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Captain Hook

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:25 on November 7, 2019  

Thanks. I’ll be patient.

Richard640 @ 19:54 re Is a Marxist government soon going to rule the UK.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:33 on November 7, 2019  

In my view, as poverty gets worse over time, then the need or ability for socialism grows. So as a shear guess, I’ll bet UK is ALSO have consumer products made in China et al. Didn’t John Lenin come from that area? “The world that lives as one” guy. Making China (and Japan before China) the global vendor was a big mistake. In my opinion of course.

ipso facto @ 17:26

Posted by Captain Hook @ 21:05 on November 7, 2019  

I’m out of it now. Everybody is way ahead of themselves over there including Sprott.


The Economic Crash So Far: A Look At The Real Numbers—-GOT GOLD?

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:08 on November 7, 2019  
Here are the indicators so far that prove a crash is happening in the U.S. while a majority of the public is oblivious:
GDP numbers are completely manipulated. Government spending of taxpayer dollars on a number of inflated programs, including continued spending on Obamacare, is added to GDP calculations. Without this fancy accounting, U.S. GDP growth would actually be negativeaccording to ShadowStats. But even with the juiced data, official GDP growth is still in decline, falling to 1.9% and well below the 3% growth we were supposed to see this year.
Official unemployment stats remain at all-time lows, which is commonly cited by the mainstream media, Donald Trump (he used to argue the opposite three years ago), and even the Federal Reserve in reference to the health and stability of the economy. What they do not mention much is the 95 million people not in the labor force and not counted because they have been unemployed for so long. When the media does mention this fact, they claim the number is “misleading”, that most of these people are students or retired, that the retirement age is decreasing and Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce sooner, and that the people who don’t have jobs are simply “not interested” in working. None of this is true.
The retirement age is increasing in the U.S., not decreasing, according the SS Administration. Current average retirement age is now 67, up from 65, almost the same as it was during the Great Depression.
Baby Boomers are not retiring at rates similar to ten years ago, and are in fact attempting to stay in the workforce due to the poor economy. Many of them are trying to come OUT of retirement just to make ends meet.
The labor participation rate remains near record lows.
Interestingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) house survey that is used to determine if people “want a job” assumes that if you are near retirement age and do not have a job, you are simply not interested in a job, and they count you as “non-participating”. However, if you DO have a job and you are near retirement age, they count you as participating. It’s a rather convenient assumption on the government’s part to claim that just because an unemployed person is near retirement age, that means they “don’t want a job”.
While there is surely a small percentage of the 95 million people not counted in the labor force that do not want a job, if unemployment stats counted U-6 measurements as they used to, the unemployment rate would be closer to 20%.



Posted by goldielocks @ 20:00 on November 7, 2019  

Pm traders
They make things real now and for future generations if tptb get away of eliminating cash. Plus I’m stocks if you get in and out of the right time you can make a lot of money really fast.

Bye Bye England-!! Is a Marxist government soon going to rule the UK.

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:54 on November 7, 2019  


November 7, 2019

by Egon von Greyerz

   The UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched his election campaign and set out his Marxist policies. The UK has been ungovernable since 2017, with a hung parliament and there will now be an election on December 12th.

The whole country knows that Corbyn is a Marxist but very few understand the consequences of Marxism. But Corbyn has on the first day of his campaign clearly spelt out what Marxism really means. In true Marxist style, Corbyn attacked some of the UK billionaires and named them individually.


Included in the list were for example the Duke of Westminster whose Grosvenor Estate since 1677 controls major parts of Central London property, including most of Mayfair and Belgravia. Corbyn attacked the Duke for evicting the poor and creating luxury properties.

So this is clearly one of Corbyn’s targets. Socialise housing and turn luxury properties to flats for workers. There goes 400 years of British history and traditions as a Marxist revolution takes over central London properties.

Corbyn also attacked Jim Ratcliffe, the founder of Ineos who is the UK’s wealthiest man and has built up a very successful petrochemical business with 17,000 employees. Ratcliffe was accused of polluting the air!! On the list were also Rupert Murdoch, the media tycoon, Crispin Odey, a hedge fund billionaire who “speculates against the pound”, and a retail billionaire who “doesn’t pay his staff enough”


Nightmares continue

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:03 on November 7, 2019  

Bloomberg is going to enter the Presidential race.

Captain Hook

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:26 on November 7, 2019  

Your Wallbridge Mining has done very well in the last month or so, but I’ve been hesitant because it’s so overbought. Maybe time to pick up a few very soon …


Posted by Maya @ 15:54 on November 7, 2019  




Posted by Buygold @ 15:32 on November 7, 2019  

Those calls he bought for $2.65 were cheap but it still looks like he might be headed for the liquor cabinet.

God bless the pm traders of the world, if nothing else they make things interesting. 😝😂😔

A hard lesson in speculation vs bullion

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:22 on November 7, 2019  

Around 2001 , I found a distressed 1963 Lincoln Continental four door Convertible which I bought for a little over $1000 … four ounces of gold at the time . It had a solid body , and was drivable , but someone had tossed a 20 lb. LP bottle through the top , and the interior was full of wet leaves .

At the time , collector cars , art , and real estate , etc. were being touted as ‘sound investments’ . Over the next three years , I put on a new top , replaced the sodden upholstery and carpeting , had the engine professionally rebuilt as well as the transmission , radiator (even the heater core) , differential , had the body restored and painted and serviced the intricate top mechanism , at a total cost of the equivalent of over 150 ounces of gold – closer to 200 ounces .



Today , the car might be worth 20 ounces of gold – a loss of about 90% in terms of physical gold .

Lesson learned the hard way !


