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No deal: Libya’s parliament votes against Turkish involvement

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:13 on January 4, 2020  


Oh Well

Posted by commish @ 19:26 on January 4, 2020  



Posted by ipso facto @ 17:50 on January 4, 2020  

” if they go on the attack we will retaliate in a big way”

Pompeo and the rest of the NWO warmongers would sure like this!

Iran has to respond to our attacks. It’s hard not to see the situation escalating. Depressing

Hey Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 16:36 on January 4, 2020  

So I think the Iraqi parliament is meeting this week. The Iraqi Prime Minister was among those paying respects with the mourners of Soleimani.

Best guess, Iraqi’s parliament at a minimum proposes a timeline for US troops to leave the country and Trump agrees against the wishes of the Neocons like Lindsay Graham and crew. He moves troops to Kuwait. Worst case, they ask him to withdraw immediately, but it will still take some time. I do believe Trump wants out and this gives him a way out of a sovereign country with honor.

Iran would be wise not to re-escalate if Iraq’s parliament asks us to leave, because one thing is sure, if they go on the attack we will retaliate in a big way.

Maybe I’m too hopeful.

silverngold @ 14:11 Fires In Australia

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:23 on January 4, 2020  

They have fires like that in California all the time. No big deal, its all natural depending where we live. What the hell, the whole planet is spinning, the weather and ocean currents are swirling around haphazardly. Plus we’re living on a thin crust over a big ball of molting magma, and floating thru space and around the sun at the same time. I think we should be lucky things are this good.

best wishes for 2020

Posted by treefrog @ 15:06 on January 4, 2020  

While everyones attention is diverted to Baghdad etc, Australia is being torched and incinerated into extinction!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:11 on January 4, 2020  

Here’s the sequel to my yesterdays post by Max Egan. Australia’s fires are covering the equivalent of more than half the area of the USA, over 500 million animals have been incinerated, not to mention the entire ecosystem being destroyed, never to recover again, and it is being blamed on climate change. Better wake up while you still can and realize this stuff is no accident.

Maybe this report is accurate

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:21 on January 4, 2020  

Explosions Reported Near US Embassy & Balad Airbase In Baghdad


Has everyone voted in the poll?

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:16 on January 4, 2020  

Buygold @ 10:20

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:14 on January 4, 2020  

I’m just hoping that if the Iraqi’s do say GO that we leave. What a crazy jumble of interests that place is!


Posted by treefrog @ 12:09 on January 4, 2020  

you’re right, the shah was still alive during the feb ’79 overthrow, but it was common knowledge that he was terminal.  for all political purposes, he was as good (?) as dead.  a dead man walking, but at that point he wasn’t very ambulatory.


Posted by Buygold @ 10:20 on January 4, 2020  

Apparently there will be a vote held in Baghdad (assuming by their leadership) as to whether they want the U.S. to stay in country or go. If they want us to go, our troops will likely be withdrawn and moved to Kuwait – this according to Retired Lt. General Boykin this am on FOX News. Boykin was highly respected and in charge of Delta Force.

I’m half wondering if Trump already knows our time in Iraq is limited and he’s taking his best shot at weakening Iran’s position, before we leave. Clearly he is sending more troops in the short term, but knowing him, I’d think if Iraqi leadership asks him to leave, he’ll do it and say “see, I did the best I could, they don’t want our help.”

This may be his version of cleaning house before he leaves, all of course depending on the severity of any Iranian response.

Just my thoughts and open for any criticism… 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:49 on January 4, 2020  

When the Shah died of cancer he had already been overthrown. I don’t think his son played any part after his death.


“our state department gave him a pass for kuwait, and he took it.”

This is debatable. Some idiot State Dept. person did make a statement to Saddam which may have been misconstrued.


Posted by treefrog @ 9:11 on January 4, 2020  

the shah was our guy, and he ruled iran with an iron hand (and some tough police).  but he got cancer and died, leaving a teenaged heir.  a power vacuum which called for another strong hand, and one emerged – the islamofascists.

saddam hussein was also “our guy,” and he ruled with an iron hand.  he was our hired gun against iran all through the mid and latter eighties.  he fought them to a standstill.  when the dust settled, he asked us if he could take kuwait as a bonus for a job well done (kuwait was historically part of mesopotamia/iraq until the breakup of the ottoman empire).  our state department gave him a pass for kuwait, and he took it.


the saudis freaked out.  the kuwaiti royal house was intermarried with the house of saud.  they hired us to throw saddam out of kuwait.  the price was that the saudis would produce enough oil to keep american gas prices under a buck a gallon for ten years.  we turned on saddam and beat him down into the dirt, eventually hanging him.  realpolitik isn’t pretty, and countries have glory but no honor.



Posted by ipso facto @ 8:50 on January 4, 2020  

As I remember we supported the Shah of Iran and he was overthrown because his military refused to fire on the protestors. The Shah was “our” guy.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:04 on January 4, 2020  


Big Boy arrives in Little Rock


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