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Amals @22:32

Posted by Samb @ 23:02 on December 11, 2019  

WTC 1&2 had the thickest central steel collums ever made. Only one steel plant worldwide could even take the job of fabricating them! That was in Japan and they were shipped over here in sections.

WTC #7  had about 75 steel support collums  25 0f which were major supports. Just no way they could have melted by fire. Even in Dresden when their multi level  industrial buildings were WW2 firebombed the steel supports were still vertical standing amongst the cold ashes.

FWIW, Barring any major problems, I think MUX is worthy of a double within the next 3 months. This new cycle has just begun, imo. We should get at least 3 months out of it, $1750 here we come!


Posted by amals @ 22:32 on December 11, 2019  

Yeah, Building 7.  The elephant in the room.  No matter what you think of the other building collapses, how does anyone even try to justify #7?  It reminds me of OJ’s Bronco ride and that letter.  Seemed to get lost in the discussion somehow.

Mr Copper @20:57

Posted by Samb @ 22:12 on December 11, 2019  

WTC 1 @2 were not hollow. The interior support collums were truly massive and no fire could have melted them. Nor could collapsing lesser steel supports have brought them down. After a complete building  collapse those massive central supports should have remained standing. Their collapse via demolition  is just as much a red flag as Bldg. 7 was.

Captain Hook

Posted by amals @ 21:42 on December 11, 2019  

Thanks for the input.  I have some SEP money to deploy.  Been considering alternatives, and MUX was one.

amals @ 19:02

Posted by Captain Hook @ 21:01 on December 11, 2019  

MUX is a gift here.

Of course if you have been in it for some time you may not feel that way.

Hang in there Buygold.


Maddog @ 14:45 re The Repo mkt is the ultimate canary in the coal mine

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:58 on December 11, 2019  

I agree with you 100%. The whole system to is like a came, a game of chance in fact. And all games have to end. Doesn’t matter checkers scrabble or football. They have to end, but TPTB keep aborting the end.

The most recent one was the summer ’08 meltdown. Before that? How about 1929? Then in 1970 to ’80 rates went 6% to 20%, Then W2K? the dot.com bust? The 1987 crash. Yes its very possible for this game to end suddenly. Or it could be a very slow deflation, their WORST nightmare.

They can’t even get 2% inflation because they are STUPID and have no common sense. Well? Maybe their just boxed in. The situation is too complicated. Their primary problems started after they gradually weaned the system of gold backed currency. Its a long cycle true for many things…

Learn, unlearn, relearn. The world learned and knew better before 1913. Between 1913 and 1971-1980, they unlearned. After since 9/11/01 and ’08 they are relearning.

Another example the world trade center. Original building codes from 1910 were LEARNED. The Trade Center they wanted open floor plan and made the buildings like a hollow shell. They unlearned. Then when fires started in the buildings the entire buildings collapsed. That’s when they RE-Learned why buildings were build the old way. They never collapse.



Posted by amals @ 19:02 on December 11, 2019  

I know you’ve been unhappy with MUX, but if you didn’t own it, and weren’t sitting on losing shares, would you buy it now, at these levels?  Are you soured on the company, or its recent performance?


Posted by Buygold @ 16:39 on December 11, 2019  

Yeah, we’ll see what happens. I guess they won’t actually know until the trouble starts but it did sound like he was somewhat prepared.

A little surprised by the action in the USD and treasury yields and of course in pm’s

Other than MUX which has been destroying me all year it was a good day. I should have sold that long ago.

C’mon and vote for it Senate. Let’s get us and our nukes out of there.

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:36 on December 11, 2019  

Turkey Threatens To Revoke US Nuclear Base In Incirlik After Sanctions Bill Advances To Senate Floor



Posted by Maddog @ 15:19 on December 11, 2019  

Tks …..u may well be right….but he didn’t say it was all over and dealt with !!!!!

By the way if it was under control, they would know how much to offer each day,….as of now they are way under most days.

This was not in the CoT playbook…….the margin man is gonna start clubbing shorts soon.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:00 on December 11, 2019  


Posted by Buygold @ 14:47 on December 11, 2019  

Listening to Powell.

