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Ororeef @ 21:34

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:01 on December 4, 2019  

Comstock Mining Provides Strategic Overview and Updates; Value Proposition, Strategic Initiatives and Reverse Stock Split


lode ! made a low ..then took off .o642 then shot up to .46 ! nice !

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:34 on December 4, 2019  


Deep State loves this

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:10 on December 4, 2019  

Trump Administration Considers 14,000 More Troops for Mideast


Floridagold @ 16:38

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:57 on December 4, 2019  

Pick mine! Pick mine!

What’s this about no premium deals? What a screw job that would be!

Maddog @ 15:19

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:48 on December 4, 2019  

Tough spot to be in if you are leader of France. What to do? At least first stop digging.

GermanLong @ 16:10

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:47 on December 4, 2019  

Sounds like AXU was really over a barrel. They must have needed the cash really badly to make such a deal. Best hope … they grow out of it and eventually it means little.

AXU picking up some steam lately.

Mama Bear Mad

Posted by commish @ 18:00 on December 4, 2019  

ek-hhwtwsaaavbl Prof Pamela Karlan brought Barron Trump (13 years old) into her rant during the hearing today.

Posted by Floridagold @ 16:38 on December 4, 2019  

Gold miners flash the cash in biggest deal binge in a decade

 By Jeff Lewis and Zandi Shabalala,Reuters 2 hours 18 minutes ago

Quiz For The Forum: On TV “He’s Disturbing The Establishment”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:24 on December 4, 2019  

Quiz: Who are they talking about?

treefrog re: AXU – what´s not to like?

Posted by GermanLong @ 16:10 on December 4, 2019  

How about that silver stream agreement with WPM. Effectively taking away 25% of production for NOTHING, ZERO with $Silver at or above 25 USD.

I wonder why no one seems to care.



“On October 2, 2008, Wheaton Precious Metals entered into a silver purchase agreement with Alexco to purchase 25% of the life of mine payable silver produced from the Keno Hill district for an upfront cash payment of US$50 million plus a payment equal to the lesser of US$3.90 (subject to an inflationary adjustment starting in year four after the achievement of specific operating targets) and the prevailing market price per ounce of delivered silver.

On March 29, 2017, the Company and Alexco agreed to amend the Alexco silver purchase agreement to adjust the silver production payment so that it will be a percentage of the spot silver price that increases with lower mill silver head grades and lower silver prices, and decreases with higher mill silver head grades and higher silver prices, subject to certain ceiling and floor grades and prices. In addition, the outside completion date was extended to December 31, 2019. As consideration, Alexco issued three million common shares of Alexco to Wheaton Precious Metals. The area of interest for the Alexco silver purchase agreement includes properties currently owned by Alexco and properties acquired by Alexco in the future which fall within a one kilometre radius of existing Alexco holdings in the Keno Hill district.”


Don´t know where I found this illustration:

streamYou see? They do no longer kill the miner after the amendment… by paying more when POS falls, or grades fall… but from Silver@25 USD/Oz they pay NOTHING for a 25% share of the silver production.

AXU will have to be live with only 75% of its production revenues indefinitely, with POS above 25 USD.

And nobody cares??? Who in the world would ever accept something that cripples profitability as much as the equivalent of a Royalty climbing to 25%? Ain´t that unheard of?


And there´s more in the fine print:

The area of interest for the Alexco silver purchase agreement includes properties currently owned by Alexco and properties acquired by Alexco in the future which fall within a one kilometre radius of existing Alexco holdings in the Keno Hill district.”

The Stream as described above would even cover a part of MMG property. Just in case AXU would buy it. Like in “There´s no escape”.  Almost, at least.

And this one, repeated from above:

In addition, the outside completion date was extended to December 31, 2019.

Who knows what the contractual terms are if AXU does not manage to do so???



WPM looks predatory to me. Same with San Dimas, but here Mr. Neumeyer renegotiated the agreement. Not so with AXU. They lost.

Tell me if I got something wrong, please.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:04 on December 4, 2019  

Lol He looks like him too. With all the different outfits he wears when he visited other countries he’s more than two faced lol, making himself and his country mockery out of it.

