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Flintstones and Ambergris Caye 2008

Posted by Aguila @ 23:06 on January 23, 2020  

Remember PortoFino?  Mr. Cliff passed away next door and his beautiful home is for sale next to Portofino.

By the way I noticed that the roof looks like Stucco and it is bright white.  I never saw a stucco roof before.  The estate looks good.img_0307 img_0305

The last day we were there I noticed the steel corregated storm doors that can be slid sideways over the doors and windows.  That place was built to last.  The price must be high as it has been for sale for a while.

Maya @ 1:27 and 1:31

Posted by amals @ 22:29 on January 23, 2020  

Japan, no thanks.

Beautiful train pic.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:42 on January 23, 2020  

Did you miss a 1 in WW1?
That’s terrible what happened to you. I heard of them tying hands so they couldn’t use them. The rest is terrible. I guess you can thank them for being able to remember that far back too. You were a tough little guy.

Mr Copper Who’s checking the fact checkers?

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:36 on January 23, 2020  

Guess who’s on top of the list owned by a liberal in Calif. Snopes

!! DANGER !!

Posted by treefrog @ 21:30 on January 23, 2020  

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aufever @ 12:02 re your “A Natural News investigation re Vaccines”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:28 on January 23, 2020  

A friend sent me a link to a site like Snopes, that says we can’t trust what natural news says. Is anyone familiar with this link? Called Media Bias Fact Check?

Natural News

Ipso, Lefties

Posted by silverngold @ 19:12 on January 23, 2020  

Thanks for the poll. So far it appears there are many more lefties here than the usual quoted figure of 10%. I hope we get more to participate. 20 total pollsters seems kinda anemic.

I’m the only lefty in a family of 7. Both parents and all siblings are right handed. During WWII I was raised the first few years by my grand parents since my dad was at war in the navy and my mom worked in a munitions factory in another state.  I was my grandparents disgrace in those days. I was spanked, for it. Whipped for it, had my hand tied down to make me use my right hand, etc. I was only two when all this happened but I remember much of it clearly. When they tied my hand down I stopped eating and drinking, and after a couple days they finally gave up and accepted that “the stubborn little brat” would always be their disgrace. LOL!!! Lots of cliche’s that say you gotta be stubborn in life to be a winner. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma, I learned it from you.

Buygold–apparently they r afraid of ANY downside–that it could quickly morph into a panic selling crash

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:49 on January 23, 2020  

u’d think a 3 to 5 percent correction would be prudent of them just to lend legitimacy to the u.s. mkt

R640 – They sure do

Posted by Buygold @ 14:51 on January 23, 2020  

Two major comebacks today. They will not let the SM fall. Pretty amazing.

Seems like they are real nervous about a rash of selling coming in.

Volatile day. Even for pm’s

YUP!! The Trannies are up a big 112 from opening down 120–the NY FED’s trading desk has got a zillion tricks up their sleeve!

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:25 on January 23, 2020  

either this is the END of the correction or the down payment on the “purchase” of a more serious correction-it ain’t over till its over—the past 3 days have been the first time in a long time that the major indexes were allowed to print red for more than 15 seconds


Posted by treefrog @ 14:04 on January 23, 2020  

up by “only” four and a half percent.    wah !!!


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:54 on January 23, 2020  

That’s good and bet she did enjoy the time with her. With so many kids at home that had to be hard to do. Least they had each other. Teachers have the same issue with so many kids even if they wanted to.
Now the opposite seems to be happening to kids here in the US anyway. Due to cost of living many parents are having only one child. They are lonely now. The internet unfortunately is the only thing esp with both parents having to work filling that gap.

At the suggestion of silverngold …………. New Poll New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:41 on January 23, 2020  

Vote Vote

treefrog @ 11:49

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:31 on January 23, 2020  

Interesting. Seems like people in backwards (IMO) cultures are leery of lefties.

Goldie-fortunately for my wife…

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:20 on January 23, 2020  

One of the nuns noticed that my wife was a quiet type and a bit aloof from other students , so befriended her . She still refers to that nun as ‘her angel’ , who let her polish the silver sacrament vessels . My wife was number 8 among a dozen siblings so she probably enjoyed a bit of alone time .


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:27 on January 23, 2020  

Did you see the Demos on TV trying to force Zuckerberg to take down what they call anti- vaccine info? Luckily he refused on constitutional basis. Too bad he couldn’t ask him to prove the info was false. Their on their payroll.


Posted by Richard640 @ 12:10 on January 23, 2020  

New Gold Inc. (NGD)

(Real Time Quote from BATS)

$0.95 USD

+0.02 (2.15%)

Updated Jan 23, 2020 12:05 PM ET

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New Gold Inc. – Hold

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Posted by goldielocks @ 12:10 on January 23, 2020  

One of my psychology professors who brought up this subject said the same thing. He said while in a catholic school that every time he used his left hand he got his hand hit with a ruler by the nuns. He grew up hating teachers. Although he became one himself he said he still doesn’t feel comfortable about them and doesn’t like going to teacher meetings. He also had dyslexia so for years school made him think he was stupid until he took a IQ test.

On the topic of right brain , left brain…

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:08 on January 23, 2020  

I was once told by the spokesperson at an aquarium that bottle nose dolphins can let one side of their brain sleep while the other side remains alert . Can anyone here verify that statement ?

SM looks squishy

Posted by Buygold @ 12:05 on January 23, 2020  

but the USD is ripping higher, as are bonds.

I wonder how much the SM would be down today if the PPT hadn’t come in and already saved it once?

The only thing holding us back a little is the USD. HUI 235 is at some resistance again but it will fall.

Secret Court Issuing Website “Takedown” Orders in America, Targeting “Vaccine Truth” Sites

Posted by aufever @ 12:02 on January 23, 2020  

This is EXTREMELY troublesome.

A Natural News investigation has discovered the existence of a “secret court” in America which is run by the vaccine industry and is currently issuing takedown orders to tech companies and hosting infrastructure companies to cause targeted disruptions (sabotage) of independent media websites that question any official vaccine narrative.



Re: lefties

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:01 on January 23, 2020  

My wife is a natural lefty , but was educated by nuns who insisted she learn to write cursive with the right hand . She is essentially ambidextrous now , and can sign her name with either hand . However , a handwriting expert would say the two signatures belong to two different people .


Posted by treefrog @ 11:49 on January 23, 2020  

there’s a lot less stigma today about left handedness, IN OUR CULTURE.  other cultures, not so much.  in several cultures, there’s still a strong bias against lefties. arabs/muslims, for instance.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:45 on January 23, 2020  

Left handed people the majority it was taught to them. So it’s not their fault. It wasn’t a choice. Another case if something happened to their right hand or arm so they had to use their left during formative years like a broken arm or wrist.
They were taught as a baby usually not on purpose. For instance a right handed care taker sitting in front of them while they’re in their high chair puts a spoon down for them using their right hand the spoon is in their right.. but it’s on the child’s left so the child picks it up with his or her left hand.
A mother holding a child may use their left arm to free up their right. The child is then using both his left arm and left eye. Right or left eye can be dominant too. For instance shooting a rifle which eye do you use?
It’s a long story but it’s usually taught in infancy unintentionally.
There is different abilities however in both sides. It’s said left handed tend to be artistic for instance. Whether they’re’s a real study in it I don’t know.
The problem is the world was set up for right handed which more thought especially in schools should be considered like desks.

silverngold @ 11:28

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:31 on January 23, 2020  

I think there’s a lot less stigma about being left handed than there used to be. Who really cares about it? I have heard that left handed people tend to be more creative. I don’t know why.

We can ask the question in poll.

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