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Posted by Maddog @ 20:35 on November 30, 2019  

I’m on Eliquis (apixaban)due for Atrial Fibrillation, tried Warfarin and hated it, especially the hassle of getting the dosage right.

Apixaban, is just twice a day and no dosoge hassle, plus so far no side effects, skin is good, bleeding is ok, bruising not too bad…..don’t know I am taking it….


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:39 on November 30, 2019  

What a waist. Even in the 50 s.

goldielocks @ 14:52 I can remember some of this as a kid growing up in Los Angeles in the late 50’s

Posted by silverngold @ 15:34 on November 30, 2019  

Heaps and piles of fresh oranges and tomatoes piled up along the highways between Los Angeles and San Francisco with poison signs on them…..but I had no understanding of why at the time, other than my step-dad saying it was to control the price because there was too much of them.

When Tarriffs hurt more than help at a time when things were hard food was hard to come by they were destroying crops and telling any witnesses it was poison.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:52 on November 30, 2019  

I didn’t learn this is school but the teachers of hard knocks.
Elders in the hospital who mentioned it so started researching it was over a decade ago.
There’s a lot of city folks who have no clue where their food comes from or how vulnerable crops can be at times. They didn’t have the global warming for profit scheme to blame it on back them.
Apparently this went on for awhile past the 30s because some of these people were talking about it happening in the late 40 s and it might be going on now with certain crops for all I know.
With these industrial farmers wiping out the smaller farmers who rarely get help either I wonder how much power they’ll have in the future. The problem with only one breed of GMO that’s not good for us anyways s what could happen if something could affect that crop?

Everyone said the same thing. Mostly kids at the time would see food piled high and guards would tell them it was poison.
I’m guessing if people knew it wasn’t poisoned and was to be destroyed they would of grabbed it up or been outraged.
They did little to help the farmers like loosening up tariffs so sung to the extreme and destroyed the crops including eggs and living farm animals.

Farmers and the New Deal


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:11 on November 30, 2019  

Your doctor can’t deny your any information on your chart although they use computers now. That may be part of the problem as he may not remember or doesn’t want to print it out. Most places you can go online and see the results or go they’re physically. If your doctor has them tell him or her you want a print out.
Looks like your flushing out the dye from your kidneys.
If you are on certain K + depleting medicine like Lasix they they will give you K+ as a supplement if that’s what you meant by they’re giving it to you. To balance it out. You have the right to know and take some control over your health. Only others have no right less you give them permission. Seems like it’s all a side effect from dye and maybe medicine.

Gartman: The final fade

Posted by Maya @ 13:14 on November 30, 2019  




LOL!  So…. he’s broke??

IMO worth the 11 minutes for more current understanding of the theft.

Posted by silverngold @ 11:25 on November 30, 2019  

Ororeef @ 21:18 Dye and blood thinners

Posted by silverngold @ 11:11 on November 30, 2019  

My wife who is a very experienced nurse, mostly in ICU, says the dye is very hard on the kidneys, especially if the kidneys are already weak. She says Xaralto is a very good blood thinner. Others are Warfarin and aspirin which are much less expensive. A new one but more expensive is Eliquis. You might want to discuss them with your doctor. Best wishes on your total recovery. Silverngold.


Posted by treefrog @ 8:36 on November 30, 2019  


Christmas Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:23 on November 30, 2019  


Santa is coming… from up North.


breaking weekend headlines

Posted by treefrog @ 0:18 on November 30, 2019  

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