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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:28 on November 17, 2019  


The Canadian climbs Kicking Horse Pass



Posted by ipso facto @ 19:42 on November 17, 2019  

I am very sorry if I offended anyone.

Especially you snowflake lunkheads. 🙂

Ipso, Alex, Captain

Posted by Buygold @ 17:57 on November 17, 2019  

I think you guys are being to hard on Kapernick – snowflakes could be offended by that!


The Demoncrats Hydra

Posted by newtogold @ 16:02 on November 17, 2019  

https://youtu.be/si-vMj-FB88. Long,  about 2 hours but well presented by Beck.

old-timer @ 13:39

Posted by silverngold @ 15:01 on November 17, 2019  

Good Rant!! Thanks! This stuff needs to be exposed to the light of day!

Good work if you can get it.

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:22 on November 17, 2019  

Al Sharpton was paid more than $1M by his OWN charity in 2018 – but he says he’s worth it because he works six days a week


old-timer @ 13:39

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:48 on November 17, 2019  

I wish I could disagree but what you say is all true. Seattle is fast becoming just like SF with it’s socialist anti business agenda and homeless people overrunning the place. Olympia is pretty bad too … hundreds of tents in the forest areas and problems with litter, drug abuse and crime. It’s a problem without an easy solution.

But at least Kapernick ain’t our quarterback! 🙂

@ ipso facto @ 9:31 – Seattle and it’s Hawks…

Posted by old-timer @ 13:39 on November 17, 2019  

I wondered if that Seahawks offer to Kaepernick was a kind of “virtue signal” to the 12’s- the local fans.

Seattle is a regular Babylon with Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, Facebook, all having a huge presence;

not forgetting Seattle’s socialist government.

All the local news carries are the shootings, traffic messes which occur several times a day,

and of course the sports – Soccer now in a frenzy over the MLS Cup, and the Seahawks, and lastly, the Mariners,

for those of us who identify with not having every day be perfect.

On a slow slide to becoming San Francisco North, everyone seems to be oblivious to the

shit and needles on the street, the random attacks on folks by crazed nut jobs who, when caught, are released,

only to re-offend and be arrested again, the total disregard of shoplifters who operate in plain sight.

Homeless encamped in tents everywhere you want to look, a market for broken down RVs rented as living space to the upper homeless class.

Giant piles of refuse and clothing surrounding these places.

Local police operate with one hand tied to their foot by their socialist controllers.

Rogue TV reporters, trying to discuss the above are denounced as “fake news”.



You might remember my postings here about my experiences with the R’s and being a Ron Paul Delegate to the Washington

State Republican Convention, and how they ran over us “Paulistas”.

The local Republicans still seem to be locked into a secret agenda coming from – who knows where it comes from.

Nothing but crickets about how to reclaim some kind of order and sanity.

Seems like so long ago that I had some hope of a better future, now, it’s looking pretty dark.


Sorry for ranting, I think it’s the approaching Holidays that stir my emotions.

Alex Valdor @ 11:50

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:59 on November 17, 2019  

Ya nobody has ever talked about that before.


Excellent interview with John Rubino on USAWatchdog .com

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:50 on November 17, 2019  

If you only have 5 minutes , start at the 27 minute mark . It woke me up .
All of us , whether we have physical or G&S mining shares need to consider what he says , in the event of global fiat currency collapse .

IPSO – Indeed , the Seahawks dodged the bullet

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:44 on November 17, 2019  

He is a team morale ticking time bomb .

Posted by Floridagold @ 10:04 on November 17, 2019  

Historic Union Pacific ‘Big Boy’ Rolls Through Oklahoma for 150th Transcontinental Railroad Anniversary

https://s1.yimg.com/lo/api/res/1.2/uKUvDapwfSvE4QDEbKUUaQ--/YXBwaWQ9eW15O3c9NjQwO2g9NTAwO2ZpPWZpdDtzbT0x/http://media.zenfs.com/en-US/video/video.storyful.com/8056fc776fb78e0804d6acd45d8b007b"}" data-index="0">
Historic Union Pacific ‘Big Boy’ Rolls Through Oklahoma for 150th Transcontinental Railroad Anniversary

Scroll back up to restore default view.

Morning Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 9:55 on November 17, 2019  

Yeah, I saw that on the news today. You’re right, he doesn’t want to play. He looked like he was out of shape.

He doesn’t need to play since Nike rewarded his behavior with endorsement money.

I feel like I’ve been in a time warp for the last 20 years and don’t recognize my country. The Seahawks are blessed that he didn’t take the deal, he’s a cancer.


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:31 on November 17, 2019  

Did you see what happened with Kapernick’s tryout? At the last minute he changed the venue so only a few teams saw him work out. If he was serious about playing he would have showed up where everyone thought he was gonna be … but NO he just wants the publicity. What a tool!

Kapernick the Plague! Works for me! 🙂

PS The Seahawks offered him a job some months ago as a back up QB. He thought that was beneath him so he turned it down. Personally I don’t think he’s good enough to be #2. The Seahawks dodged a bullet!

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