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Posted by commish @ 22:18 on November 9, 2019  


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Alex and Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:57 on November 9, 2019  

When they invented Medicare part D they did not let them negotiate prices. That was a bad idea. If they could or would it would save many from being financially ruined.
Veterans and Medicaid can negotiate drug prices.
No matter who, the prices go up too high by the manufacturers they either are taken off the list of what’s covered or only cover a certain amount , not very much.
Many of the drugs are life saving drugs.
Congress unlike other countries doing a lousy job negotiation prices to hospital, treatments, tests, and doctors. Especially specialist who demand more where for the most part it’s just another category of health care. This specialist for this, that one for that. It should not have to cost more. Basically they’re doing one thing.

Over testing by their GP can also drive costs up. Some say it’s fear of being sued but I wonder. I wonder if it’s because they don’t know what they’re looking for is why they’re afraid of being sued. Too many today are reliant on AL , sit on a computer putting in symptoms and a whole bunch of conditions pop up so there they go test for them all. Lol

Then you have certain hospitals that may get a better name over others so what do they do.. ah we can charge more.
When Obama care came along the denied them access to these hospitals.
Same for many on Medicare or cheaper or free supplemental insurance only covers the less brand hospitals. On the other side of that It leaves patients suck there and that hospital knows it so lower quality of care can happen. They more expensive hospitals need to bring their costs down which will also create competition for the others.

Then they got billing in these hospitals and offices.
Some hospitals have more billing clerks than beds. They started cottaging them years back where some can work at home.
When my kids were young I did it for s brief time in a office building. I was a insurance adjuster. When there was a problem with the billing they gave them to the adjusters, we would find the problem.
Medicare at that time hadn’t raised the coverage vs share of cost in years, just the cost of premiums.
Sometimes it was simple like a clerk didn’t walk over to a file and find the form the client sent in for proof their child was a full time student and thus covered, payment approved.
Other times more complicated.
They need a better billing system for all the different that doesn’t require so much time and people.

All and all is poor management of it, over pricing, over testing instead of zeroing in on the cause, and a congress that needs TO DO ITS JOB for the people not their back pockets.

It’s time we go after them as it hits our taxes to pay for it too as Ive mentioned and let them negotiate with us.

health warning:

Posted by treefrog @ 19:43 on November 9, 2019  


Alex Valdor

Posted by Buygold @ 17:26 on November 9, 2019  

Many , many folks are tapped out financially .
I live in a retirement community . I’ve seen a lot of neighbors sell and leave , because what they once thought would give them a comfortable retirement just cannot keep up with inflation – particularly medical costs . A neighbor has been hospitalized a couple of times this year . His co-pays are forcing him to consider moving from his small , but comfortable home to a one room studio in a 20 ? floor building downtown .

Healthcare is really the only reason I continue working, I think you and I may have discussed this before.

This is the Alinsky/Soros/Demonrat/Rino plan to control the population by controlling healthcare. Obama really got it going with Obamacare and Warren (God help us) intends to finish the job with “medicare for all”.

My wife is in the healthcare industry, and with her parents and other we are associated with, healthcare is intended to bleed every last dollar from the savings of those that have it. JMHO


Hey Captain

Posted by Buygold @ 16:49 on November 9, 2019  

I think they are spoiled brats…just like the libtards and bankers. The problem with free money is everybody’s brain turns to shit. You debase the currency you debase everything else. Welcome to our world.

I tend to agree with you there in terms of these kids – Antifa, etc. but for me there also seems to be a spiritual element that goes up the chain that includes higher education, media and government. I don’t know.

The older I get, the less I know about anything. 🙁

You bring up an interesting point about the NY Bankers. They’ve been increasing their paper shorts for a lot longer than I ever remembering them having to do in the past without creating a waterfall. Even these pullbacks that we’ve had lately haven’t been that significant yet considering the COT’s. I guess “yet” being the operative word.

I’m at the point where I hope the whole manipulation scheme blows up regardless of the consequences to the financial system. 🙂


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:07 on November 9, 2019  

Yes I remember and has tripled and more than tripled but quadrupled in some states like mine.
In all reality we need to end the Fed.
SS needs to give a 1000 raise with a stern message to housing, especially senior housing it’s not meant so they can transfer it to themselves with over billing. Prices of medical and medicine need to go back down. Why is it you can buy the same medicines in Mexico for a tenth of cost here even without the currency exchange its much less?
Because lobbyists bribes house and senate.
People need to LIVE again not simply exist as a debt slave for the power hungry Scrooge’s of the world. So much for a free country. Pretty soon they’ll be making 10 by 10 housing and charging a arm and a leg.
Like China where people apply on a waiting list for housing in some 20 story unit .. if their good and bow down to the slave owners and get good points,
What’s the difference with taxes and now the signs are here for the same thing including censoring. If you don’t pay them they’ll take your property, you own nothing. Read the tea leaves,
End the Fed.

Buygold @ 7:23

Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:16 on November 9, 2019  

I think they are spoiled brats…just like the libtards and bankers. The problem with free money is everybody’s brain turns to shit. You debase the currency you debase everything else. Welcome to our world.

That said, I think a reckoning is fast approaching now because I view the sharp increase of open interest in Comex gold and silver (mostly gold) this past week as a sign of desperation. Obviously the NY bankers don’t have much gold left so they must get increasingly brutal with the paper in order to attempt to scare off buyers.

Nobody knows what will happen, with the expected outcome being another smash down as idiot speculators puke up their long futures positions, but that might not happen this time under the right conditions. The ETF players are seeing this and increasing their bets to capitalize on the fall. This might only be temporary because they are mostly brain dead gamblers that base their new bets on what happened the previous day (it’s going up — I’ll buy calls). But again, who knows because they might be running out of currency to play with soon too (like the NY bankers are running out of gold with no new prospects to steal more.)

I of course don’t believe in miracles so a bounce is likely all we will get.


goldi, 0:34

Posted by treefrog @ 9:18 on November 9, 2019  

more than double?  it’s triple!  during the nineties i did a lot of traveling for my work – lots of driving, lots of fast food.  through the nineties gasoline was a little under a buck a gallon, and burger king whoppers were $0.99 !  now, gas (except in granolistan) is a three to three and a half bucks a gallon, and whoppers are two for $6.00 (on special).

newtogold, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 7:23 on November 9, 2019  

newtogold – I think there could be something to that article. I’m not exactly sure what it is or how to describe it, but there certainly seems to be something that is demonic in the behavior that most people cannot relate to. Almost think a lot of these kids, Anifa, college students,  etc. are really innocent vessels for it, not really having an understanding of what they support. Definitely speeding up though.

Maddog – Yeah, some silvers did better yesterday, your SSRM. Most of them just look like they’re about tapped out to me, even some of the golds. I may have made a mistake letting go of AG yesterday, but I held the SAND. I’m flipping, looking for lunch money.

I guess all bets are off if we take another big leg down on Monday.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:04 on November 9, 2019  


Golden Glint at sunset.



Posted by goldielocks @ 0:34 on November 9, 2019  

Yes it’s terrible. They say every 20-25 years things double but it’s happening much faster and it’s more than doubling.
That’s another reason chasing wages won’t work. Retired people on limited income will not get raises because they no longer work. Ss might give you enough to buy a coffee yearly if they even do that.

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