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Kobe was FIKT

Posted by Maya @ 19:42 on January 27, 2020  

FIKT… aviation-speak for “Flight Into Known Terrain”.  The Sikorsky helicopter is dual-engine, so it is extremely unlikely there was a total engine failure.  The fog and low cloud ceilings were so bad the sheriff and fire helicopters were grounded.  Yet a BOLD pilot flying a celebrity entourage is motivated to ‘get there’.  There are OLD pilots, and there are BOLD pilots.  There are no OLD, BOLD pilots.  He was flying 176 mph when he flew into the mountainside.

Posted by Maya @ 16:43 on January 27, 2020  





Posted by treefrog @ 15:58 on January 27, 2020  

continues to blow the doors off of just about everything else!  up another 9.79%





Posted by goldielocks @ 15:55 on January 27, 2020  

Omg Some of these people ARE medical idiots! That’s why the sick need people hanging around watching out for them OR they’ll do them harm. Even then they’ll come around when they’re not around.
One mother posted in another site how her child battling for her life after given a vaccine had some idiot come in wanting to give her a vaccine!!

goldielocks @ 14:09

Posted by Maya @ 15:29 on January 27, 2020  

“I also seen elderly patients who were compromised get flu shots back when without real informed consent just pushed on them who then quickly sickened and died.”


I had a friend who contracted AIDS several years ago and was hospitalized for awhile. The antiviral drugs were working, and his T-cell count was coming back up.  Some medical IDIOT talked him into getting a Flu shot at the hospital!  This is an immune-compromised patient!

In weeks he developed a rare and aggressive spindle-cell cancer that enveloped  his heart and lungs.  He was dead in two months.

Buygold @ 13:40

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:48 on January 27, 2020  

That’s the way it was in 2000 and 2008 so this should be no surprise to anybody.

It’s called liquidity.

The bankers want you to believe in an inverse relation with stocks, but like everything with them, that’s a lie.

That understanding only applies when stocks are going up. When stocks are going up who the hell needs PM’s … right?

Anywho … couple this with all the idiots long the derivatives who need to be parted from their money, and again, this should be no surprise.

I know…I should mind my own business.

Wouldn’t want to spoil a gambler’s fun.

Well … are you having fun yet?



Posted by amals @ 14:26 on January 27, 2020  

Oh, and why do you use alcohol-free?


Posted by amals @ 14:24 on January 27, 2020  

Thanks again.  I’m going shopping.

MUX redux

Posted by amals @ 14:23 on January 27, 2020  

Get it?  Heh, heh.  Just can’t seem to leave it alone.  Filled in my SEP account on Friday, then some more today at $1.379.  I think I’m finished now.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:09 on January 27, 2020  

No problem although extra tired if it comes out readable.
I noticed with elderly patients, although not absolute considering other health factors that those who took vitamin supplements survived better and didn’t even get sick many times when viral outbreaks went through. However their were not out and about in the streets they were though exposed in the hospital by other parents or even staff who worked with them. I also seen elderly patients who were compromised get flu shots back when without real informed consent just pushed on them who then quickly sickened and died. These people already sick should have never been given a flu shot.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:03 on January 27, 2020  

They have ‘painted’ super lousy charts on the hrly and daily PM’s shares…..unless it all reverses up…..but I notice they haven’t managed to break silver sub 18 and gold is well up.

In the past we would have been smashed apart. The buyers in metal are still there.

Goldielocks….Tks for yr response.

Posted by Maddog @ 13:57 on January 27, 2020  

Buygold–OMG!! I just looked at the HUI-I had no idea…I hold no G&S but it tells me there is no real fear yet in stock traders

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:53 on January 27, 2020  

this is just a buying opp they think…I gotta see the boys at 5pm on CNBC–they were talking buying opp on Friday–I sold 250 of my calls this a.m. at much higher prices–got 50 left.


FilledSell to Close 175 VXX Jan 31 2020 16.0 CallLimit0.62—-10:37:12 01/27/20


Note to self

Posted by Buygold @ 13:40 on January 27, 2020  

Sell every pm share on a huge down open in the SM when they open higher.

Geesh. Ridiculous.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:38 on January 27, 2020  

Well said! I remember what happened when the GOP took over for the tea party. NOTHING!!! It’s also certain members of the Republican Party that needs to be held accountable.
The French got us into Vietnam. They had no real business trying to colonize that country while in someways acting like invaders. So what did the Vietnamese do since they didn’t have our ally’s to help them? Turn to the communists. Then France dumps it in our lap to save them from the communists.
The Framers warned to stay away from their problems. They wanted something.
They want something in the Mid East too.
They’re will to throw their own people under the bus to get it.
They don’t want to be dependent on Russia oil. It makes no sense to me going after something even worse and less civilized not to mention allied with the same for instance.