He has been asked twice now about the Repo’s. He’s responding that he’s well aware and it’s under control.

IMHO – Now that it’s all out in the open and everyone knows there’s a potential issue, there won’t be a problem.

ZH will be wrong about yet another crash.

Mr Copper

Posted by Maddog @ 14:45 on December 11, 2019  

The Repo mkt is the ultimate canary….to this day it is barely reported, you’ll see nothing about in any papers, or normally on CNBC, as rarely does much happen…..it is really boring, until something goes wrong and then because of the participants, it means that there is serious trouble out there.

This squall may blow over….but if it doesn’t, it won’t be nice….but one thing u can guarantee if the end times start, they will be reflected in the Repo mkt.

Fed Spokesperson Powel Is On TV

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:36 on December 11, 2019  

re The Repo Market

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:33 on December 11, 2019  

Video, five minutes. I think we don’t have anything to worry about. The repo thing sounds like a lot of hype to me. The “spike” they talk about was probably a freak thing that doesn’t matter. If anything TPTB need to worry about, it would Joe Sixpack neglecting to make payments on house and car loans.


Whatever they said had the same mkt effect as always……why bother .

Posted by Maddog @ 14:06 on December 11, 2019  

When It Becomes Serious You Have To Lie: Update On The Repo Fiasco

Posted by Maddog @ 12:45 on December 11, 2019  


The authors don’t believe the Fed or the BIS……note this funding crisis has blown up as DB is in the process of forming its Bad Bank to dump all the crap in…..and selling off other garbage, which will have allowed potential buyers, to see under its skirts and the picture no doubt, would be horrible.


Posted by Buygold @ 12:04 on December 11, 2019  

If that guy is right, then today will be one of the last days the Fed will be able to stand pat with rates and the scum will be able to attack pm’s after a Fed meeting.

The author of the article flat out says the Fed won’t do anything unless forced by a crashing stock market.

We’ll see if this guy is as good a ZH says he is, the SM doesn’t seem to be showing any real cracks or anticipating any big event on the horizon.

PM shares look pretty good today, but that will probably change after the fed announcement.

Sirios announces the maiden mineral resource estimation for the Cheechoo Gold Deposit

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:45 on December 11, 2019  


Buygold–wanna make the trade of a life time? Buy TVIX–for the umpteenth time we have a clear and sure warning of a crash

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:38 on December 11, 2019  

as per the article u posted….but this time the wold really is at the door…[???]

“It’s About To Get Very Bad” – Repo Market Legend Predicts Market Crash In Days

“FX swaps could end up as the orphaned asset class without an obvious backstop, and that may force banks in some parts of the world to the edge of the proverbial abyss.”


As I wrote here yesterday, the detailed mechanics of this, as written, are way above my head. I THINK it said and/or implied that 10 years of QE created a financial system that depends on the Fed monetizing debt in massive quantities forever so that billionaires could swap dollars to skim profits from QE Forever. Unsaid, but likely, is that since both the ECB and BOJ are deep into endless QE, then the Fed needs to get in step.
Coincidentally, there’s a  FOMC meeting in play just in time to save the world from the financial crash these billionaires will cause if they don’t get free money under their terms. Banks have oodles of UST debt that needs to go at a profit and the Fed is the only buyer dumb enough to buy it so the banks earn a profit.

Re Time

Posted by Maddog @ 9:59 on December 11, 2019  

My cats won’t even crap on it !!!!!


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:59 on December 11, 2019  

That’s why you’ve got a pot to piss in!


ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 9:57 on December 11, 2019  

I missed yr poll….I drive 3 cars built before 2000 !!!!!

Poll Results …. Some older cars driven by our frugal members …

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:32 on December 11, 2019  

I drive a vehicle built before the year 2000

No (71%, 22 Votes)

Yes (26%, 8 Votes)

I don’t know because I am rather thick when it comes to cars (3%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 31

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Posted by ipso facto @ 9:28 on December 11, 2019  


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