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Posted by treefrog @ 23:18 on December 20, 2019  

Dear Santa … All I want for Christmas is

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:28 on December 20, 2019  

a headline saying: Comex sued for failure to deliver silver. Thanks in advance.

COT Report this week

Posted by Buygold @ 16:43 on December 20, 2019  

I guess last week was an aberration. The boyz are back in town.

Kind of an ugly day for the shares, but not so much for the metals.

Only reason I can see in a little bit of a stronger USD and a small bump in rates?

@Captain Hook re The bankers will never take their boot off the price until they want to see it go up

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:35 on December 20, 2019  


The bankers will never take their foot off US Dollar gas pedal, until they want to see it go lower.

Trump keeps complaining that the USA is offering the highest interest rates on Bonds, and it keeps the dollar too high. Bad for our exports. All the other freeloader countries have zero interest keeping their currencies lower. Good for their exports.

They all think the USA has too much, and is obligated to support them. They seem to want to boom the USA economy, but without hurting the others. The banks are operating like a global socialist Gov’t.

I’m sure they know USA economy is most important, for them and the rest, and the next time they get nervous, they’ll probably drop the dollar again.

Anyway look at the

US Dollar 75 in 2011: https://www.mrci.com/pdf/dx.pdf

Silver $40 in 2011: https://www.mrci.com/pdf/si.pdf

Gold $1800 in 2011: https://www.mrci.com/pdf/gc.pdf

P.S. just noticed something.

Since Jan 2016 USD is flat. Gold is higher, $1060 $1470.

Silver slightly higher Under $15 to $17

Mr.Copper @ 15:42

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:02 on December 20, 2019  

Yup…it’s all or nothing now.

The bankers will never take their boot off the price until they want to see it go up…and that won’t be until they want people thinking inflation…and that won’t be until asset prices are collapsing.

Of course under those conditions they might not have much to say about it … no matter.

We can only hope.


Why Is Silver So Cheap?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:42 on December 20, 2019  

Long story I skimmed it.


My analysis is pretty straightforward.  Silver is insanely undervalued at any price below $20 an ounce.  The current gold-silver ratio of 82 to 1 is egregiously high and represents little downside risk for silver investors.

The upside is that silver might one day revert to its traditional value.  If one day’s skilled wage was to once again become equal to a single troy ounce of silver, it would imply a silver price of at least $200 per ounce.  Anything even close to this result would enrich silver stackers beyond their wildest dreams.

However, I feel it is important to note that I don’t think the price of silver will skyrocket while the global securities market bubble is still in play.  As a bedrock tangible asset, silver is the antithesis of the paper asset casino that currently dominates the marketplace.

In other words, silver will only rise dramatically in price if it is either partially or completely remonetized.  And remonetization will only be possible once our grotesque paper asset bubble has definitively (and messily) popped.

So I’ve got good news and bad news for you.  The good news is that I think you have a little more time to get in on this stunningly undervalued monetary metal.  The bad news is that one day when we least expect it, this marvelous bargain will be gone.

Found here

Why Is Silver So Cheap? – A Historical Analysis

MSM Media lies…

Posted by Maya @ 15:19 on December 20, 2019  

No, Trump is NOT ‘Impeached’…. not yet.  Not until Nancy follows thru and delivers to the Senate.  At this point it is only a (weak) ALLEGATION of impeachment.  Not Guilty until trial.  At this point the ‘prosecution’ has not presented a legal case.




Posted by Maddog @ 14:53 on December 20, 2019  

The main driver in Silver, is the scum’s boot, on it’s neck…whenever the pressure is released, it pops etc.

Buygold @ 14:35

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:49 on December 20, 2019  

It’s good not to expect too much from the shares just yet, because if there is a liquidity event like the year 2000 next year, with year end money printing acceleration followed by a contraction the possible common denominator, then PM shares could sell off with the broads for the first 6 months.

That’s what happened in 2000.

Silver too. I wouldn’t expect to see it take off until liquidity conditions improve.

Of course the Fed is very aware it must stay ahead of the debasement curve or face wholesale asset price collapse, so we might get some version of hyperinflation eventually…when the population realizes what is happening…likely not until they stop eating.

Cheers…or chumps…that’s the life of a PM speculator.


Capt. Hook

Posted by Buygold @ 14:35 on December 20, 2019  

I’ve pretty much given up trying to figure out what drives silver. I almost think the fact that it has strong industrial demand is a big reason why they need to keep the price contained.

I’m just happy when it goes up anymore. 🙂

The pm shares sure went to shit today, I guess whatever end of the year selling/manipulation wasn’t quite finished.

Geesh – more coal for the stocking.

@Captain re your “In this upside down / ass backwards world”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:34 on December 20, 2019  

Yes, I added a few lines to prior. The biggest mistake TPTB did with their phony man made system was their FAILURE to tell the TRUTH, or calculate correctly, regarding the real inflation rate or cost of living expenses after 1971.

For a few decades, the real inflation rate was 7.5%. Houses food etc. Even the property taxes were and still are in my area running 7.5%. Many here doubled in past ten years. But TPTB kept reporting 2% inflation. So most corporations used that number for raises, and NOT every year either. So it all caught up to them. Thirty years after 1971 of 7.5% with 2% raises.

I know why they let that all go on, but that another story. About creating jobs.

Mr.Copper @ 14:12

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:16 on December 20, 2019  

Yes I agree. In this upside down / ass backwards world deflation would eventually lead to ‘good money’ gains due to solvency risk finally exposed for the mentally challenged.

Mental … no?


