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Auandag @ 12:24 & Aguila – MMS

Posted by Maya @ 23:35 on February 14, 2020  

I no longer trust Clif High’s judgment on this.  He is recovering from colon cancer himself and that may have skewed his judgement a bit.  The following is a commenter on YouTube about this video:

Bruce Tanner:
Re: Clif’s, IMO, ill-considered rant on MMS and Jim Humble. He’s right in one regard about Humble, whom I have direct experience with – Jim has serious cognitive dissonance around several subjects, being an emeritus refugee from Scientology. However, when Clif says that chlorine dioxide never cured any malaria, he is simply wrong. There is a video on youtube (still there, but you might not be able to find it with a search) from a branch of the Red Cross in Africa (this is now officially denied by the Red Cross Central, so Clif is in good company) which documents the complete elimination of malaria in 154 African volunteer subjects. They were all tested and found positive for malaria with 2 tests that agreed on the diagnoses. They all took 2 or 3 oral doses of MMS/chlorine dioxide, recorded on camera, and within 72 hours all 154 tested negative for malaria. I have personal experience with multiple people who’ve been relieved of malaria in their systems permanently. Moreover, ClO2 does not create trihalomethanes in its reactions. Chlorine dioxide donates 4 electrons in LOW VOLTAGE POTENTIAL reactions, and degrades into water and salt. Salt, which is everywhere throughout the human body, is made from chlorine. Hello. And, when salt is dissolved in water, it becomes sodium and chlorine IONS in solution. These are ever-present in your intestinal tract, and they’re not creating trihalomethanes or any other toxic molecules.


Aguila, I don’t know what to say except that you may have an odd immune system.  From personal experience I have stopped a flu outbreak in myself and one other friend… literally overnight… with a single strong dose… around 10 drops if I recall correctly.   It worked well for me and I would do it again.  The colon cancer scare is not legitimate, In My Opinion.

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