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From. the great. Mike. Ballinger

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:09 on October 22, 2019  

As month-end approaches, the junior miner ETF (GDXJ) is at a critical juncture as another down day will result in a technical failure. I am officially “hopeful but nervous”…Image


Posted by Richard640 @ 22:05 on October 22, 2019  

John. Hussman

S&P 500 within 0.5% of a record high, yet our measures of market internals remain negative and more than 47% of all individual stocks are below their respective 200-day averages. Here are the other instances in the past 25 years. Last one was mid-July. Not a forecast, just FYI.


Agree and Disagree from Murph

Posted by Buygold @ 20:15 on October 22, 2019  

“Gold and silver should be pushing onward and upward, both from a technical AND fundamental perspective. The only reason for this sudden coma in both price and open interest is a cartel lockdown.”  AGREE 

“As always the physical market will tell the tale as to whether it can be sustained.”  DISAGREE

Germany buys gold for the first time in two decades. Home sales tumble despite low rates. Repo’s waaayy oversubscribed.

Technicals, fundamentals and the physical market don’t mean a damn thing as long as the paper rig continues.

From Murph tonight

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:27 on October 22, 2019  


When it comes to gold and silver trading “anomalies” are about as common as it gets. There’s hardly a day that goes by without some kind of counterintuitive movement, clockwork selloff, and technicals-defying resistance point. The latest “anomaly” comes in the form of a sudden state of torpor in the price of the metals, along with their open interest.

For example when Dec. silver hit $19.67 on Sep. 5 its open interest was 216,682. Fast forward a month later and by October 1 silver had plunged $2.47, a decline of 12%, to $17.30, yet the open interest barely budged, winding up at 212,266. It’s odd to say the least to have such dramatic changes in the price of a commodity with little volatility in OI. In fact silver OI has stayed between 210-218K for almost the past 2 months. We’ve basically been in a silver open interest coma since early September. Lately daily changes in OI have been as little as 1K or less. Why the sudden coma after an entire summer of volatility in both price and open interest? What change occurred to provoke such sudden dispirited action? It certainly wasn’t a sudden turn in fiscal or monetary discipline. In fact, QUITE the opposite.

In the past 2 months we’ve witnessed alarming Fed overnight repo action, and no matter what they call it, a new QE op, along with ongoing trade/Brexit turmoil. Gold and silver should be pushing onward and upward, both from a technical AND fundamental perspective. The only reason for this sudden coma in both price and open interest is a cartel lockdown. As always the physical market will tell the tale as to whether it can be sustained. The summer of 2019 was distinctly different from the past 7 years. The smoke signals were clearly visible. Nothing has changed, other than the smoke getting temporarily doused.


Vote in the Poll Vote in the Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:35 on October 22, 2019  

Nice to see the PM shares come back at the end of the day

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:30 on October 22, 2019  

A lot of the midgets did well.

Tulsi better employ a food taster, give up flying and live in a nuke bunker

Posted by Maddog @ 15:44 on October 22, 2019  

Hillary Clinton Fuels 2020 Buzz with Beyoncé Quote About Taking Power


Pick up the phone

Posted by silverngold @ 14:15 on October 22, 2019  

This guy makes lotsa good points.

GUSH…I was. wondering…about time–in a. yr it went from $41. to $2.45

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:26 on October 22, 2019  

After the close of the markets on November 21, 2019, the Fund will affect a reverse split of its issued and outstanding shares, with a 1 for 10 ratio. This affectively decreases the total number of shares outstanding by approximately 90%.

Please note the CUSIP change, effective November 22, 2019:


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:22 on October 22, 2019  

Watch out or head shoulders and other bearish patterns forming on some stocks.
Copper almost hit bottom of a channel and will depend on which way it goes.
Dollar pulled out of a down trend line but will it stay there or go back down.
Only thing that seems to be helping PMs right now is dollar and Yen, depending on what way they go.

deer79 @ 11:50

Posted by Captain Hook @ 12:21 on October 22, 2019  

Not until the idiot CME futures speculators puke up their longs…no. And then the bankers will cap any rally again.

So I don’t know why the hell everybody’s so bullish watching this crap every day.

I said it before — falling dollar — it doesn’t matter — India nukes Pakistan — it won’t matter — QE infinity — doesn’t matter.

None of it will matter until the geniuses that play the derivatives start buying real shares and bullion.

With this in mind, along with tax loss selling picking up…it’s no wonder you see this slippage every day.

No wonder at all.



Posted by goldielocks @ 12:17 on October 22, 2019  

As far as Tulsi if she digs deep enough maybe she can find the Quid pro Quo of the war machine and will find Hitlery knee deep in it.That is if she can stay safe. That’s murder for hire on both sides. Trump trying to eliminate the need for one.. oil.

Is this ever going to end?

Posted by deer79 @ 11:50 on October 22, 2019  

Same chart pattern every friggin day…….


