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silverngold @ 17:16 – Seattle

Posted by Maya @ 1:12 on November 4, 2019  

I almost got a job there at KOMO TV in 2008.  I kinda saw the economic downturn coming, and I was a little amazed they were recruiting me so heavily.   After checking it out and agreeing on a payscale with the engineering manager, I went back home to Honolulu and packed up my belongings while waiting for the final offer and employment contract that I expected in a matter of a few weeks.   It never came.

My friend at the station told me later that the engineering manager was let go, and there was a hiring freeze imposed.  Weeks later I had two new co-workers in Honolulu who had been let go by the KOMO news department in Seattle.   Not long afterwards the station was sold to new owners, and my friend also lost his job and moved to Florida. Now I am glad the job fell thru. It would have been a disasterous earlier retirement for me.

I watched Honolulu deteriorate in recent years also with massive homeless problems.  It only got worse as rent prices rose and rose.  I am glad I got out of that crowded urban environment and retired out here to the jungles of the Big Island.  Big cities are not the place to be in a severe economic downturn.

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