Macron should be bending the knee to the Donald and asking for help, as all of France hates him

Posted by Maddog @ 15:19 on December 4, 2019  

not just half, instead of taking the mick…but that’s what makes Micron such a fool.


Looks like a buyable dip

Posted by Buygold @ 14:30 on December 4, 2019  

Like the way most of the shares are acting, especially NEM and the HUI in general.

Agree with everyone about the silvers despite how silver is getting spanked.

Trump played the SM algo’s with his positive China comments today, which simply means the SM won’t be allowed to go down more than two days in a row.

Not sure what’s gotten into AXU the last couple of days but I like it, and finally glad I own it. I think it was an $11 stock back in the day at one point. If we ever see those days again there is a lot of money to be made.

FYI re DRD + 4.75% One Of My Positions

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:09 on December 4, 2019  

I can’t find any info why its up to 4.75 from $3.90, 20% since 11/26. Only clue is X div date coming up in Dec. Annual div .13 cents or 2.9% ann.



Posted by Maddog @ 13:43 on December 4, 2019  

Trudeau is a real charmer, but so was his dad Castro.

@Richard re Miners Up Today

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:31 on December 4, 2019  

I see others too. DRD+ 5%, IMPUY+2.3%, ASM+2%, SSRM+1.7%, PLG, ALO, ALIAF, GPL, LMCNF+13%, ARMZF+7%, GFI+3.6% MUX plus a few others, I’m getting lazy. 🙂

PS Old Hecla HL getting sneaky up quietly. SVM up slightly

Friday could be a good day for gold. ADP report out today

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:04 on December 4, 2019  

The numbers: Private-sector employment slowed sharply in November, payroll processor ADP said Wednesday. Job growth rose 67,000 in the month., the smallest increast since May. The gain was well below forecasts from economists surveyed by Econoday who expected a gain of 156,000.


Treefrog–Strikes me as possible [!!!??] bullish action=Silver down 32 cent=CDE up a few pennies–WPM barely down–and HUI barely down

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:01 on December 4, 2019  



also perhaps this bounce in stock should be sold either today or manana….??

My/plungers’ SAND only down a dime….


Updated: December 4, 2019,12:51 pm — 12:51 pm

Re SILVER and GOLD Since Recent 1/1/16 Rock Bottom. Ultimate Rock Bottom Was $250 in 2001, from 1980 High at $800.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:49 on December 4, 2019  

According to my software here, with spot Silver ETF SLV and spot Gold overlay, GLD, since rock bottom 1/1/16 until today, SLV + 20% and GLD + 35%.

Just so you know if anyone is interested.:)

silver’s down 2%

Posted by treefrog @ 12:06 on December 4, 2019  

alexco (axu) is up 3%

i can’t wait to see what this puppy can do if the scum get their boot off silver’s neck.

big deposits

high grades

safe jurisdiction

permits in hand

what’s not to like?


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:00 on December 4, 2019  

Notice how they put words like rages and storms out when it was the entitled Trudeau that was enraged not complying with defense then laughs about it. Perhaps they can put equal troops abroad instead. But then Trudeau will instead invite them into Canada.
These so called book learned scholars preaching on accusations and mis- characterizations and denying due process and partisan at that the unconstitutionality of this mock trial. Instead they are condemning on false accusations and a unconstitutional hearing. Total hypocrisy.

scum doing a major job on Silver…..can the rest survive, or will they follow????

Posted by Maddog @ 11:42 on December 4, 2019  

What was that about the CFTC, not finding any evidence of manipulation in Silver.

Seems that the scum will never allow any Dollar strength to hold……hrly Eur/Usd has a classic break out, followed by a forced reversal…..real mkts just don’t do that.

Trump storms out of NATO conference, threatening to widen Trade war…..and that is SM Bullish????

Posted by Maddog @ 10:51 on December 4, 2019  

Not for the 1st time, the Algo’s have lost the plot.

Alexco Discovers New Zone of Silver Mineralization, 3.7 Kilometers Northeast of Bermingham Deposit, Composite Assays to 832 Grams Per Tonne Silver over 7.4 Meters True Width

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:28 on December 4, 2019  


Centamin Unanimously Rejects Endeavour’s Proposal

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on December 4, 2019  


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