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Dang… They are ON to me!

Posted by Maya @ 23:52 on December 14, 2019  


Non-transparent Gold moves far exceeded ETF funds investment in the past three years.  Perhaps Captain Hook will get his wish yet.

treefrog @ 21:45 LOL!!! I LOVE it!!

Posted by silverngold @ 23:36 on December 14, 2019  

That would be justice at its finest IMO!!! Hope it’s not BS!! ;o)

Buygold–yes, I found that sentence comparing the present “goldilocks” set up to 1999 of interest too.

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:37 on December 14, 2019  

Staring at the financial abyss–[got VIX?–TVIX?–VXX?}

When the financial history of this era is written, it is fairly likely that historians will identify the onset of the global economic crisis as 16 September, 2019. It was the first clear sign of the potential for a  violent unwinding of the massive speculative financial positions created by central bank meddling.
Thus, in their efforts to “save” the world economy, central banks have created a monster: a dysfunctional, extremely-speculative and highly-leveraged financial sector. All that is needed for it to unravel are rising rates in some important, if obscure, corner of the capital markets—just like the repo-markets.
The Fed has been engaged in a desperate battle to avert this through its repo and “Not QE” -programs since September. However, even if successful, it’s very likely that these programs, not to speak of an “actual QE”, will just further aggravate the distortions in the financial markets, until they become unbearable.
Then we’ll be staring into the financial abyss. Beware!

The Chinese might not make the Ag purchases ,but then again

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:13 on December 14, 2019  

they have in interest in spreading that rumor to get better prices for themselves. drive the speculators out ,then make the big purchases….What do we know ? We know sooner or later they need the stuff…as their carry over from last year winds down….then the fun begins.!


Posted by treefrog @ 21:45 on December 14, 2019  

…but wouldn’t it be a hoot if it wasn’t ???

Supreme Court Can Extend Trump’s Term By Up To 3 Years If He’s Acquitted In The Senate

Posted by Maya @ 16:17 on December 14, 2019  




R640 – Nolan’s last sentence really sticks out to me

Posted by Buygold @ 11:43 on December 14, 2019  

Is the Fed really going to expand its balance sheet $500 billion to quell any potential year-end “repo” market pressure? Today’s backdrop becomes even more reminiscent of fateful 1999 (and Y2K).”

I’m sure all of us here are old enough to remember that pretty much marked the top in the stock market and the bottom in gold for about a decade.

Pretty interesting. I’m surprised – and maybe I shouldn’t be – that the fact the Fed is putting up $500 Billion to shore up the Repo market into year end isn’t getting more play. I guess maybe it will if it ends up not being enough.

Credit Bubble Bulletin–Total Mortgage Lending increased $185 billion, the strongest quarterly gain since Q4 ’07

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:57 on December 14, 2019  

It has indeed been the spectacular “everything rally.”

Such extraordinary asset inflation is possible only with some underlying Monetary Disorder. I have argued that international securities finance is at the epicenter of historic Global Monetary Disorder and resulting runaway asset inflation and Bubbles.

Our federal government continues to command the debt bullet train, expanding borrowings at a 10.4% pace during the quarter (strongest since Q1 ’18). Treasury Securities surged a notable $757 billion during the quarter to a record $18.572 TN. Treasury Securities jumped $1.154 TN over the past year and $2.341 TN over two years. Treasury Securities-to-GDP increased to 86%, up from Q4 07’s 41%. A broader measure of Treasury Liabilities ended Q3 at $21.048 TN, or 98% of GDP.

Bank (“Private Depository Institutions”) Assets expanded $245 billion during the quarter, or 5.0% annualized, to $19.753 TN. One-year growth was $829 billion, or 4.4%. Loans increased $118 billion (to $11.580 TN), or 4.1% annualized. Mortgage Loans increased $57 billion, or 4.1% annualized, to $5.597 TN (Total Mortgage Lending increased $185 billion, the strongest quarterly gain since Q4 ’07).


Fed has essentially signaled no rate hikes until after next year’s election (more likely the 2021 inauguration). Any inkling of instability would certainly elicit additional monetary stimulus. Perhaps bond markets are beginning to have an issue with all this. Is the Fed really going to expand its balance sheet $500 billion to quell any potential year-end “repo” market pressure? Today’s backdrop becomes even more reminiscent of fateful 1999 (and Y2K).


From the great Don Wolanchuks’ blog

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:38 on December 14, 2019  
Cheif, here’s a count update for the CRB Index. A breakout is close at and. Breeze

Maya – yet again ?

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 4:23 on December 14, 2019  

And close by ?

OOPS ! Should have scrolled down to R640’s post !

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:04 on December 14, 2019  


Sunset, Surfliner, San Clemente


There goes the Pie Crust…

Posted by Maya @ 2:03 on December 14, 2019  



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