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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:41 on January 17, 2020  

Yeah I remember the song. Think it got to the Mid East too lol except they would keep one religion in.
If people thought as say growing up around Christians as him and world peace it would be a nice dream even Buddhists and think Yoko could live in harmony.
Hunger can mean more than one thing. In Buddhism for example Satan can represent evil and evil can evolve from hunger and not just food. Hunger for other people’s stuff.

On the other end of that spectrum is hunger for knowledge, advancement in technology, medicine, quality in life.
Even with that the the other side can come around to use the work of others even medicine for the wrong reasons for power or profit.

In America the framers knew there was multi religions and even then one was a threat to them, the Muslims who were robbing people boats in trade. Instead of appeasing them though or paying for safe passage he “ Jefferson “ brought in the marines and hunted them down.
Aside from that why they put freedom of religion.

Now I’ve even seen talk about “ should people be able to own land.”
The young are being sidetracked our scare tactics right of their constitution.
They also haven’t learned especially with ID politics is attitude. Who wants to work with someone everyday who walks around with a chip on their shoulder or a constant whiner.
John didn’t have to work and if he had his way that pizza he orders wouldn’t never got there cuz everyone would of dropped out lol Thats how some took it, don’t feed into the system.

What he was saying was the ruling dictators and religious radicals has killed more people. That part hasn’t changed. We still need borders.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.