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Posted by goldielocks @ 12:48 on November 4, 2019  

I’m aware of rebar for reinforcement but don’t understand the safety contents in building something that big. I would have no clue how safe it is. I traveled with a old friend and VN vet through Mexico once. We got off the tourist trail and hopped a bus. He said oh man talking about some building that was I’m the making. We were deep in Mexico past Porte Vallarta. I said is that bad and he said yeah. He is a contractor.
In California they have stricter building codes now and heard they stopped making three story houses.
As far a porches outside they can go down fast. Also brick although I’ve seen some brick bringing reinforced with rebar some how. It goes down fast. Real fast.
Maybe I’d be good at is if I learned back then. Our house in Sylmar as a teen I helped build part of a brick and rod iron fencing around the property. I noticed that the part I built was still standing but most of the rest was a mess of bricks on the ground.
Wood bend but like the doorways some snapped in half because we learned so far back and forth even that didn’t hold. You could hear the wood cracking I’m the walls. I don’t know if I’d want to live in a cement building esp with a cement roof. I guess it’s sort of a post traumatic thing, same when I see brick although like brick, good insulation too less it’s ok the outside not build in it.
That’s what killed the veterans in Sylmar. The brick building collapsed and roofs fell down on them.

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