE in the end times. I had not realized or recognized that the Psalms chapters identified the timing of so many end times events. I’ll look forward to reading that in its entirety when I can find the time to concentrate uninterrupted on it. Thanks Again my friend.  Silverngold

Why does the Deep State want to Impeach Trump? IMHO it’s because he’s not been quick to go to war, especially with Iran

Posted by Buygold @ 11:30 on September 26, 2019  

When he ran for President, he said he didn’t want to waste money on meaningless Middle East wars. The American people agree with him according to Gallup. The deep state OTOH craves war. The Neocons on both sides of the aisle crave war, but Trump won’t give it to them, therefore he must be removed.

Most Americans Favor Economic and Diplomatic Efforts Over Military Action Against Iran
What do you think the United States should do to get Iran to shut down its nuclear program — take military action against Iran, or rely mainly on economic and diplomatic efforts?
Take military action against Iran – Rely on economic/diplomatic efforts
% %
Total U.S. adults              18                      78
Republicans/Leaners              25                      72
Democrats/Leaners              11                      86
GALLUP, JULY 15-31, 2019

Richard640 @ 10:41

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:13 on September 26, 2019  

Oh ya…just a week ago according to the pundits a ‘war premium’ was an ongoing ‘no brainer’.

That’s the problem I have with most pundits … no brains.


US House passes bill giving pot businesses access to banking

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:07 on September 26, 2019  



Posted by ipso facto @ 10:59 on September 26, 2019  

Bankers know each other. They all know about their own business practices and know that they themselves are scum and will try to screw you. So, they don’t trust each other. Just look at what they are trying to do to Portugeezer for a good illustration of that.

Richard640 @ 10:40

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:51 on September 26, 2019  

IMO anyone selling their PM shares on account of a perceived coming intermediate downturn is making a big mistake. Look at the multiple swords of Damocles hanging above our heads. There could be a major disruption at any time. I don’t think TA counts for much right now. As I said IMO.

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