@Hook Man re your “Yup…the system is completely broken.”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:12 on December 20, 2019  

I’m thinking a big surprise would be a very unexpected deflation in some sectors. If my reversal opinion of the Federal Reserve act of 1913 agendas, comes true, the US Dollar “reversal” means it will gain value. And qualify for a $20 for $1 reverse stock split.

Lets face it. The inflation, or devaluation, of the US Dollar since 1913 has been PROFOUND. Even just the short time after 1971 to 2008 we have a factor of 20 times or 20X for most consumer products.

Wages flat or higher going forward would net real reversal gains too. A reversal of net falling wages in the USA after the 1970 gold de-peg.  A general deflation would raise Gold prices too. Gold has been under priced for decades.

The DEFLATION or NET cheaper re salaries would probably be in Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, and Consumer products.

I don’t think like most people. And I think, I don’t fit in with most people either. So there. 🙂 🙂 So feel free to disregard what ever I say gang. 🙂

P.S. I was just discussing things, stocks the situation etc with my highly regarded friend, and he mentioned the Roman Empire went down after they started devaluing their money. True and it made me think and say to him yes, same here. The Fed Devalued the currency and the system is vulnerable.

Richard640 @ 12:52

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:47 on December 20, 2019  

Yup…the system is completely broken.

It’s like a pie crust stretched across Fu Manchu’s volcano…ready to blow.

Something’s gotta blow sooner or later.

Chuckle Snort

I will never exit the market again now that I know the Fed will never tighten again.

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:52 on December 20, 2019  
  • There has never been anything like this in the history of civilization, there will never be another dip. Powell has my back – who has your back?

    Dec 18, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    Sorry Wolf folks!

    No more dips to buy, ever!

    They can’t allow withdrawal symptoms, otherwise Mad Max scenario.

  • van_down_by_river 
    Dec 18, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    Haha! good observation. Those guys sure seem to know how to butter their bread.

    Last January I realized the Fed was reversing and the entire “tightening cycle” was yet another lie so I put everything in the S&P 500 – I will never exit the market again now that I know the Fed will never tighten again. I only earn about $16,000/year (less than inflation) in dividends on my life savings but that is all the Fed’s Politburo will allow. At least I don’t have to ever worry about a market correction.

    There has never been anything like this in the history of civilization, there will never be another dip. Powell has my back – who has your back?

  • Austin 
    Dec 19, 2019 at 11:23 am

    I have a BA in economics and was very interested in monetary policy during my college days.

    I am stunned and speechless about the last several years of unparalleled easy money from Japan, Europe and America. We have central banks who are printing money to buy stocks (Japan), buy corporate bonds (ECB) and prop up insolvent/gambling banks (repo in America). 

    I know this might sound ridiculous, but can anyone give a reason WHY the central banks are propping up the asset values of the wealthy and pushing us into the ever-greatest-bubble in history?

    I always thought that the business/credit cycle was an important part of the economy, and I always thought that free markets allowed zombie companies to get replaced by better actors.

    But… Now we live in a world where the Central Banks always arrive to bail out excessively greedy market participants.

    Why?????? Is there a better reason than the obvious corruption between Wall Street and the government? Are the central banks scared of something – that they created? Is the debt-bomb going to wipe everyone and everything off the planet? Why has “Don’t let down asset values” become an unstated mandate of the central banks?

The Strongest Seasonal-Advance In Precious Metals Begins Now

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:03 on December 20, 2019  


PM shares were sure acting lackluster before this metals downturn started … it’s almost as if …

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:56 on December 20, 2019  

Buygold @ 9:26

Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:57 on December 20, 2019  

According to Jeffrey Christian, who appears to be an unbiased and credible source, retail silver sales are down in excess of 90% since 2011.

This means once stocks roll over, any incremental increased demand should give the bankers a headache they can’t handle.

Above and beyond that, he is bullish now based on industrial demand increases.


Morning treefrog

Posted by Buygold @ 9:26 on December 20, 2019  

Stepped away from the computer for a bit and just noticed that about silver – go figure.

The COT’s were going in the right direction last week, maybe they’ll be even more favorable this week?

A lot of stuff can get pushed around on these light volume days eh?


Posted by treefrog @ 9:14 on December 20, 2019  

somebody/something is turning up the heat under the silver price.  i don’t know what it is, or how long it might last, but i like it.

Novo adding more nuggets to Pilbara conglomerate play

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:03 on December 20, 2019  


Looks like the big boys left for Aspen to spend the Holidays

Posted by Buygold @ 8:53 on December 20, 2019  

Probably going to be a quiet, light volume day unless some news crops up to trigger the algo’s into action.

Hopefully pm’s will see a slight drift higher through the end of the year a little like yesterday.

The Fed’s Repocalypse rescue has been a 100% success as the windows are now undersubscribed.

Everything is quiet…

Maya @ 2:36

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:12 on December 20, 2019  

Timing is everything! 🙂

My PanAm story

Posted by Maya @ 2:36 on December 20, 2019  

In 1979 I was moving to Hawaii (for the second attempt at a career here)  After shipping my auto from LA, I went to a travel agent for a one-way ticket to Hawaii.  He was greatly bemused and said he had never written a one-way ticket to Hawaii before.  He got me a seat on PanAm.

My passage was on a 747 named “Clipper Star of the Sea”.

Several years later I was shocked when I saw the wreckage of the PanAm 747 that was blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland.  Laying there on the ground was the side of the fuselage with the name

“Clipper Star of the Sea”.

Posted by Maya @ 2:26 on December 20, 2019  



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