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:40 on October 22, 2019  

Tulsi is a rising star with convictions as far as war. She knows they’re being sent there for other reasons than humanity and being played as pawns and probably wants them out.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Add constant to that old saying while making no changes themselves to try to prevent it if they can have others doing the work and sacrifice for them.
Now they’re throwing potatoes and rocks at them while they pull out only to be sent somewhere else over there.
Then you got all these citizens including children dying in collateral damage.
It’s a side tract for them in a crummy economy where their peoples needs are no different.
They need a better environment and jobs. Create war as the only job that benefits no one but those power and money grabbers at the top. Pawns on both sides and use religion as a moral authority which isn’t exactly a religion of peace.
Over here they use patriot while the higher ups can’t even get control of our border being invaded. They are so far out with the misuse and squandering of the word patriot which is meant for us, not to police the worlds problems.
The framers were well aware of the constant power plays over there including Europe and warned to stay out problems of their own doing.
Why we hesitated going into WW11 until Pearl Harbor. Because it never ends!
It’s like if someone has you fo them a favor then makes a habit out of it then starts expecting it crossing lines.
It’s a good distraction from the issues here. I’m guessing the same going on there.
Now we have a socialist party that is a nightmare to our economy , constitution and sovereignty set the make this country as bad off as others.
Now we even have a socialist party that wants to destroy business and even pensions depending on what party they belong to which has never happened before Obama. Like the scum of the earth wanting to rob you for money and when you don’t have it or refuse to give away what you earned they kill you, your kids and take your things. No different.

As far as defense I think it should be left to the tough skinned higher ups like Generals that know the cost of war and want to avoid it but know what to do if it’s needed.
Tulsi is moving up and hope she can reach the young that don’t have enough life experience or able to see the consequences of their brain dead ideas.
Concentrate on her economy in a place that needs more jobs not just dependent on travel. To start producing things and help make it less dependent on imports.
Maya looked for any job for awhile and could find none.
That won’t happen with over regulations, party preferences and taxes. Let her get this experience.
Party’s should be eliminated. It’s just another divide and conquer of our constitution and strength breaking it up in pieces. They need to answer to all people not just their party’s.

As far as Tulsi going after Hitlery as one friend put it she’s going for the kill.
In the meantime let’s see if she can get some accomplishments under her belt for her state to strengthen her position against the loonies and hypocrites on the left including some on the right like Romney.
That fake con artist ran to Trump to get elected then hit a even lower low turning on him. A lot of us already figured that out. Just other swamp rat.

Got gold=World markets are like a pie crust stretched across the roof of a volcano!

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:16 on October 22, 2019  

Dollar Liquidity Turmoil Returns With First Oversubscribed Term Repo In A Month

This was not supposed to happen.

Revelation 6:12-17 And I saw when he opened the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the whole moon became as blood; (13) and the stars of the heaven fell unto the earth, as a fig tree casteth her unripe figs when she is shaken of a great wind. (14) And the heaven was removed as a scroll when it is rolled up; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. (15) And the kings of the earth, and the princes, and the chief captains, and the rich, and the strong, and every bondman and freeman, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains; (16) and they say to the mountains and to the rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: (17) for the great day of their wrath is come; and who is able to stand?

The Rapture of the Church is after the Tribulation

Buygold @ 9:55

Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:07 on October 22, 2019  

I was thinking he’s just like Obama, but the signature is always the same for these globalists in the second term.

They stick their foot so far up the butt of the country you can’t see straight.

The thing that might slow Trudeau down is he’s only got a minority government.

But of course the bankers own all of them so it might not matter.

Oh well — next up for Canada — social scoring and re-education centers for the dissidents — no joke it could happen.

Like I said when Obama was re-elected…America is about to get what it deserves for being so stupid…and now it’s Canada’s turn.



Trudeau re-elected?

Posted by Buygold @ 9:55 on October 22, 2019  

Sorry my Canadian friends. I guess some of your people are as stupid as as some of ours.

He’s the Bill Clinton of Canada.

The Writing’s the Wall

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:47 on October 22, 2019  

Bundesbank buys gold for the first time in 21 years.

ZH Reporting

Posted by Buygold @ 9:45 on October 22, 2019  

Repo market an over subscribed mess again. Fed better print some more.

Scum better add more shorts.

And so it goes. I wonder what our Canadian Brethren think of this?

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:32 on October 22, 2019  

Trudeau Overcomes Scandal To Win 2nd Term As PM, But Fails To Secure Majority


Skeena has a nice hit too

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:25 on October 22, 2019  

Skeena Intersects 314.07 g/t AuEq Over 2.21 m in Lower Mudstone at Eskay Creek


Wallbridge drills 38.39 m of 27 g/t Au at Fenelon

Posted by Captain Hook @ 8:58 on October 22, 2019  

News Release

My largest junior holding. This deposit could turn out to be big.


Morning Maya, Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 8:45 on October 22, 2019  

Maya – you’re probably right about the DNC and Tulsi, she’s too level headed to be the nominee in the lunatic party. I would say though that Hitlery’s comments have been a boom to her candidacy.

Goldie – Thought from the start that Trump should have offered Tulsi a cabinet position – Secretary of Defense or Sec. of State.

I see gold and silver are doing what they always do, start up a bit and then head back down.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:55 on October 22, 2019  


It was almost named the Wasatch,
for the mountains it was designed to climb.


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