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# Fartgate

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:45 on December 6, 2019  

He’s full it all right. Hilarious


Posted by Aguila @ 23:39 on December 6, 2019  

My idea of a new car is it must cost less than $1000.

Then I buy a new radiator, hoses, rear tail lights and might have to do the whole front end. Sometimes I might have to do power steering hoses.

for a real thrill I get a replacement drivers seat.

For the XYL we step it up a bit and go for the $5000 model.

But for my $1000 car I can usually sell it for a few hundred when I’m done about 5 years later.

Haha reminds me of a dodge omni I bought for $850 dollars, no ac no fm radio… drove it for about 4 years and then some vandals smashed out half the windows.  So the insurance company paid me for new windows but I got them dirt cheap from the junkyard.  They paid me about $600 but my cost for windows was $45.  Then a snobby young second generation lawyer backed into it at the beer store and begged me not to turn it into the insurance company and promised me he would pay me whatever it cost to fix it.  He was desperate.  So I got a couple quotes and it was expensive because he hit a back corner and bent all the sheet metal and crushed the tail light.  All I wanted was $90 to buy a new tail light.

So I called him up and started to explain the high cost of repair but… before I could tell him all I wanted was a new tail light he exploded in anger and hung up the phone. In the days that followed his superiors and other seemingly important people were calling our landline threatening us if we didn’t do what they asked.  I never answered the phone just listened to the recordings.

So I talked to my xyl who had connections in the insurance industry and she quickly figured out who his insurance company was.  We called his insurance company and gave them the details.  His insurance company then offered to fix the car, give me a rental, yada yada and finally paid me about $800.  I bought my tail light for $45.  That car made me money.

Years later it was time to sell the car.  I put it on the market for $200.  A transient decided to buy it.  (another story)  So he comes up with the cash and I take it and say ” here’s $50 bucks back dude its only worth 150″  haha he was so happy.  Then he came back through town two years later and he was still driving the same car!  haha

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ toit.  Dodge Omni 2.2 liter base with no ac am radio only– I drove it hard for one year summer and winter 120 miles round trip daily and another few years local.

My other dodge omni was turbocharged intercooled positraction full cage 8 inch wide tires coilovers 300 ftlb torque monster.  My present car is a sub$1000 96 subaru that is so easy to work on it is a joke.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:51 on December 6, 2019  

I drive those salvage yard rejects myself. Liability insurance only. Tags are only $25.00 here on cars over 10 years old. I have a lift and full set of tools so repair and maintenance are minimum.


New Cars are a rip-off

Posted by Maya @ 22:36 on December 6, 2019  

Only bought ‘New’ once in my life… a VW Rabbit pickup truck.  Third world plastic parts, poor cooling system design, recalls, recalls…. burned up three wiring harnesses before I finally got wise and cut open the bad crimp joint and soldered it on the last one.  It depreciated faster than I could make payments on it.  When it got rear-ended and folded up the bed, it was totalled and I still owed $1100 on it after insurance payment for the depreciated ‘totalled’ truck.  Never again. VW only made them for three years, they were such a dismal failure.

I always look for good, working, “Pre-Depreciated” used cars since.  Something cheap enough I can pay cash for.

Mr Copper & Treefrog your cars

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:32 on December 6, 2019  

…I received the ultimate insult from someone describing a basketball players car as a crappy car ,.he defended it with saying “its paid for and never failed me”…..”Then I saw a picture of the car..the caption was how to get Rich driving a crappy car”….What ! Thats my CAR !!!! exactly same color ,same model and its a 2003  !   thats-my-car-what

Says it all…..

Posted by Maddog @ 16:37 on December 6, 2019  

CNBC’s Cramer on Jobs Report: ‘These Are the Best Numbers of Our Lives’


Happy Hour: Eeos …… 16:01 …… “I’m Imperfect” …. We all are …..

Posted by winedoc @ 16:13 on December 6, 2019  

Off the Market ……..

enu-100-x-1-oz-silver-cull-coins-999-1126-20000-1    enu-100-x-1-oz-silver-cull-coins-999-1126-30000-1

.999 pure silver for the imperfects

Likely,   just my children will benefit from this strategy …….

……… but thats Ok

Good Evening Friends



Posted by Maddog @ 16:09 on December 6, 2019  

Almost as if the banksters knew the jobs report would be strong and gold would take it on the chin. Couldn’t be, could it???

Pray tell what is straight anymore, of course they knew, they ordered it. The rig was looking vert tatty , but as of today all is set fair again……and no doubt the parties in Aspen etc will be jumping.

just a typical day

Posted by eeos @ 16:01 on December 6, 2019  

of bullschitt

Get your COT’s hot off the presses

Posted by Buygold @ 15:55 on December 6, 2019  

Kind of interesting in gold. Silver is blah, but I think next week will be more telling. Gold is a total reversal from last week. Almost as if the banksters knew the jobs report would be strong and gold would take it on the chin. Couldn’t be, could it???


mr copper – six year car loan?