Amals–I use Herbpharm–they grow a lot of their herbs-they are in oregon

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:29 on January 27, 2020  

u can order from them or on amazon…but any reputable company will do–they don’t make alcohol free astragulus so i use a different company–I only use alcohol free extracts–




Posted by Richard640 @ 13:25 on January 27, 2020  

@goldielocks in my opinion, the Democrats Represent, favor, and Side With the whole world, they like globalization.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:10 on January 27, 2020  

They are not patriotic. And neither were the republicans. Republicans were only slightly better than democrats, because they resisted gun control. Firearms and related accessories are businesses. However they BOTH threw manufacturers under the bus. Sacrificed, handed over to China et al. Imo we have no “right” only a “Left” and a half ass “center”. 🙂

After the 2008 crash, the Tea Party got in, gov’t spending was inhibited, Obama told France to “You have to bomb Kaddafi because” “We have budget restraints now.” It was known or told thru the media, “Obama is neglecting the military” “Obama is throwing Israel under the bus”. Do you remember any of this?

When Trump was campaigning? He said he loved the Military and loved Israel. So I took it for granted, TPTB threw in the towel, economy getting better, but too little too slow, recruited Trump, as the best spokesperson for getting republicans’ back in the Whitehouse, and REVERSED THE REVERSAL. 🙂 I’m certain Trump and his “group” were discussing everything several years before he started campaigning, for the group.

These days imo China and Europe should take responsibility of “modernizing” and governing the Middle East for global “consumption”. As George Carlin would say. “Haven’t we done enough??” I would love to see the US declare independence, and neutrality like Switzerland. The USA “spoiled” too many countries.



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:03 on January 27, 2020  

Theres different reasons for getting sick over and over again or seemingly so.
One viruses can mutate which can make flu shots useless. Those who get them it can screw up their immune system.There could be more than one virus out there.
Sometimes it was still there as it can go on for weeks. Other times it can cause secondary infections like bronchitis, secondary lung infections. Sinus infections. If it keeps coming back they need to see a good doctor look for these things.
They need to boost antioxidants and immune boosters like D3 but if they have a infection going on it needs to be treated.
The body can fight off germs and viruses, it does it all the time. It generally depends on how many germs or virus it’s exposed to. If too many it can take hold till your immune system can get control of the invading threat lol Some people are usually higher like medical people as being exposed so much they have antibodies hanging around but will depend on just how much they are exposed.
If people are in a job or travel on public transportation were they’re exposed to more people they are in more risk. Add grabbing food while out even more although these people in restaurant s also at more risk. Due to incubation period these food handlers who got exposed don’t know they are going to get sick yet.
Their life styles, jobs play a factor,
I heard something funny or though it was anyways.
Someone from China said cab drivers are wearing masks understandably and driving their customers around with the all windows open and it’s freezing.
I talked to someone a student who does Uber part time about it and she said she’s doing the same thing.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:41 on January 27, 2020  

I’m tired not editing that but hope it’s clear enough.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:36 on January 27, 2020  

Apparently it’s in a book he wrote.
Least the fact is the money was delivered without the public investigation.
Demos acting like lawyers trying to protect Biden’s corruption. Their like a different kind of virus.
Trump has done so much for Israel now trying to coordinate peace. So Wouk Bolton even throw Isreal under the bus for personal begrudging? You seen what the Demos did empowering radical sociopath dictators in Iran, the kind of people in Congress, plus many of their own people in Iran want free of no less how it was threatening Israel. It was a mess that would of drew us into more conflict.

Thanks, Richard.

Posted by amals @ 11:50 on January 27, 2020  

How about all those herbs and extracts?  Do you have favored source for them, too?

Amals– I only use J. Crowes product–I buy 3, 16 oz bottles for $159–u can

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:32 on January 27, 2020  


also by one oz bottles of 5% solution–but place your order on the phone–they will give u a discount on the 5% if u order 3 or more….don’t use amazon….click the link below

J.CROW'S® Lugol's Solution of Iodine 2% 16 oz Three Pack (3 bottles) $179.85 ($59.95 ea. bottle)

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@ goldielocks, hi, re John Bolton, Just My Thoughts.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:24 on January 27, 2020  

The first day I heard the word “whistle blower” on TV? I immediately said to myself, “I bet it was John Bolton”. Because he loves defense spending, (like John McCain) and Trump was talking about pulling out of constant ongoing wars.

So I figured him and Trump didn’t get along, and Trump fired him. So it made sense tome, that Bolton would want to get even with Trump. I have nothing against Bolton, I like him after reading an NRA interview with him long ago. He supports guns and gun owners.


Posted by Ororeef @ 11:21 on January 27, 2020  

bdi-12720 sino-1272

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