Posted by Buygold @ 14:12 on November 7, 2019  

certainly not all, of these shares, look like they are getting sold out. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part but I’m looking at a few silver juniors in particular that seem to have had enough of the selling. FSM, GPL, even EXK and AG maybe.

On the gold side. RGLD, SAND and KL look like they’ve had enough of the bullshit.

I don’t know.

Skeena kicking booty on the back of today’s PEA

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:49 on November 7, 2019  

Surprise Surprise

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:39 on November 7, 2019  

When some BS trade deal with China is done and the economies of the world continue to tank. The DEBT like a granite fedora will still be there!

Captain Hook @ 12:48

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:32 on November 7, 2019  

re your ”

It’s the banks. They are evil riggers gone wild. After they went off the Gold standard we were doomed.

And it won’t stop til its too late for all.” “Unfortunately it’s only for the bankers and their buddies.”


Agreed on all that. I believe they “recruited” Trump, and Trump is subservient to them. Trump imo is just another “rabbit” they pulled out of the hat to save the USA, because the rest of the world, depends on the USA.

At one time Trump had a $300 million negative net worth, (1980?) and the Banks had to “work with him”.

The great Ballinger==Lord hates a coward. Opening 50% position GDXJ Dec $35 calls $2.65.

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:29 on November 7, 2019  
 Lord hates a coward. Opening 50% position GDXJ Dec $35 calls $2.65. If stock is not above $37 by 3:45, I will abort and head straight to the liquor cabinet…

Well, Here We Go: AGAIN!

Posted by Samb @ 13:23 on November 7, 2019  

Like clockwork, every time we enter into dreaded ICL territory. And once again, here they come with their childlike guilt shaming for the stupid people that buy a PM ETF.   Shame for Shame these jerks are helping the Banksters hold the Gold price down. If only they would buy Bullion and actual PM shares all would be well and good. So very silent on this very issue were they from the Gold low in late May to the Int. cycle high  in early Sept. That was some 3 months and 300 points of gain. You see during that up time period the jerks had a cleansing and then only bought actual Bullion and real PM shares. So that will explain it. Whee…so Easy Peasy is this analysis game, while logical reality takes a distant backseat on the gold bus.

The amount of Gold Bullion that all the retail folks combined could buy simply pales when measured against the actual gold buys of central banks and Russia, India, China etc.,  The Banksters have near unlimited fiat money to control Comex buying/selling and so does the Fed/Bis. That’s the reality of it and it will continue that way going only gradually up in this Bull Market… until such time as there is a universal demand for product due a worldwide collapse  in confidence with present day fiat money. As George Calin once said: It’s a big club…and you ain’t in it.


Posted by Richard640 @ 13:19 on November 7, 2019  
Image result for MEDIEVAL. SLINGSHOT

Mr.Copper / S&G

Posted by Captain Hook @ 12:48 on November 7, 2019  

It’s the banks. They are evil riggers gone wild. After they went off the Gold standard we were doomed.

And it won’t stop til its too late for all.

The gamblers won’t stop gambling until they are broke or they close the exchanges. (The brain dead gamblers enable the bankers by playing the game instead of putting the bastards out of business by scooping up all the physical and finally making some money.)

So we are stuck with all this prosperity…chuckle.

Unfortunately it’s only for the bankers and their buddies.


Alex 8:52

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:42 on November 7, 2019  

Well said!! At least you have someone to write to lol Anyone doing that in California it would go on deaf ears or worse.
One way people can communicate is around these politicians donors. If your not a donor or don’t have a sizable party around you like at least petition you probably won’t be heard unless enough people are doing the same.

MetalsGuy – thanks for the tip

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:36 on November 7, 2019  

Is it because of distrust of the Yuan making the exchange rate vs. $US to drop , maybe ?


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:27 on November 7, 2019  

I just wrote a long reply on your video but this program here just put access denied and the questions and when I went back a page to copy it just in case it erased it.
In short the theater is real. The violence is just away to try to intimidate and wear down people to give in. Instead they’re needs to be accountability.
Impeachment is because they know they can’t win and to get the focus off their own corruption like the Biden investigation.
Trump was a Demo once but parted ways and people then turned against him.
The last thing we need is the Demos in power in a down side as you see how bad they are even in a upside. They would continue to divide and use it to implement socialism and usurp the constitution like Obama did which included bringing in Mid East terrorists including to the WH.
Like Alex pointed out the right has some pay for play bad apples as well that need to be weeded out.
Can’t dump it all on Trumps lap. People need to get involved.
The Tea Party made the mistake of handing it to the Rinos and it went now where. What happened when they organized and the left was in power. They were harassed.

Captain Hook @ 10:58…..Worse than morons!!

Posted by silverngold @ 12:16 on November 7, 2019  

Most buy ETF’s instead of PM shares. ETF’s are owned/controlled by the banks who then use the ETF money to control the markets as they please. ETF’s only TRACK the underlying sector/securities. They have no obligation to buy them and in fact can actually sell/short them if they choose to cancel out every investor/traders purchase. Why  this is so hard for investor/traders to understand is beyond me. ETF’s are the easy way out for the them because it’s so simple, and it makes it so easy for the banks etc to totally control all the markets. They are using the investor/traders own money to do it.  Proverbial fox guarding the henhouse while they eat the hens. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Either buy the real PM shares or buy Physical PM’s. All my opinion but once it is seen it can’t be unseen!!

@Captain Hook re 10:58

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:12 on November 7, 2019  

I think we need to ask ourselves who are the dirt bags that created these various ways of betting and or gambling on prices with imaginary supply. Its like a super bowl game where the “betters or gamblers” watching and or betting on the game, determine the winner.  Not the players themselves.

Re: Hmmmm …my buy finger is getting itchy

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 12:10 on November 7, 2019  

Hey Alex, Please don’t rely on that chart; that site has not been working properly for a while.

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