Posted by treefrog @ 15:24 on December 6, 2019  

when i was a teenager i liked the way new cars looked.  then i grew up.  now, a car is to get me from point A to point B and back again.  here is one of my present cars:

seen here three years ago at lemhi pass on the continental divide (montana – idaho state line).  it is dependable enough to get me from florida to washington state and back on that trip.  this past summer it took me and a lady friend to utah and arizona and back,

parked beneath ponderosa pines at a campsite near luna, new mex.

it is a 1995 chevy astro van.  i bought it for $850 five years ago, and have had to do almost no maintenance on it beyond oil and tires.  i have another car as a back-up, since i live in the country and MUST have a running vehicle.  a 2005 kia spectra.  i gave $400 and a rifle for that one.

six years of car payments?  i don’t think so.  i no longer feel the need to impress anyone with my ability for conspicuous consumption.


Re This So Called Booming Economy

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:41 on December 6, 2019  

The most common term currently is for 72 months, with an 84-month loan not too far behind. It’s been creeping up: 10 years ago, the most common new-car loan term was 60 months, followed closely by 72 months.

I keep hearing people are leasing new cars. And if they buy a new car is like a 6 year loan. back in the day when America was great, you wife was home with the kids, and husbands got and afforded THREE year loans for new cars.

Leasing a car? They are PAYING for HALF the car, then have to give it back.

part The most common term currently is for 72 months, with an 84-month loan not too far behind. It’s been creeping up: 10 years ago, the most common new-car loan term was 60 months, followed closely by 72 months.

Loans for used cars are about as long: The most common term for a used car in 2018 was 72 months. Even though people are financing about $10,000 less for used cars than they do for new cars, it takes them roughly the same amount of time to pay off the loan.


If u want to throw up, read this

Posted by Maddog @ 11:41 on December 6, 2019  

Goldman Shares Jump After DOJ Said To Weigh Lowball 1MDB Settlement



Posted by Maddog @ 11:36 on December 6, 2019  

The main jobs gain was 54 K in manufacturing, of that 41 K were striking GM workers going back to work…..they hit the previous months No’s so overall a smaller gain…..i guess bonds are saying the Fed will remain easy and pump as needed,,,,the SM of course is fully protected and of course the PM’s have a monster Commercial short, that the scum will look after.

Lunch Break: Butter is Getting Cheap

Posted by winedoc @ 11:32 on December 6, 2019  

Still check in most days …….. dont always got much to say

Have a good Weekend Folks

Onward Pilgrims ……


Maddog – 10 yr.

Posted by Buygold @ 10:34 on December 6, 2019  

10 yr. yield coming back in as well – surprisingly. Now 1.826% was over 1.86%

USD still holding gains, but someone appears to be buying bonds, that’s a little surprising.

The PM Bull case here

Posted by Maddog @ 10:21 on December 6, 2019  

Gdx filled a nearby gap, today, this fall may well just a small C wave.

If we recover fast then the above is true….

NEM strong again

Posted by Buygold @ 9:44 on December 6, 2019  

Comparatively speaking anyway, only down 1/2 percent.

Another one that has been strong is GORO, although I like NEM better because it seems like it has more room to run.

Certainly this day is going to suck no matter how you slice it, but I don’t think I own enough NEM right now.

Morning Capt.

Posted by Buygold @ 9:38 on December 6, 2019  

Tend to agree – enter Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s gateway to the Fed.

Yes, the Fed needed a strong number to justify their case as I mentioned yesterday, and they got one today.

I see that they’ve gotten silver down over 2% now and gold just about 1%.

Maddog @ 8:58 & Buygold

Posted by Captain Hook @ 9:26 on December 6, 2019  

It’s Christmas – so it would not do for the Trump bump (fiction) to end here.

In fact it will never end voluntarily.

They needed a strong number and that’s what they got. Just how those numbers translate into reality is an entirely different thing.

It should be obvious now in spite of the rhetoric Trump and Powell are buddies, which means he is aligned with the status quo on a base level. And since the bankers run everything, you get great statistics whenever you need them.


With games like this going on, why don’t the likes of JPM and GS make billions daily.

Posted by Maddog @ 9:19 on December 6, 2019  

just imagine how dumb they are, that despite all the inside info and scum help, they still must lose boatloads to offset, huge wins like today.


Posted by Buygold @ 9:19 on December 6, 2019  

Yeah, CNBS is a joke. Just watching to get the other joke aka the jobs report. Although I’m not really surprised by it. Our economy around our parts is pretty strong. ADP’s numbers are notoriously unreliable, plus there is a lot of retail hiring around the holiday season.

This gives the Fed cover not to raise rates for awhile.

Looks like the banksters are getting some of the speculative funds to puke some of their long positions this am. and silver is now rolling over in earnest.

Was hoping for a strong December like last year but not so sure now, have to keep an eye on the shares today to see how bad they get punished.

Morning Buygold

Posted by Maddog @ 8:58 on December 6, 2019  

The damage is done and I note we have no bounce back, so far, in anything.

CNBC must be unbearable…..bailed out yet again.

Thanks , SEC ! Sure happy the small investor has any chance in these markets .

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:48 on December 6, 2019  

Yeah , Right !

Morning Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 8:45 on December 6, 2019  

No doubt that’s true. I’m a little surprised it’s not a lot worse right now, these were truly unexpected, serious blowout numbers.

I’d expect gold to be down $20 and silver down 2% right now – surprised we’re not, although the day is young.

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