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Posted by goldielocks @ 11:10 on November 4, 2019  

In California they’ve said for years the big one “ Quake” can happen anytime. Good to keep on the back of your mind and after being in the Sylmar Quake which one hadn’t happened in so long no one was even thinking about a Quake. Since then it’s been scare tactics ever since. I remember hospitals would have meetings on quakes. I’d have to correct them being in one. Like standing in a door way. If your by the front door get the H out. I saw doorways split in half and if you were standing there you would of been impaled.
Best to get next to something really heavy but somethings like a bed not under it. For one it moves around two you could be crushed.
If you noticed when something falls on something heavy usually there’s a space under it next to it. I noticed when cars were crushed under Fwys or cement parking lots there was space next to the front tire thanks to the front tire and engine.
No mater where you are something could happen.
Like I mentioned these hooplas cause people more trouble than it’s worth.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.